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Greetings from Seattle!

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Hey everyone!

I've been a roadgeek pretty much as long as I can remember (in fact my parents say I cried/complained whenever they got off freeways when I was young) so suffice to say I was quite happy to learn about this community here. I've lived in the Seattle area my whole life (apart from going to college for Civil Engineering in the Bay Area) so the vast majority of the roads I've been out is out here on the west coast.

Currently I'm doing Civil/Transportation Engineering design work for a consultant and am very much enjoying playing a part in getting roads built and maintained. Also of note, I'm about to clinch my first interstate with I-5 since I'll be driving down to San Diego in a couple weeks. Plus, since I took a trip up to Vancouver, BC earlier this summer that means I'll have driven the whole route just this year!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to contributing here and sharing my more technical knowledge related to roads.


Hello from Missouri, 2000 miles away. Like you and many others in this forum, I have been a roadgeek since I was a kid. I'm sure you will fit in here quite well.

Hello from NEFL/SEGA!

Greetings neighbor! Always nice to see another local face around here.

Check out the Washington thread for a list of everyone on the forum that has something to do with our fine state:

Welcome from Massachusetts!


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