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Author Topic: West Virginia (excuding Eastern Panhandle)  (Read 7132 times)


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Re: West Virginia (excuding Eastern Panhandle)
« Reply #75 on: February 10, 2020, 03:16:32 PM »

Part of the problem in more mountainous or hilly terrain is the lack of viable alternative routes. If you get caught in an accident on the West Virginia Turnpike, you're screwed. If you try to get around it, it's even worse. Those Turnpike "detours" are extreme.

True. And after that big snowstorm a few years ago that prompted the marked Turnpike detours, that's why they installed some removable gates along the barrier walls. I forgot the increments, I think maybe every five miles. If something happens that's going to block the Turnpike for an extended period, they can open those gates and get traffic turned around going the other direction.

Anytime something happens on I-75 in Kentucky, US 25 gets jam-packed. But if that traffic was headed to Louisville, and the backup was north of Mt. Vernon, then US 150 would definitely be a viable alternative.


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