Interstate 5 South: Longview to Vancouver

Interstate 5 south
Interstate 5 crosses the Coweeman River three times in the Kelso area. A pair of non-descript bridges carry the six-lane freeway over the river near Davis Terrace. These were built in 1979 and 1980. Photos taken 09/02/06.
A two-lane truss bridge carries Kelso Drive across the Coweeman River east of Interstate 5. This bridge opened in 1947 as part of the original U.S. 99 Kelso bypass.1 Photos taken 09/02/06.
Attached to the Grade Street (original U.S. 99 & 830) overpass is southbound mileage sign posted nine miles north of Kalama and 18 miles out from Woodland. Photo taken 09/02/06.
The final Kelso / Longview area exit joins Interstate 5 south with Washington 432 west at Exit 36. Washington 432 constitutes a 10.32-mile loop west to Washington 4 (Ocean Beach Highway) in west Longview. Photo taken 09/02/06.
A collector/distributor roadway departs Interstate 5 south to provide access to Washington 432 (Tennant Way) west and Old Pacific Highway) south. Washington 432 comprises an expressway west from Longview Junction to Washington 411 (3rd Avenue) in Longview. The state route travels 3rd Avenue south to Industrial Way west and generally bypasses Longview. This change was made in 1992, dropping Tennant Way west and Nichols Boulevard north to Washington 4 from the state highway system.2 Washington 433 (Oregon Way) between Industrial Way and Nichols Boulevard was also decommissioned. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Drivers bound for Washington 432 (Tennant Way) west depart the c/d roadway of Exit 36. Washington 432 to Washington 433 leads drivers south to Rainier, Oregon and U.S. 30. The former toll bridge (tolls dropped in 1965) opened in 1930.3 Photo taken 09/02/06.
The three-quarter cloverleaf interchange with Washington 432 west connects with Old Pacific Highway south along side Interstate 5. Former U.S. 99 & 830 continues to Vision Acres and Carrolls. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Carrolls Channel of the Columbia River basin flows adjacent to the BNSF Railroad and southbound lanes of Interstate 5. This view looks at the waterway from near Carrolls Bluff. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Kalama River Road meets Interstate 5 at the Exit 32 diamond interchange. Kalama River Road follows the Kalama River east from the Columbia River into the Cascade Range foothills. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Drays Mound rises along side Interstate 5 south at the Exit 32 ramp departure to Kalama River Road. Kalama River Road meets Old Washington 99 north and Meeker Drive south (old alignments of U.S. 99 & 830). The road otherwise continues to Pigeon Springs. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Interstate 5 crosses the Kalama River on a pair of non-descript bridges built in 1970 and 1971. Photo taken 09/02/06.
A 1952-truss bridge carries Meeker Drive (Old U.S. 99 & 830) across the Kalama east of Interstate 5. This bridge was originally just one half of the original four-lane U.S. 99 & 830. Photo taken 09/02/06.
A split-diamond interchange (Exit 30) serves the City of Kalama from Interstate 5. Frontage Roads connect the ramp at Oak Street with Elm Street and the city center. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Exit 30 leaves Interstate 5 south for Oak Street. Oak Street crosses the BNSF Railroad to an industrial area along the Columbia River to the south. Frontage Roads lead south to the ramps at Elm Street; 1st Street (old U.S. 99 & 830) parallels one block to the east. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Reassurance shield assembly posted for Interstate 5 at Kalama. Woodland lies eight miles to the south. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Todd Road joins Interstate 5 with the Port of Kalama west of Exit 27 and Old Pacific Highway east of the diamond interchange. The alignment of Interstate 5 replaced the pre-expressway routing of U.S. 99 & 830 south to Exit 22.1 Photo taken 09/02/06.
Southbound Interstate 5 at the Exit 27 off-ramp to Todd Road. Todd Road ventures east from the port area to Cloverdale Road. There is no through access south to Woodland independent of Interstate 5. Photos taken 09/02/06.
A carriageway separation occurs along Interstate 5 at Martin Bluff. The freeway briefly sees the Columbia River before it veers west of Martin Island. Photo taken 09/02/06.
The carriageway split accommodates the BNSF Railroad that lines the median of Interstate 5 along Martin Slough. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Dike Access Road connects Interstate 5 south with Old Pacific Highway (Old U.S. 99 & 830) south into Woodland and Dike Road west to the levee along Burke Slough. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Exit 22 departs Interstate 5 south for Dike Access Road and the Port of Woodland. Exit 21 follows in one mile for Pacific Avenue south to Washington 503 (Lewis River Road) east. Dike Access Road east to Old Pacific Highway south provides a more direct route to the 54.11-mile state route. Photo taken 09/02/06.
A split-diamond interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 5 and the west end of Washington 503 in Woodland. Washington 503 follows the Lewis River 21 miles east to Lake Merwin, Yale and Washington 503 Spur. The spur heads to Cougar and the south end of Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument while Washington 503 turns southward to Chelatchie and Battle Ground. Photo taken 09/02/06.
An on-ramp joins Interstate 5 south from Pacific Avenue, Goerig Street, and Washington 503 (Lewis River Road) near Horseshoe Lake. Interstate 5 briefly enters Clark County and southbound drivers see Vancouver as the next control city. Photos taken 09/02/06.
A pair of steel truss bridges span Lewis River along Interstate 5 south of Woodland. The freeway crosses into Clark County for good at the crossing. The northbound bridge was built in 1940 as part of U.S. 99 & 830. The southbound span was added in 1968 during the upgrade to Interstate 5. Photos taken 09/02/06.
A short distance to the south, Interstate 5 crosses the East Fork Lewis River at Paradise Point. The northbound bridge dates back to 1936 as U.S. 99 & 830; southbound travelers use a non-descript span built in 1969. Photo taken 09/02/06.
One and half mile advance sign for Exit 16, NW La Center Road and the community of La Center. A greenout for NW LaCenter Road covers the older NW 319th Street designation. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Interstate 5 meets NW La Center Road at the Exit 16 diamond interchange. NW La Center Road travels east for about a mile and half and then bends north into the community of La Center. Paradise Park Road stems north from Exit 16 to Paradise Park State Park. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Interstate 5 enters Ridgefield on the one-mile approach to Exit 14 with Washington 501 (Pioneer Street) west. Washington 501 exists in two segments, the northern section traveling 2.97 miles west to the Ridgefield city center. The southern section spurs 10.99 miles northwest from Interstate 5 (Exit 1C) to Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Exit 14 departs Interstate 5 south for Washington 501 (Pioneer Street) west at Ridgefield. Pioneer Street east becomes South 65th Avenue and South 5th Street east to NE 10th Avenue (Old U.S. 99 & 830). Photo taken 09/02/06.
The Gee Creek Rest Area lies along Interstate 5, one mile south of Pioneer Street. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Heading south from the rest area, Interstate 5 continues to a October 15, 2008-opened partial-cloverleaf interchange with Washington 502 (NE 219th Street) east. New Exit 11 improves access to Battle Ground and relocates Washington 502 from former U.S. 99 & 830 south of NE 219th Street. Photo taken 09/02/06.
One mile north of the Exit 9 diamond interchange with NE 179th Street by the Clark County Fairgrounds. Exit 9 was the end of Washington 502 until the Exit 11 opened. NE 179th Street and Washington 502 otherwise join Interstate 5 with the city of Battle Ground. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Exit 9 leaves Interstate 5 south 1.50 miles ahead of the split with Interstate 205 south (Exit 7). Completed in Washington by 1983, Interstate 205 travels 10.57 miles southeast to the Glenn Jackson Bridge over the Columbia River. The freeway provides a suburban bypass of Portland, Oregon. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Approaching the partial "Y" interchange with Interstate 205 south (Exit 7) on Interstate 5 south. Interstate 205 provides a direct route to Washington 14 east to Camas and Interstate 84 east to Hood River. The control city is that of Salem for the continuation of Interstate 5 south from Tualatin. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Exit 7 provides access to NE 134th Street via Exit 36 of Interstate 205 south. NE 134th Street meets Interstate 5 at a half-diamond interchange adjacent to old U.S. 99 & 830 beyond the freeway split. The east-west arterial serves interests to Washington State University Vancouver. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Interstates 5 & 205 part ways at Exit 7 near Salmon Creek. Interstate 5 briefly drops to four lanes through to NE 134th Street. Interstate 205 angles southeast 6.26 miles to the Washington 500 freeway at the Vancouver city line. The freeway reaches Portland International Airport in 12 miles and Interstate 84 in 14 miles. Photo taken 09/02/06.
Interstate 5 leaves the Washington 14 interchange and passes under a BNSF Railroad line ahead of the Interstate Bridge across the Columbia River. Photo taken 08/27/06.
A pair of vertical lift bridges carry Interstate 5 from Vancouver, Washington onto Hayden Island in Oregon. The Interstate Bridge stretches 3,538 feet at a height of 72 feet above the Columbia River. Southbound Interstate 5 utilizes the 1917-span; northbound travelers cross a 1958-bridge. Tolls were charged until 1966.4 Photo taken 08/27/06.
The aging Interstate Bridge is in need of a replacement, but an extraordinarily high price tag associated with a new bridge, and up to five miles of approach freeway, have left any potential work in doubt. In the meantime southbound travelers are relegated to a three-lane shoulder less bridge with speed limits set at 50 mph at the crossing. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Entering the city of Portland, Oregon on Interstate 5 south. Photo taken 08/27/06.



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