Cecil County Highways

Interstate 95 - Central Cecil County U.S. 40 - Elkton Maryland 273 - Fair Hill

Cecil County encompasses the Northeast corner of the Free State. It is bounded by the Susquehanna River to the West, Pennsylvania to the North, Delaware to the East, and the Sassafras River to the South. The county contains the city of Elkton, and the towns of Perryville, Port Deposit, North East, Rising Sun, Chesapeake City, and Conowingo. Although in the state of Maryland, the county is considered part of Wilmington, Delaware's metro area, and is within WILMAPCO's (Wilmington Metropolitan Area Planning Council) jurisdiction.

Cecil County Highway Log

25 of the 28 state highways in Cecil County are signed. Cecil County generally adheres to the route clustering system between 270 and 290. Each state highway is cataloged in the table below. Historical information, notes, photographs, traffic count data, and maps are found on each state highway's corresponding guide. A handful of segments were omitted in compiling this chart including:

  • 0.12 miles of Maryland 7H (unnamed road), an old alignment of Maryland 7
  • 0.05 miles of Maryland 213A (unnamed road), a connecting ramp between unsigned Maryland 537D and Maryland 213 at South Chesapeake City
  • 0.09 miles of Maryland 222A (unnamed road), an access road between Maryland 222 and Turnpike Drive
  • 0.88 miles of Maryland 222B (Turnpike Drive) to the MDTA Administration Building
  • 0.12 miles of Maryland 274A (Calvert Road)
  • 0.56 miles of Maryland 274B (Ebenezer Church Road)

Unsigned routes in Cecil County include:

  • 0.80 collective miles of Maryland 537B, 537C, and 537D including George and Lock Streets at Chesapeake City and ramps to the Maryland 213 Chesapeake City Bridge.
  • 0.21 collective miles of Maryland 727 and 727A in Elkton consisting of two sections of Old North Road bypassed by the Maryland 268 bridge over Amtrak's Northeast Corridor.
  • 0.21 miles of Maryland 896. Multi-state route 896 connects Delaware and Pennsylvania at the northeastern corner of the state. The alignment through Cecil County is short enough to not require signing.
State Route West / South End East / North End Mileage
7 Baltimore Elkton 39.33
213 Wye Mills Pennsylvania State line 68.25
222 Perryville Conowingo 11.36
267 west of Charlestown east of Charlestown 1.90
268 downtown Elkton north Elkton 0.95
272 Turkey Point Pennsylvania state line 20.67
273 Harrisville Delaware state line 16.80
274 Bay View Rising Sun 7.35
275 Craigtown Woodlawn 2.22
276 Port Deposit northeast of Harrisville 7.85
277 Elk Mills near Delaware state line 2.51
279 Elkton Delaware state line 4.95
281 Elkton Delaware state line 2.12
282 Crystal Beach Delaware state line 12.43
284 North Chesapeake City North Chesapeake City 0.25
285 North Chesapeake City Delaware state line 2.43
286 South Chesapeake City Delaware state line 2.09
299 Massey north of Sassafras 5.18
310 Cayots Delaware state line 3.96
316 Elkton east of Elk Mills 2.67
327 Principio Furnace Principio Furnace 0.36
342 South Chesapeake City Saint Augustine 2.82
537 North Chesapeake City South Chesapeake City 0.80
545 Elkton Cedar Hill 5.92
591 west of Harrisville west of Harrisville 1.08
727 Elkton Elkton 0.21
781 east of Elkton Elkton 1.01
824 Aikin Craigtown 1.06
896 Delaware state line Pennsylvania state line 0.21
Sources: State Highway Administration of Maryland Highway Information Services Dvision Data Support Group, State Highway Location References - 2009
MDRoads.com Route Log
2002 Highway Location Reference file for Cecil County (MDSHA)

Highways in Cecil County

The follow table catalogs the Interstate and U.S. Highways of Cecil County, Maryland.

Highway Western or Southern Entrance Eastern or Northern Entrance Cecil County Mileage Mileage
I-95 Millard J Tydings Bridge Delaware state line 18.50 109.65
U.S. 1 Conowingo Dam Pennsylvania state line 9.23 81.00
U.S. 40 Hatem Bridge Delaware state line 17.28 231.39
U.S. 213 Sassafras River at Georgetown Elkton -- --
U.S. 222 Conowingo Pennsylvania state line 3.61 3.61
U.S. 301 Sassafras River Delaware state line 3.14 123.30
Sources: State Highway Administration of Maryland Highway Information Services Dvision Data Support Group, State Highway Location References - 2009
MDRoads.com Route Log
2002 Highway Location Reference file for Cecil County (MDSHA)

Decomissioned State Highways

The following state highways are no longer signed in Cecil County, Maryland:
164, 269, 278, 280, 283, 338, 441, 473, 592, and 711.

Susquehanna River - 05-22-05

The Susquehanna River bounds the western border of Cecil County with adjoining Harford County. The river flows southward from Pennsylvania and features the Conowingo Dams (pictured in the lower center). A reservoir created by Conowingo Dam, Conowingo Pond, stores drinking water for Baltimore and Chester County, Pennsylvania. Depths of up to 400 feet are found north of the dam. South of Conowingo, waters are as shallow as 1 feet until the flow reaches Perryville. Conowingo is also a source of hydro-electric power.

Town 2000 Population Town Population
Elkton 11,893 Perryville 3,672
North East 2,733 Rising Sun 1,702
Charlestown 1,019 Chesapeake City 787
Port Deposit 676 Cecilton 474

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