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Author Topic: Future Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge  (Read 5088 times)


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Re: Future Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge
« Reply #50 on: May 31, 2022, 08:54:27 AM »

A freeway upgrade of LA 1/LA 3089/LA 70 (with bypasses of Plaquemine, Donaldsonville, Addis, and White Castle) might not be so feasible because of the proximity of the Union Pacific Railroad line along LA 1, bringing the freeway through Port Allen proper, and upgrading the capacity of the LA 1/I-10 interchange with connections to the PoWBR.

I don't see that route ever becoming a full freeway. At best it will get the US 90 treatment of gradual replacement of intersections with controlled interchanges.

Also, the Sunshine Bridge would be a bit too far south to be useful as a BTR bypass.

Not by itself and not for all traffic bound for points southeast. There's already a "poor man's bypass" along the river with LA 3089, LA 70, LA 3127, LA 3125, US 61 and I-310. If we add capacity and limit some of the access, the existing footprint could serve as a viable alternative for some (definitely not all) of the traffic in the area that currently uses I-10. I'd rather focus our efforts on improving the existing network than dumping a bunch of money into one bridge that will do little to solve the real problem.

The best location for an I-10 bypass bridge would be just south of Addis to near where Bluebonnet Road meets Gardere Lane (LA 30), then generally paralleling Bluebonnet just to the south of Burbank Lane.

It's clearly the best location and made it to the semifinalist round, but has been eliminated from consideration.

Either that, or I-49 South between Lafayette and New Orleans becomes the "real" BTR bypass.

Along with the poor-man's bypasses, yes.
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Let's build what we need as economically as possible.


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