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Started by Alex, January 19, 2009, 08:22:36 PM

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Quote from: 1 on February 06, 2021, 08:36:42 AM
Do you allow guides for really short routes? I asked Alps for his site, and he said he wasn't updating at the time. MA 108 is less than a mile long (it continues as NH 108 for quite a long while though), and I've walked it.

Yes I do.
Florida State Road 160 at 0.11 miles in length.
Florida State Road 162 at 0.29 miles in length
Delaware State Route 491 at 0.36 miles in length.

Granted Delaware and Florida are states where I put a lot more focus upon, but I would make a guide on any route if I had photos/content to work with (and the time to post it).


Listed just about all of the site updates going back to early January on the blog. Working on Delaware the last two weeks. Posted photos covering both directions of U.S. 301 on First Coast Responders Highway. Updated pages for SR 1 showing the completed auxiliary lane from SR 273 south to U.S. 40 and the split with U.S. 301. Further downstate, redrove SR 1 to check out the completed work at Bowers Beach Road and Clapham Road at Little Heaven and the grade separated intersection with SR 14 at Milford.

I also expanded the coverage of U.S. 301 in Maryland with updated pages south from U.S. 50 to the Governor Nice Bridge and northbound from Bowie to the Delaware line. Kept going with U.S. 301 south into Virginia with pages from Maryland to Richmond. Will be replacing/rewriting the southbound pages for U.S. 301 in Maryland from Delaware to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Bowie soon.

Still have a few hundred more photos for Delaware, as I checked out the completed reconstruction of I-295, the removal of the "sweep" at the east end of SR 48 in Wilmington, the SR 3/Carr Road interchange project and few other minor things around New Castle County (SR 273 at SR 37, SR 72 widening, SR 141 at I-95, etc.).


I am down to just 38 routes on Interstate-Guide still using the old html table format. Updated pages with recent photos flaroads took in May and some sent to me by peterj920. Have revised/updated history sections on a number of routes with research from the AASHTO Database. I do not have a dynamic way to list updates on either AARoads or Interstate-Guide, so I have made some blog posts here and there listing some of the changes at

A few things I discovered:
The extension of I-385 south from I-85 to I-26 was originally approved by FHWA as Interstate 226

Signs for Interstate 81E in Pennsylvania were changed to I-380 by June 1973. I-380 was fully completed in 1976, as a section was only open with two lanes between Dunmore and Elhmurst

Added a couple of map scans showing Interstate 494 in Chicago
The AASHTO database has documents showing the original loop for I-494 along Lake Shore Drive, which I not seen on a road map before.

Brent found a completely uncovered shield for Interstate 885 on Memorial Day Weekend. I read up on the latest delay, and it has to do with the new railroad bridge and CSX needing to complete their end of it.


After a decade plus, I finally came up with a php script idea to automatically generate a list of updates for the site that was feasible. Thanks to Matt, the script is now a reality!

The script calls in the latest photo additions to the Wordpress based pages on the site. We have it listing the updates from the last month, with them sorted by date. The list displays the page title and state, number of photos added to it, and the dates the photos were taken. As we continue to go through older html pages and convert them, some of these may show up as well.

The next task to tackle is redo the php for the Shield Gallery and import it into Wordpress.


Went through my queue and posted everything remaining from Colorado and converted the last remaining html pages.

Moved next door to Utah and converted I-215's pages to php and swapped out 2005-12 photos with 2016/17 photos.


Hey, wasn't sure who or where to raise this issue to (I assumed this page would be the best place), but this particular I-295 NJ page has broken images.
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Quote from: Katavia on June 21, 2022, 08:34:40 PM
Hey, wasn't sure who or where to raise this issue to (I assumed this page would be the best place), but this particular I-295 NJ page has broken images.

Thanks for letting me know. The page script was calling in the wrong directory, so it was a quick fix.
Someday I'll update the I-295 NJ pages with photos shot in 2018...


Finally added an Alaska section to the site. Finished adding 2,154 photos from a two week trip to the Last Frontier last month. Covered the entire Interstate system, in addition to local expressways in Anchorage and Fairbanks. Our cruise took us to Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway, so walked around all three cities with the camera. Also did an excursion on Klondike Highway (SR 98) up to White Pass summit from Skagway. I tried salvaging some photos from the front seat of the motor coach on that.

I'm focused now on converting/updating the remaining html pages on I am down to just 25 pages, and once that is said and done, will be closing that site. If anyone is interested in the domain, let me know!

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