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Author Topic: NYC Roads  (Read 128913 times)


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Re: NYC Roads
« Reply #800 on: July 29, 2020, 08:36:22 PM »

Hate to derail the conversation, but what's the best way to enter NYC on a weekday?

PATH is always good, then connecting to the subway. Also, don't forget about parking the car in Staten Island and taking the Staten Island Ferry in, then connecting to the subway. It's a very relaxing alternative and the ferry itself is free. I've gone this route for Manhattan destinations many times.
When we go into the city, we usually park at the 70 Columbus parking garage in downtown Jersey City (self park and open 24 hours unlike some others nearby) on Columbus Drive (2nd exit after the toll on 78).  It's only a few steps from the garage exit door to the Grove Street PATH entrance at the corner of Columbus and Marin.  There you can either take the WTC or 33rd branch.

A lot of people like using NJ Transit from Metropark or Secaucus Junction, but I prefer PATH since it's 24 hours so I can always get back to my car easier, even if it's slightly longer and more of hassle to get to downtown JC.  I hated my college days where we had to be careful to get the last NJT train out of NYC for the night, which has carried forth to my preference for PATH now.



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Re: NYC Roads
« Reply #801 on: September 22, 2020, 08:29:45 PM »

Whoever was keeping track, there is still a handful of Button Copy signs on the Harlem River Drive, Southbound by Exit 16 and 15 there is one sign, and Northbound near Exit 17-18 there are a few but given the crazy construction in that area they probably wont last.


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