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Wyoming concurrencies

Started by Chris, February 14, 2009, 11:22:19 AM

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I noticed Wyoming has an extreme amount of concurrencies along US Highways. Some road numbers are running concurrent for over 2/3rds of their route.

Number: total length: concurrent: percentage:
US 14, 451 miles, 280 miles, 62%
US 16, 468 miles, 296 miles, 63%
US 18, 98 miles, 88 miles, 90%
US 20, 524 miles, 436 miles, 83%
US 26, 471 miles, 369 miles, 78%
US 30, 449 miles, 345 miles, 77%
US 85, 255 miles, 65 miles, 25%
US 87, 356 miles, 356 miles, 100%
US 89, 247 miles, 147 miles, 60%
US 189, 202 miles, 71 miles, 35%
US 191, 354 miles, 193 miles, 55%
US 287, 491 miles, 306 miles, 62%

As you can see, most routes are over 60% concurrent with another USH or IH, and US 87 is even completely concurrent with I-25 and I-90 throughout the state. Especially the Yellowstone National Park area is a mess, with sometimes 4 US Highways running concurrent.


The US-18 concurrency is entirely redundant except for 2 miles north of Lusk between US-85 and the state line, and then the US-189 one is too from US-191 to Jackson. If you honor WYO 789 as a major through route as the state of Wyoming does, the only time US-287 is independent is for a short distance in Rawlins, a short section north of Lander, and then from Laramie to the state line. 

Wyoming just seems to like concurrencies. Their business loops are also insane like that where I-25 business loops are signed as I-25 Business/US-87 Business with inconsistent sign postage for both routes. It's kind of neat but after driving around in Wyoming extensively I'm finding that there are plenty of situations where it could seriously hamper peoples' ability to navigate.  The I-80 Rock Springs business loop is a good example, as some of the turns are signed ONLY as I-80 business and some are signed ONLY as US-189 business.


Also, US-87 DOES split from I-25 from exits 160 to 186 where it joins US-20/26.

It splits again from I-90 between exits 44 and 25 where it runs by itself. However, that particular US-87 split is a little difficult to drive given that much of it has been taken out by mudslide for a few miles. The AAHSTO denied the request to reroute US-87 along WYO 193 (although permanent "detour" signs are posted along WYO 193 as they aren't fixing the taken out portion because there's no reason to), so technically there's a small physical gap in US-87. Here's a street view photo confirming that,-122.967224&sspn=0.793399,2.471924&ie=UTF8&ll=44.600674,-106.865559&spn=0.026523,0.077248&z=14&layer=c&cbll=44.600512,-106.865495&panoid=IrwusnkUW4khsEQnZvRioA&cbp=12,0.005115420374845694,,0,-0.6946133462602646


Hi Corco - I think for the overlap of Business US 189 and Business I-80 you're thinking of Evanston. In Rock Springs, most of the signs say just Business I-80, but there are a few assemblies  that also include Business U.S. 30 and TO Wyo 430. Regarding US 87, there is a substantial section of state-maintained highway that used to be US 87 that probably should be brought back to US 87 signage, especially the section south of Buffalo and through Midwest. I also t hought it would be neat to see US 87 realigned to Wyo 487 and US 287 from Casper to Ft Collins, but I suppose that is not realistic.



That's right- I always get Evanston and Rock Springs mixed up for some reason.

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