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Possible M-231 extension

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Terry Shea:
This seems silly if it's just going to be a 2-lane road.  Original plans called for a full freeway from I-196 near Zeeland to I-96 near Nunica.  While the already built northern 2-lane portion was necessary due to a lack of bridges across the Grand River in Ottawa County and the very undependable bascule bridge in Grand Haven, I don't see where a 2-lane road with at grade intersections from I-196 to M-45 serves any useful purpose.  120th avenue already spans this stretch.  Either make it a full freeway that people will use to bypass Holland/Grand Haven or scrap it altogether.

It's supposed to become a freeway one day. Has the R/W for it too.

Itíll happen when it happens ... itís the MDOT way.   :popcorn:


--- Quote from: renegade on February 13, 2020, 07:11:27 PM ---Itíll happen when it happens ... itís the MDOT way.   :popcorn:

--- End quote ---
So in 350 yrs?

It appears to be a mostly two-lane freeway with four interchanges. Judging from the studies performed, it doesn't appear that there are high enough traffic counts to warrant a four-lane freeway and financial considerations make this project a long-shot proposal that *could* be built.


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