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Author Topic: Are turnpikes in Oklahoma and Kansas referred to by name or number?  (Read 1089 times)


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I don't remember anyone refer to VA 168 as I-68. I don't think we even called it 168. Most of us called it going to the Outer Banks because I-464 to VA 168 to NC 168 to US 158 is essentially one highway, though locals usually shunpiked along Battlefield Blvd to avoid paying the toll in Chesapeake. For example, when a couple I knew bought a place in Grandy, their directions were literally "take the road to the Outer Banks and take the second left after the stoplight in Grandy." VA 168 was called by whatever local name it had, whether it be the Chesapeake Expressway, Battlefield Blvd, or Tidewater Drive. But I left in 2007 and given the high population turnover in Tidewater I wouldn't be surprised if I-68 started being used, however incorrectly.
I rarely hear the term "I-68", though I was just pointing out I've heard it a few times. Us locals refer to it usually as the Bypass (despite the only official "bypass" being the Great Bridge Bypass segment), 168, the interstate (usually with no number, just based on its freeway design), or sometimes the toll road (when talking about the southern segment).


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