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Introduction from Aomori, Japan

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Hello fellow road enthusiasts,

It just came to my attention that my request to join this forum was approved some time ago, but here I am! I am a writer/teacher living in Aomori in the Tohoku region of Japan. I often write about the roads around here on Wikipedia and I have filmed a few of them (the most recent of which can be seen here):
I plan on moving to the Seattle area eventually, so I'm curious about roads in that area, but I'm pretty familiar with the roads in the Southeast since I grew up in the Atlanta area. If you want to talk to me about my Wikipedia work, videos, or just roads in general I'm all ears.

Hello from Southwest Missouri! There are several active members on this forum living the Seattle area, so any questions you have about those roads will most certainly be answered.

Welcome from the Keystone State!

Out of curiosity, does driving on the left still feel alien to you? Or vice versa?

Thanks for the warm welcomes!

After the first 48 hours of driving on the opposite side of the road it felt pretty natural. Honestly the most difficult thing to get used to was the windshield wiper lever being switched with the turn signal lever. Turning rules are a bit different here too- most notably, the equivalent of a right turn on red (left on red) is illegal here.

Welcome from the FL/GA border!


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