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Author Topic: Everyone wants change in transportation system, but most donít want to pay  (Read 7106 times)


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Keeping this post on topic... the environmental argument against the ICC is hard to make. 

Agreed, but environmental objections delayed the project for decades.

Sure, the ICC did see acres of forest land destroyed for the new highway.  But it is surrounded by suburban (exurban?) development that did the same.

And it was set aside decades ago for use as a highway corridor.  And in spite of claims to the contrary, none of it was old growth forest.  All of it was second- or third-growth. 

If areas are going to be developed with suburban tract development, folks can't scream when a new highway needs to be built to support the new residents.  You are never going to be able to built a transit service to service such low density development that can rival the convenience of a car.

Montgomery County's Council has tried repeatedly to enact land use plans that put excessive emphasis on transit, and most of them have failed, and in some cases, have failed spectacularly.

I can think of two that have worked somewhat well, both are inside the Capital Beltway, with Metro service and relatively close to the border of the District of Columbia.
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