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Old Hwy 150 Lake Wenatchee?


In similar vein to the "Old Highway 7" thread I started, Google Maps is labelling Chiwawa Loop Road between Lake Wenatchee and Plain as "Old Hwy 150".

I was there last weekend and can report that for a fact, nowhere is the road actually labelled this way in the field. Does anyone know where this name comes from?

This used to be WA 15C

I know that is was SR 209 prior to 1991 when it was removed from the State Highway System, but yeah, "Old Hwy 150" is definitely wrong.

But if it was formerly SSH 15C before the 1964 highway renumbering, then I guess that explains why someone thought that this road should be called Old Hwy 150. But yeah, that name should probably be removed...


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