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Author Topic: Wisconsin notes  (Read 516765 times)


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Re: Wisconsin notes
« Reply #3075 on: January 14, 2021, 10:57:02 PM »

I'm skeptical about how much a flex lane will improve things.  The Beltline's main issue is all the closely spaced interchanges that create weaving problems with exiting and entering traffic.  A flex lane is more effective when the interchanges are further apart, like US 23 north of Ann Arbor.

I've stated before, the most effective solution for the Madison Beltine isn't necessarily another lane, but unweaving the closely spaced interchanges and making the parallel local streets more connective. 

The money they're spending on this should be going toward an interchange at CTH K.

I know this would upset a lot of people. I think the half interchange at Seminole Highway, and full interchanges at Rimrock and Fish Hatchery, can be removed with no real change of usefulness. There would definitely need to be a new road between Fish Hatchery and Park/US 14, though I have no idea where you could build one these days. Rimrock traffic can use John Nolen. (IMO, Rimrock Road's interchange should never have been built in the first place.) The Beltline was already bad when I left Madison in 1980 and I thought those interchanges could have been removed even then.

Remove the Fish Hatchery Rd Interchange?! No way that would happen and that would cause all sorts of problems. It’s Fitchburg’s Main Street and 40,000 VPD travel on Fish Hatchery Rd in the Beltline Area.

Good thing that all this talk is fictional and the only interchange that plans on being removed is the Seminole Hwy Interchange. Removing all these interchanges would make driving very difficult for me and along with many other people who live on the south side of Madison and Fitchburg.

Is Seminole highway actually confirmed to be removed?

What about removing Todd Drive as well?

The Seminole Hwy Interchange will be removed once the US 18/US 151 Verona Rd Phase 3 portion of the project gets constructed in order for high speed ramps to be constructed. That is many years away.

I don't think Phase 3 will be done ever. They may as well just remove the ramps now, along with Todd Drive.
I agree with I-39 here. WISDOT spent all that time and money on phase 2. They're not ripping it up and starting over anytime soon. I think the earliest we could see construction of phase 3 is 25-30 years. They should just do away with the useless interchanges now.

IIRC, I don’t think Phase 3 would impact the existing improvements too much, but it’s just not needed from a traffic flow standpoint at this point and I’m not sure if it will ever be. The only thing I would’ve done differently is grade separate Raymond Rd.


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Re: Wisconsin notes
« Reply #3076 on: Today at 12:03:56 AM »

The 2021 WisDOT online county maps are out.  I only found one revision: the incorporation of Vernon in Waukesha County.  Instead, there is a growing list of omissions/errors that have persisted for a number of years.

The depiction of the Madison Beltline  and non-interstate freeways in Milwaukee County as just multi lane divided highway.  This demotion was intentional and based on speed limits?   WTH, when is a freeway not cartographically designated as such because it has a 55 mph limit?

The incorporation of Somers in Kenosha County.

The S-curve project on US 12 and County Trunk C in Sauk County.

Who do we contact to fix these—the State Cartographer’s Office?


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