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I have been interested in roads for about 45 years. My interests have been varied and eclectic, from ancient trackways, the Silk Road, a smattering of the colonial roads here in America, turnpikes, the western trails, the advent of the automobile and the resulting changes in road design and building. The most fun part of the twentieth century roads here has been, to me, the auto trails period giving rise to the US Numbers. The Interstates are also fascinating both in design and its impact on our society.

I have driven through 48 states. Some of my favorite drives:
Going-to-the Sun Road thru Glacier National Park
US-16 from Rapid City, SD to Worland, WY then US-20 and US-26 to Yellowstone
silkroad sez "Don't let your life slip away without Yellowstone"
Trans-Canada Highway from Vancouver to Calgary
Historic Columbia River Highway in Oregon
US-550 (The Million Dollar Highway) in Colorado
I really enjoyed walking thru the Guernsey Ruts along the Oregon-California Trail in Wyoming

What all that blather is about is that I have, along the way, picked up various books, pamphlets and other printed materials about roads. I have reached a point in my life (pushing 80) when it is time to start letting go of this stuff. I would prefer to meet with someone from the Washington, D.C. area who has abwide range of interests in roads and would be interested in purchasing some or all of this. Pricing will be more than fair. 

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