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Author Topic: Move from Silverdale to San Diego - Day 2  (Read 1139 times)


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Move from Silverdale to San Diego - Day 2
« on: March 19, 2013, 08:05:10 PM »

After waking up from a restful sleep at the Whaler Motel in Newport, Oregon. I got ready to drive some more, so I packed my stuff back in the car and got back on US 101. I got some gas at the local Chevron there, and I'm not surprised by how a gas attendant pumps your gas since I lived in Southern New Jersey. Then, I drove over the Yaquina Bay Bridge, and unfortunately, I didn't go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Miles and miles of scenic drive.

Then, a little bit before entering Florence. I stopped at some tourist destination called "Seal Rock". I went down the stairs and supposed to see seals and sea lions on the rocks on the beach. What a total lie, I then climbed back up and got back in the car. I felt hungry upon entering back into my car, since I didn't get breakfast back at Newport. So, I went down to Florence and stopped at a little restaurant called "Bliss' US 101 Diner". Average fare, it was okay I guess. Then...

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! There is a frickin A&W Drive In there. Yes, a real drive-in. So, I decided to stop at the Drive-In and order a root beer float. After sipping delicious root beer float. I was on the road once again. Drove through the towns of Reedsport, Lakeside and North Bend before stopping at McDonalds for a Coke in Coos Bay. Ohai, I know there was a roadgeek in Coos Bay, OR but I forgot the username on this forum.

I went through a few small towns before arriving at the hotel for the day, Ocean Suites. It was a pretty good hotel, comfortable beds and such. Then, I walked over to the hotel restaurant at Best Western Plus Beachfront Inn. Good seafood I guess. So, I started my trip at Newport and stopped at Brookings, only a little bit up north from the state of California!
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