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Author Topic: I-45 south of Houston expansion plans  (Read 9845 times)


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Re: I-45 south of Houston expansion plans
« Reply #50 on: August 06, 2020, 08:46:57 PM »

Bids were opened this week for two more contracts to extend the 4x4 expansion southward. These two jobs cover the last remaining mainland section, between current construction and the causeway.

One more section on Galveston Island remains to go to bid. TxDOT has a public meeting next week. https://www.txdot.gov/inside-txdot/get-involved/about/hearings-meetings/houston/081120.html

Williams Brothers construction massively underbid the estimates and the next lowest bidder. I wonder if the company owner Doug Pitcock loses any sleep about leaving so much money on the table. I'm seeing a lot of bids under estimate this month, which is favorable for TxDOT's construction budget. Total low bid amount for the two sections is $325 million.

County:   GALVESTON   Let Date:   08/05/20
Type:   RECONSTRUCT FREEWAY   Seq No:   3001
Time:   1667 WORKING DAYS   Project ID:   C 500-4-103
Highway:   IH 45   Contract #:   08203001
Length:   10.582   CCSJ:   0500-04-103
From:   NORTH OF TEXAS CITY WYE   Check:   $100,000
To:   SOUTH OF TEXAS CITY WYE   Misc Cost:   $3680174.14
Estimate   $240,013,283.41   % Over/Under   Company
Bidder 1   $225,845,814.41   -5.90%   WILLIAMS BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION CO., INC.
Bidder 2   $264,120,305.67   +10.04%   WEBBER, LLC
Bidder 3   $297,932,295.16   +24.13%   THE LANE CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION
Bidder 4   $318,546,341.88   +32.72%   SACYR CONSTRUCTION USA LLC

County:   GALVESTON   Let Date:   08/06/20
Type:   RECONSTRUCT FREEWAY   Seq No:   3202
Time:   1470 WORKING DAYS   Project ID:   NH 2B20(048)
Highway:   IH 45   Contract #:   08203202
Length:   2.042   CCSJ:   0500-01-107
From:   S OF TEXAS CITY WYE   Check:   $100,000
To:   N OF GALV CAUSEWAY   Misc Cost:   
Estimate   $122,641,385.55   % Over/Under   Company
Bidder 1   $103,251,456.68   -15.81%   WILLIAMS BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION CO., INC.
Bidder 2   $141,740,793.83   +15.57%   WEBBER, LLC
Bidder 3   $164,681,129.79   +34.28%   ZACHRY CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION


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