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California SR 83 (Euclid. Ave., San Bernardino County)

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I traveled this route yesterday (10/9/20); here are some pics from along the way.  It is entirely within San Bernardino County and (south to north) goes from Chino, through Ontario, to Upland.  The south end is rural; it then transitions through commercial and is residential in the northern segment.

1. The SR 71 offramp signs for Euclid Ave. all included the SR 83 shield.  This is northbound 71.

2. This is at the intersection with Riverside Drive.

3. I saw no roadside reassurance shields along the way.  The only one I saw on the route itself was on the SR 60 overpass.

4. This is at the intersection with Mission Blvd. in Ontario; Mission Blvd. was US 60 in years past.

5. This is view on Mission Blvd., facing west to the Euclid Ave. intersection

6. This is the intersection with Holt. Blvd. also in Ontario; Holt Blvd. was US 70-99 in years past.

7. The northern terminus of the state highway is at I-10.  This view faces south on Euclid toward the I-10 interchange; I-10 is below grade.

8. This view is on Foothill Blvd. facing east at the Euclid Ave. interchange, in Upland.  Note the sign still refers to it as SR 83.  [I also drove several miles on Foothill Blvd.  I saw a few "Historic US 66" signs, but this was the only CA 66 sign I saw.]

9. According to an Auto Club (AAA) map from 1983, SR 83's northern terminus back then was with SR 30 at this intersection in Upland.  This sign remains at the corner of Euclid/19th Street, for westbound traffic on 19th.  SR 210 replaced SR 30 some years back; SR 210 has no interchange with Euclid Ave.

As a young kid growing up in Ontario, I was always surprised at the width of the street. It has some very wide medians, and I wonder if that's the reason why it hasn't been relinquished yet. Maybe they want CalTrans to preserve its vintage charm?


--- Quote from: RZF on October 10, 2020, 10:16:01 PM ---As a young kid growing up in Ontario, I was always surprised at the width of the street. It has some very wide medians
--- End quote ---

In years past there was a Pacific Electric rail line that ran down the median in Ontario and Upland; I think it was abandoned in the 1930s.  The northern section now has a walking path down the median.

The "unified 83-66" shield is the only one I've seen of CA 66 in that area. I don't know who maintains that stretch, but I'm sure the size discourages the sign thieves.

Max Rockatansky:
CA 66 is making a comeback in terms of field signage.  Itís signed now from the new segments of I-215.  But vinyl overlays on large background signs seems to be the only way to prevent them from getting stolen.


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