Interstate 5 North - Roseburg to Eugene

The drive northward from Roseburg to Eugene features the Interstate 5 transition from hilly mountains into flat valleys. The freeway straightens out for the first time since the Central Valley in California at the Eugene and Springfield metro area.

Interstate 5 north & Oregon 138 west
Interstate 5 north & Oregon 138 westbound leave the Roseburg area and cross the North Little River en route to Sutherlin. Exit 129 constitutes a folded-diamond interchange with Del Rio Road and Oregon 99 (Oakland-Shady Highway) midway between Winchester and Wilbur. Oregon 99 parallels the freeway to the east. Wilbur lies north of Del Rio Road along old U.S. 99. The town was named for James H. Wilbur, D. D., otherwise known as Father Wilber, one of Oregon's best-known pioneer Methodist ministers. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Interstate 5 & Oregon 138 shield assembly posted along the freeway northbound between Exits 129 and 135. Oregon 138 joins the freeway at Exit 124 in the city of Roseburg for a 12-mile overlap. The state highway comprises a lengthy route between Elkton, Roseburg, and Diamond Lake. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Exit 135 composes the first of two interchanges along Interstate 5 & Oregon 138 to serve the city of Sutherlin. Northbank Road meets the freeway at the south edge of town between Oregon 99 (Oakland-Shady Highway) and Rathburn Road. Oregon 99 branches northeast along Calapooia Street to downtown Sutherlin. Photo taken 04/01/05.
A look at the Exit 135 diamond interchange with Northbank Road at Sutherlin. Comstock Road stems north from Northbank Road to Elkton-Sutherlin Highway (former Oregon 138). Oregon 99 meets Central Avenue (former Oregon 138) 1.75 miles to the northeast. Founded in 1911, Sutherlin lies 518 feet above sea level and is home to 7,360. Photo taken 04/01/05.
A tourist information center resides near the Exit 136 partial-cloverleaf interchange between Interstate 5 & Oregon 138 and Elkton-Sutherlin Highway. Oregon 138 departs the freeway here for its northwest leg between Sutherlin and Elkton (junction Oregon 38). Oregon 38 travels west over the Coast Ranges to Reedsport (junction U.S. 101) along the Oregon coast. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Interstate 5 north
Oregon 138 westbound leaves Interstate 5 north at the Exit 135 off-ramp. The state highway travels the Elkton-Sutherlin Highway northwest 25 miles to Elkton and junction Oregon 38 (Umpqua Highway). Oregon 138 originally continued east into Sutherlin via Central Avenue to intersect Oregon 99 (Calapooia Street) at downtown. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Oregon 99 (Oakland-Shady Highway) continues a short distance north from Sutherlin into the town of Oakland. Steams Lane carries Interstate 5 northbound travelers to Oakland via Exit 138. Steams Lane meets Oregon 99 at Walnut Street 1.6 miles to the east. Oakland is known as the "Turkey Capital of the World" for its role as the leading turkey shipping center in the western United States at the turn of the 20th century. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Oregon 99 returns to Interstate 5 at the Exit 140 partial "Y" interchange northwest of Oakland. From there Interstate 5 & Oregon 99 continue northwest to the Metz Hill and Goodrich Roads diamond interchange (Exit 142) and its nearby rest area. Metz Hill Road travels west to Green Valley Road. Goodrich Road parallels the freeway briefly before turning east to Wild Horse Lane and north to Rice Hill. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Interstate 5 & Oregon 99 north
Interstate 5 continues north over Rice Hill Summit (elevation 723 feet) into Rice Valley. Meeting the freeway at Exit 146 is Oakhill Drive and Rice Valley Road. Oakhill Drive turns east from the Isadore Road frontage road to Oakwood Drive and Goodrich Highway. Rice Valley Road parallels the Cabin Creek northwest of Interstate 5. Photo taken 04/01/05.
The one-mile guide sign for Exit 148 to Rice Hill posted on Interstate 5 northbound. John Long Road and Thurman Lane meet the freeway at a folded-diamond interchange. Rice Hill itself lies at the John Long Road intersection with Goodrich Highway nearby. John Long Road (old U.S. 99) travels north from Rice Hill to meet the freeway again at Exit 150 and Eagle Valley Road (Oregon 99). Photo taken 04/01/05.
Oregon 99 splits from Interstate 5 again at the Exit 150 partial-cloverleaf interchange with John Long Road south and Eagle Valley Road north. Oregon 99 heads three miles north to Yoncalla and eight miles to Drain and junction Oregon 38 west. The state highway loops back to Interstate 5 at Curtin (Exit 161). Oregon 38 provides a through route to the Oregon coast between Reedsport and Drain. Yoncalla derives its name from nearby Mount Yoncalla, which Indians referred to as home of the eagles. First settled in 1847, Drain represents a historic timber community. The settlement incorporated in 1888 under the leadership of mayor John Drain. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Interstate 5 north
Interstate 5 travels northeast from Exit 150 to Exit 154 (Scotts Valley Road / Elkhead Road) and north from there to Exit 159. Elk Creek Road parallels the freeway northward from Elkhead Road to Cox Road at Exit 159. Pictured here is the one mile guide sign for Elk Creek and Cox Road on Interstate 5 north. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Interstate 5 continues a short distance north from Elk Creek to Salt Springs Road (Exit 160). Photo taken 04/01/05.
Northbound at the Exit 160 off-ramp to Salt Springs Road. Salt Springs Road serves an isolated area along Interstate 5 between Elk Creek and Anlauf. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Nearing the Exit 161 off-ramp onto Buck Creek Road along Interstate 5 northbound. Buck Creek Road travels west along Buck Creek to Oregon 99 (Umpqua Highway) at Anlauf. Oregon 99 turns east onto a connector between Old U.S. 99 and Interstate 5 (Exit 162). Old U.S. 99 ventures northeast from the Oregon 99 connector to intersect Territorial Highway en route to Interstate 5 (Exit 163). Territorial Highway ventures north nine miles to Lorane in southern Lane County. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Oregon 99 (Umpqua Highway) merges back onto Interstate 5 northbound at Anlauf. The state highway travels west 0.4 miles to former U.S. 99 and 7.2 miles to junction Oregon 38 in downtown Drain. A trumpet interchange facilitates the movements between the two highways at Exit 162. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Exit 162 loops onto Oregon 99 (Umpqua Highway) southbound from Interstate 5 north. Oregon 99 parallels the Southern Pacific Railroad and Pass Creek southwest to Drain (junction Oregon 38). Oregon 38 journeys west from Drain 14 miles to Elkton, 34 miles to Scottsburg, and 50 miles to Reedsport. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Interstate 5 & Oregon 99 north
Old U.S. 99 intersects Curtin and Bear Creek Roads at the settlement of Curtin. Bear Creek Road stems east across the Southern Pacific Railroad to meet Interstate 5 at Exit 163. Curtin began as the site of a sawmill in the early 1890s operated by Daniel Curtin. In 1908 Curtin attained a post office. Photo taken 04/01/05.
A partial-cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 5 with Bear Creek Road adjacent to Pass Creek County Park. Bear Creek Road parallels Bear Creek east into the nearby mountains. Curtin Road continues old U.S. 99 alongside the Southern Pacific Railroad and Interstate 5 to Comstock. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Oregon 99 leaves Interstate 5 again for the Cottage Grove business loop at Exit 170. The state highway follows Goshen Divide Highway 4.8 miles north from Exit 170 into downtown Cottage Grove. The business loop returns to Interstate 5 at Exit 174 (Cottage Grove Connector). Exit 174 serves the north end of town and Dorena Reservoir to the east via Row River Road. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Button copy guide sign for Exit 170 to Cottage Grove National Historic District and Cottage Grove Lake. Cottage Grove Lake resides 4.5 miles south of Oregon 99 via London Road.
Settlers arrived at Cottage Grove in 1848 via the Oregon and Applegate Trails. The first post office was established in 1855 and the discovery of gold in 1863 in the nearby Bohemia Mountains caused the town to prosper. The timber industry and arrival of the railroad in 1872 and Pacific Highway in 1909 continued to maintain the economic strength of Cottage Grove. Interstate 5 opened to traffic at Cottage Grove in 1957. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Interstate 5 north
Interstate 5 and Oregon 99 (Goshen Divide Highway) both leave Cottage Grove north for Saginaw. Saginaw Road links the freeway with Goshen Divided Highway at Exit 176. Saginaw began as a settlement built by the Booth-Kelly Lumber Co. and was named after Saginaw, Michigan. Sears Road travels north from Row River Road to Saginaw Road adjacent to Exit 176. Sears Road continues north alongside Interstate 5 to the Row River east of Creswell. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Interstate 5 sees a rest area between Saginaw and Creswell (Exit 182). Intersecting the freeway next is Oregon Avenue / Springfield-Creswell Highway at Exit 182. The city of Creswell began in 1872 by settlers Alvin Huges and James Robinett near the California & Oregon Railroad. A post office opened at the site in 1873 with the name of Creswell after the U.S. Postmaster General John Creswell. Agriculture fueled the economy early and fruit orchards, a cannery, and a packing plant joined the town by the time Creswell incorporated in 1909. The Friendly City continues to grow today with connections to the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Northbound at the Exit 182 half-cloverleaf interchange with Oregon Avenue west and Springfield-Creswell Highway east. Oregon Avenue leads into downtown Creswell, meeting Oregon 99 (Front Street / Mill Street) nearby. Oregon 99 parallels the Southern Pacific Railroad through the heart of town. Springfield-Creswell Highway continues Oregon Avenue east of Interstate 5 to Cloverdale. Cloverdale Road travels north from there to junction Oregon 58 (Willamette Highway). Photo taken 04/01/05.
Next in line for northbound drivers is the Exit 186 off-ramp to Oregon 99 and the Dillard Access Road. Oregon 99 and Dillard Access Road both head north alongside Interstate 5 to Goshen. Dillard Road itself travels west from Oregon 99 toward Spencers Butte and south Eugene. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Exit 186 leaves Interstate 5 northbound for Dillard Access Road north to Mathews Road and Oregon 58 (Willamette Highway) and adjacent Oregon 99. Oregon 99 parallels the Southern Pacific Railroad line northward into the village of Goshen. Goshen began with the establishment of a post office on September 6, 1874. Goshen was named after the Goshen region in lower Egypt. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Oregon 58 (Willamette Highway) ties into Interstate 5 at the Exit 188A partial-cloverleaf interchange in Goshen. The state highway provides a major through route between Eugene and the U.S. 97 corridor east of the Cascade Range. Named the Willamette Highway because of the river it parallels, Oregon 58 leads east four miles to Pleasant Hill, 13 miles to Lowell, and 34 miles to Oakridge. Photo taken 04/01/05.
A look at the one-mile guide sign for Exit 188A - Oregon 58 (Willamette Highway) east. Oregon 58 provides a main trucking route between Interstate 5 and California via its connection to U.S. 97 east of the Cascades. Most of the state highway travels through Willamette National Forest on the ascent to Willamette Pass (elevation 5,128 feet). Photo taken 04/01/05.
Oregon 99 travels Franklin Boulevard north from Goshen to meet Interstate 5 again just west of the Oregon 58 junction. Exit 188B departs the freeway onto Franklin Boulevard for Oregon 99 south. Oregon 99 northbound again subsumes to Interstate 5 for the approach to Eugene. Photo taken 05/22/06.
Interstate 5 & Oregon 99 north
Exit 189 departs Interstate 5 & Oregon 99 northbound for 30th Street west and Franklin Boulevard. 30th Street comprises an east-west expressway from Interstate 5 west to Lane Community College, Spring Boulevard, and south Eugene. The expressway transitions into a surface street west of Onyx Street, one half mile east of the intersection with Amazon Parkway and Hilyard Street. Photo taken 05/22/06.
Interstate 5 & Oregon 99 curve west into the city of Eugene ahead of the Exit 191 folded-diamond interchange with Glenwood Boulevard. Glenwood Boulevard leads north from Laurel Hill Drive to Oregon 126 Business (Franklin Boulevard). Oregon 126 Business travels east across the Willamette River into the city of Springfield. Photo taken 05/22/06. Second photo taken 04/01/05.
Traffic interests to downtown Eugene and the University of Oregon should use Exit 192 from Interstate 5 northbound. Oregon 99 departs the freeway here to join Oregon 126 Business along Franklin Boulevard west to the Eugene central business district. The University of Oregon Ducks football team play their home games at Autzen Stadium, north of the Willamette River along Centennial Boulevard. Photo taken 05/22/06.
Oregon 99 splits from Interstate 5 northbound via a directional ramp onto Oregon 126 Business (Franklin Boulevard) westbound at Exit 192. Oregon 126 Business follows the original routing of U.S. 126 through both Eugene and Springfield. Oregon 126 travels a freeway north of downtown Springfield and cosigns with Interstate 105 west of Interstate 5 (Exit 194). Oregon 99 & 126 Business overlap through downtown on the one-way street couplet of 6th & 7th Avenues. Oregon 99 branches away from Interstate 5 for the first time northwest of Eugene. Photo taken 05/22/06.
Interstate 5 north
Interstate 5 crosses the Willamette River along a four-lane span. The Willamette River Bridge is notable in that there are two spans, the old bridge and the currently used bridge. An abandoned bridge parallels the present travel lanes to the west and is blocked by permanent jersey barriers. An aerial photo of the bridge reveals that the original span was still in use then. According to ODOT, shear cracks were found in the old structure in 2002, and the bridge was deemed unsafe for heavy freight traffic. The span in current use is temporary, and not designed to be a permanent structure. Photos taken 05/22/06.
A directional-cloverleaf interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 5 and Interstate 105 & Oregon 126 (McKenzie Highway) at Exits 194A/B. Departing the freeway first is the eastbound off-ramp to Oregon 126. Oregon 126 continues as a freeway east 5.5 miles to the traffic light at 52nd Street. The divided highway merges with Oregon 126 Business (Main Street) 0.9 miles from 52nd Street in east Springfield. Oregon 126, the former U.S. 126, leads east another 71 miles to its merge with U.S. 20 in the Cascade Mountains. Photos taken 05/22/06.
A loop ramp ascends from Interstate 5 northbound onto Interstate 105 & Oregon 126 westbound. Interstate 105 provides a freeway spur into downtown Eugene from Interstate 5. The Interstate shares pavement with Oregon 126 through to their mutual end at Oregon 99 & Oregon 126 Business (6th & 7th Avenues). Connections with the Delta highway serve northern reaches of Eugene. Photo taken 05/22/06. Second photo taken 04/01/05. Third photo taken 05/22/06.
The final Eugene and Springfield interchange joins Interstate 5 with the Oregon 569 (Belt Line Highway), an east-west freeway straddling the northern reaches of Eugene. Belt Line Road ties into Exit 195 from Gateway Street and Game Farm Road to the east as a surface street. Use Exit 195A for the Gateway Mall and Exit 195B to Oregon 99 (Pacific Highway) north to Eugene Airport (Mahlon Sweet Field). Photo taken 04/01/05.
A collector/distributor roadway provides the movements to Beltline Road east and Oregon 569 (Beltline Highway) west at Exits 195A/B. Through traffic interests to Oregon 126 west for Florence on the Pacific Coast and Junction City via Oregon 99 (Pacific Highway) northwest should use the Beltline Highway freeway west. Oregon 569 ends at junction Oregon 126 well west of downtown Eugene. The highway transitions into a two-lane expressway west of Oregon 99. Photo taken 05/22/06. Second photo taken 04/01/05.
Exit 195A leaves the c/d roadway for Belt Line Road ahead of its intersection with Gateway Road. Oregon 569 / Belt Line Highway commences as a freeway west from Exit 195B. Interchanges exist with Coburg Road and Delta Highway (a north-south freeway leading to Interstate 105 & Oregon 126) before the freeway crosses the Willamette River. Belt Line Highway turns south at Oregon 99 in 6.5 miles and ends at Oregon 126 (11th Avenue) in ten miles. Florence, the western terminus of Oregon 126, lies 66 miles to the west. Photo taken 04/01/05.


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