Monterey County G-15

County Road G-15 follows a historic alignment of U.S. 101 north from King City to Soledad in Monterrey County. The rural highway runs along the Gabilan Range foothills rising along the east side of Salinas Valley. The U.S. 101 freeway travels west of the Salinas River through the city of Greenfield.

Monterey County G-15 south
County Road G-15 branches southeast from California 146 along Metz Road, 1.8 miles east of the Soledad city line. Photo taken 02/21/12.
Following Metz Road, CR G-15 is unmarked as it travels southward between the adjacent foothills and Union Pacific Railroad line. Photo taken 02/21/12.
Metz Road south reaches the railroad siding of Harlem at Bluejay Lane. Photo taken 02/21/12.
Advancing south from Harlem, Monterey County G-15 separates the foothills from agricultural areas along side the parallel Salinas River. Photos taken 02/21/12.
CR G-15 and the adjacent Union Pacific Railroad line span Chalone Creek by the settlement of Metz. Photos taken 02/21/12.
1.1 mile south of Chalone Creek, CR G-15 (Metz Road) meets the east end of CR G-16 (Elm Avenue). Photo taken 02/21/12.
G-16 travels west to Greenfield, Sycamore Flat and Millers Ranch, then northwest to Carmel Valley. The west end is with California 1 (Cabrillo Highway) at Carmel-by-the-Sea. Photo taken 02/21/12.
A confirming marker for Monterey County G-15 appears after Elm Avenue west as Metz Road narrows ahead of San Carlos Canyon. Photos taken 02/21/12.
Continuing south from San Carlos Canyon, the UP Railroad maintains its grade by taking a tunnel through a hill, while the Metz Road wraps around a hill along a horseshoe curve. Photos taken 02/21/12.
Monterey County G-15 flattens out along a linear stretch ahead of Agua Grande Canyon. Photos taken 02/21/12.
A reassurance shield stands along CR G-15 (Metz Road) south near the railroad siding of Coburn. Photo taken 02/21/12.
A power substation located to the west of CR G-15 at Spreckels Road brings power generated in King City northward. Photos taken 02/21/12.
County Road G-15 (Metz Road) remains along the adjacent foothills through to Mesa Del Rey Airport (KIC). The airport lies a bluff on the north side of King City. Photos taken 02/21/12.
Monterey County G-15 (Metz Road) widens beyond the intersection with Airport Road through King City. Photo taken 02/21/12.
County Road G-15 combines with CR G-13 (Bitterwater Road) west to Downtown King City. Photo taken 02/21/12.
Crossing the Union Pacific Railroad, CR G-13 & G-15 turn southward along 1st Street. The two separate at Broadway, which doubles as U.S. 101 Business west to the freeway. Photo taken 02/21/12.
Although unmarked south of Broadway, 1st Street carries both Monterey County G-15 and U.S. 101 Business. The two routes cross over San Lorenzo Creek after Division Street. Photo taken 02/21/12.
U.S. 101 Business & CR G-15 (1st Street) proceed south from Lonoak Road toward a diamond interchange with the U.S. 101 freeway. Photo taken 02/21/12.
U.S. 101, which travels north from King City to Salinas and San Francisco and south to San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles. Photo taken 02/21/12.
Both CR G-15 and U.S. 101 Business conclude at the southbound on-ramp for U.S. 101. Mesa Verde Road extends south and east as a local road from this point. Photo taken 02/21/12.

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