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VA 9xxxx routes explained

Started by Mapmikey, June 20, 2022, 04:30:47 PM

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Nobody ever said "the 7100." People don't do that here. Traffic reporters said "7100," and I heard that number used all the way up until the road was remembered as 286. Since then, I've never heard a single traffic reporter use the new number.
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Quote from: Mapmikey on June 20, 2022, 04:30:47 PM
While perusing Virginia's arcgis map viewer, I found a bunch more 9xxxx routes.

It turns out these are the designations for "Federal Lands Roads" and after several hours of compiling it seems to me these are roads that are open to the public in some way (i.e. internal roads on military bases for example do not turn up as anything).  For 90003, 90004 and 90005, the designation is "primary state highway" instead.  I did not find 90000, 90001 or 90002 (I still think BR Pkwy and Skyline Dr would be two of these if not for VA 48) but found the following list before I got tired of trying to fill in gaps with harder-to-locate 9xxxx roads.

I imagine some 9xxxx roads have been discontinued.

Here is the list of what I found:
Since I have too much time on my hands I went and located the rest (I think):

90044, 90045, 90046, 90047, 90048, 90049, 90055, 90056, 90057, 90058, 90060, 90061, 90062, 90063, 90064, 90065, 90066, 90067, 90068, 90069, and 90070 are all in Prince William Forest Park. The park seems to have the greatest concentration of 9xxxx routes in the state outside of Skyline Dr/BRP.

There are a 90073, 90075, and 90076 in the vicinity of 90074, which serve Fort Hunt Park.

90080 is just south of 90078 and 90079 and is Stage Rd in Grayson County. It doesn't seem to have an obvious purpose.

90081 is the Rock Castle Gorge trailhead. It ends at SR 726 and does not connect to the BRP.

90090 is Roanoke Mountain Road, and 90091 is a spur to the Roanoke Mountain Overlook.

90093 and 90094 serve the Roanoke Mountain Picnic Area off Mill Mountain Parkway.

90099 to 90106 serve the Peaks of Otter Campground. 90099 begins on VA 43 while 90106 begins at SR 614.

90111 and 90112 are the Humpback Rocks Picnic Area off the BRP.

90125 is the South River Overlook off Skyline Dr.

90126 and 90127 are the Lewis Mountain Campground off Skyline Dr.

90154 is the Elkwallow Wayside off Skyline Dr.

90155 is Piney River Reservoir Rd off Skyline Dr.

90157, 90158, and 90159 serve the Mathews Arm Campground off Skyline Dr.

90162 is a one-way access road from Skyline Dr to E Criser Rd in Front Royal.

90188 to 90196 serve the Cumberland Gap Wilderness Road Campground off US 58. Oddly, the access road to the campground is SR 948, which becomes 90188 at the park entrance.

90198 is Fenwick Rd on Fort Monroe.

90213 is McCoull Dr in Spotsylvania National Battlefield Park.

90214 is Grant Dr in Spotsylvania National Battlefield Park.

90215 is Anderson Dr in Spotsylvania National Battlefield Park.

90216 is Burnside Dr in Spotsylvania National Battlefield Park.

90218 is a tiny connector signed as "authorized vehicles only" from Mercer St to the Sunken Road in Fredericksburg (part of Fredericksburg National Battlefield Park). This part of the Sunken Road can't even be driven on, so this seems pointless to me. Google says it's 136 feet long.
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