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Author Topic: New York State Thruway  (Read 289933 times)


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Re: New York State Thruway
« Reply #1875 on: March 22, 2020, 10:35:35 PM »

Amenities in NY are pretty typical compared to other states with toll roads, as far as I have seen. A couple of fast food outlets, a coffee shop, convenience store, gas, restrooms (including 1 single-occupant unisex), tourist info, wifi is the typical set of amenities. Many locations have a farmer's market during the growing season.

-Sloatsburg (NB between 15A and 16) is by far the largest single-direction facility and the only one with two public levels. This one also has a parking garage.
-Directly opposite is Ramapo (SB between 16 and 15A), the smallest service area. This is basically a glorified McDonald's and, before the 1990s, required crossing the Thruway via a bridge to Sloatsburg for most services.
-Angola (both directions between 57A and 58) is the only facility in the median. Parking lots and fuel on the outside of the roadways, building in a wide median accessible by enclosed bridges. Angola is about the same size as Sloatsburg, but it serves both directions.
-New Baltimore (both directions between 21B and 21A) has a separate rest area/tourist info center/playground accessible only from NB.
-A closed pair of service areas is on the Berkshire Spur east of the Castleton-on-Hudson Bridge. These closed shortly after I-90 through Albany opened due to a lack of traffic.
-Combined service areas and welcome centers were planned on I-90 WB near Exit B3 and I-90 EB near Exit 61 in the 1990s, but never built. McDonald's would have been a major funding partner.

There's also the Western New York Welcome Center. I truly wonder how much traffic that place gets.
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Re: New York State Thruway
« Reply #1876 on: March 22, 2020, 10:52:38 PM »

There's also the Western New York Welcome Center. I truly wonder how much traffic that place gets.

Having been there a handful of times since it opened, I think I can safely say... not a lot. Much less than any Thruway service area. There have never been more than 5 or so other cars when we've been there. It's very visible from the highway, which is great, but accessible is another matter. Too much winding around to get in there IMO. At least they finally put stoplights in at Exit 19 (Whitehaven Road) which have been needed for a while.

The facility itself is very nice. Fewer toilets than I expected, but a clean, well-designed, and uncrowded place to stop, as long as you don't mind about 5 turns to get in there and another 5 to get out.
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