Former Business Loop I-5 - San Diego / Pacific Beach

Business Loop I-5 through Pacific Beach in San Diego overlaid a 1.5 mile section of old U.S. 101 along Mission Bay Drive. The route looped west from wye interchanges, Exit 23A from northbound and Exit 23 from southbound, from Interstate 5.

Mission Bay Drive (former Business Loop I-5) north
A faded reassurance marker for Business Loop I-5 was posted along Mission Bay Drive north after the separation with Grand Avenue. It was removed by the middle of 2005. Photos taken 02/21/05.
A trailblazer for Business Loop I-5 was posted at the intersection with Garnet Avenue. Balboa Avenue leading east from adjacent Interstate 5 was formerly California 274. When signs for the decommissioned state route were finally taken down, the assembly for the I-5 business route went with them. Photo taken 02/21/05.
Damon Avenue branches northeast from Mission Bay Drive to pass under I-5 and connect with Santa Fe Street. Mission Bay Drive north defaults onto Interstate 5 north beyond the succeeding traffic light. Photo taken 02/21/05.
Mission Bay Drive (Old U.S. 101) crosses Rose Creek on a five-lane wide bridge just north of Damon Avenue. Photo taken 04/23/06.
The old U.S. 101 bridge across Rose Canyon Creek, a tributary to Mission Bay, was built in 1938 and rehabilitated in 1988. Photos taken 05/15/08.
Bluffside Avenue stems west from Mission Bay Drive to a residential neighborhood and Pico Street. Business Loop I-5 merged onto I-5 north beyond this signal. Photo taken 04/23/06.
Mission Bay Drive (former Business Loop I-5) south
A confirming marker for Business Loop I-5 appeared just beyond the Pacific Beach welcome sign posted along the southbound off-ramp (Exit 23) from Interstate 5. Photo taken 04/30/02.
A likely city-installed sign references Business Loop I-5 at the intersection with Garnet Avenue. The sign was removed by mid-2005 and replaced with a traffic signal photo enforcement sign. The intersection of Mission Bay Drive (old U.S. 101) and Garnet Avenue west / Balboa Avenue (old California 274) east is one of the busiest in all of San Diego. Photo taken 07/31/00.
The final remaining Business Loop I-5 marker along Mission Bay Drive was this assembly posted at the merge with Grand Avenue east. It was removed by January 2016. Photos taken 06/14/06.
Mission Bay Drive (former Business Loop I-5) transitions directly onto Interstate south after the traffic signal linking with East Mission Bay Drive to the east shore of Mission Bay Park. Old U.S. 101 emerges along the east side of Interstate 5 along Morena Boulevard. Photo taken 06/05/09.
East Mission Bay Drive at the south end of former Business Loop I-5 and the wye interchange to I-5 south. Photo taken 04/20/09.
A Business Loop I-5 shield was previously posted above the I-5 northbound trailblazer at the intersection of East Mission Bay Drive at Mission Bay Drive (old U.S. 101). Photo taken 04/20/09.

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