Interstate 24 West - Chattanooga

Interstate 24 west
Ramps from Interstate 75 (Exit 2) come together at the Spring Creek Road overpass to form the westbound beginning of Interstate 24. The freeway continues one half mile to a diamond interchange (Exit 184) with Moore Road. Frontage Roads (North and South Terrace Road) connect I-24 with Moore Road at Exit 184. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Adjacent North Terrace Road comes into view at the first westbound mileage sign that highlights the distances to both Nashville and Birmingham (via I-59). The first of three Interstate 59 trailblazers posted in Tennessee reference the 16-mile drive drivers must travel to reach the freeway southbound beginning. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Exit 184 leaves Interstate 24 westbound at the McBrien Road over crossing. Moore Road travels 3.7 miles north from U.S. 41 & 76 (Ringgold Road) in Eastridge to Shallowford Road in east Chattanooga. Moore Road also intersects U.S. 11 (Brainard Road) near the Brainard neighborhood and the Eastgate Town Center (former Eastgate Mall) nearby. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Interstate 24 west continues next to the slip ramp (Exit 183A) for Belvoir Avenue and Germantown Road, north-south surface roads joining East Ridge with Chattanooga's Brainard community. Exit 183A serves Tennessee Temple University. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Westbound at the split-diamond interchange (Exit 183A) on Interstate 24. North Terrace Road intersects Belvoir Avenue first, a street joining the freeway with U.S. 41 & 76 (Ringgold Road) to the south and U.S. 11 (Brainard Road) to the north. Germantown Road also links the freeway with U.S. 41 & 76 to the south, but continues north of the U.S. 11 commercial strip to North Brainerd and Tunnel Road to Eastdale. Photo taken 06/25/12.
A reassurance marker for I-24 west appears after the off-ramp for Germantown Road and before the Belvoir Avenue overpass. Trucks are restricted to the right-hand two lanes through here. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Chattanooga city limits sign posted at the Germantown Road under crossing. Photo taken 06/18/05.
Interstate 24 makes a sweeping curve across Missionary Ridge before reentering the Chattanooga city limits at Seminole drive. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Seminole Drive and Crest Road pass over the freeway at different heights along I-24 across Missionary Ridge. Parallel U.S. 11 (McCallie Avenue) and U.S. 41 & 76 (Ringgold Road) utilize tunnels to cross Missionary Ridge nearby. Photo taken 06/18/05.
Lookout Mountain (el. 2,392 feet) comes into view on the Interstate 24 westbound curve ahead of the Westside Drive (U.S. 41 & 76) underpass. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Interstate 24 takes a sharp curve back to the west on the 0.75-mile approach to Fourth Avenue (Exit 181). Photo taken 06/25/12.
A loop ramp from U.S. 41 north & 76 (Westside Drive) west forms an auxiliary lane along I-24 west through to Exit 181 at Fourth Avenue and the East Lake neighborhood.
U.S. 41 north & 76 west turn north from Westside Drive onto Dodds Avenue north along side U.S. 11 & 64 through to East Main Street. U.S. 11 south & 64 west meanwhile parallel the freeway along adjacent 23rd Avenue. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 181) with Fourth Avenue on I-24 west. Fourth Avenue north intersects adjacent U.S. 11 & 64 (23rd Street) to become Kelly Street north. Kelly Avenue continues north through the Highland Park / Oak Grove neighborhood to U.S. 41 & 76 (East Main Street). Photo taken 06/25/12.
Another auxiliary lane accompanies I-24 west as it approaches the three-quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exit 180A/B) with Rossville Boulevard (TN 27). The forthcoming junction brings U.S. 27 northbound onto the freeway west.
References to Tennessee 8 here are incorrect, as the state route travels along side U.S. 41 & 76 from the Georgia state line to Downtown Chattanooga, where it turns north as the counterpart to U.S. 127. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Exit 180A quickly departs Interstate 24 west onto Rossville Boulevard (TN 27) north. Rossville Boulevard extends northwest to 23rd Street (U.S. 11 & 64) at Central Avenue. Central Avenue leads northward from there to Chattanooga National Cemetery. Photo taken 06/25/12.
A loop ramp (Exit 180B) joins Rossville Boulevard through the East Lake / Clifton Hills community of south Chattanooga. U.S. 27 travels 2.3 miles south from I-24 to the Georgia state line, where it crosses Missionary Ridge east from Rossville to Lakeview and Beverly Hills. U.S. 27 continues south from there to Chickamauga Battlefield. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Interstate 24 west & U.S. 27 north
U.S. 27 north joins I-24 west for just one mile before branching northward along a collector distributor roadway system through to the Interstate 124 freeway north to Downtown Chattanooga. The c/d roadway connects the freeway with the Market (TN 58) and 21st Street off-ramps at Southside Chattanooga as well.
Interests to the Chattanooga Choo Choo Historic Site are advised to take Exit 178 while tourists heading to the Tennessee Aquarium are directed onto U.S. 27 [I-124] north to 4th Street. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Interstate 24 & U.S. 27 expand to four westbound lanes as they pass over two sets of Chattooga & Chickamauga Railway (CCKY) tracks parallel to U.S. 11 & 64 on 23rd Street. This stretch of freeway was completed in 1960.
The forthcoming c/d roadway (Exit 178) departs in 0.4 miles through the "Big Scramble Interchange". A pair of parclo interchanges join the departing U.S. 27 north with Tennessee 58 (Market Street) and 21st at Long Streets for U.S. 11-64 (20th Street) and U.S. 11-41-64-72 along Broad Street. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Through traffic continues west with just two overall lanes as the three-lane c/d roadway (Exit 178) departs for Southside and Downtown, Chattanooga. What was once a fully signed route, Interstate 124 constitutes the southern most 1.97 miles of the U.S. 27 (Dayton) Freeway leading north to Hill City and Signal Mountain. Signage for I-124 was removed by the 1990s due to motorist confusion at the three-wye interchange with Interstate 24. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Taking the c/d roadway (Exit 178) for U.S. 27 north, motorists quickly separate for the northbound off-ramp to Tennessee 58 (Market Street). TN 58 ends to the immediate north at U.S. 11 & 64 (20th Street), where TN 27 takes over along Market Street north to Downtown and the unmarked beginning of U.S. 127. Photo taken 06/18/05.
A loop ramp quickly follows for Tennessee 58 (Market Street) south to Alton Park. The ramp forks with a northern branch to West 21st Street and Long Street north. The 21st Street connection allows motorists to reach Broad Street (U.S. 11-41-64-72) in three blocks. The four US highways travel Broad Street south to St. Elmo, where they turn west along Cummings Highway to Lookout Mountain. Photo taken 06/18/05.
Interstate 24 west
Lookout Mountain rises to the southwest as Interstate 24 turns westward along the Tennessee River. The slopes of the mountain are a part of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park. Areas of the summit are a part of the town of Lookout Mountain. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Looking upriver at the Tennessee at Pan Gap on distance Raccoon Mountain. I-24 circumvents Raccoon Mountain by dipping into north Georgia. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Interstate 24 hugs the Tennessee River opposite Moccasin Bend as it leaves Southside, Chattanooga. Photo taken 06/25/12.
U.S. 11-41-64-72 (Cummings Highway) and a CSX Southern Railroad line also share space between Lookout Mountain and Interstate 24. The adjacent railroad passes through Lookout Mountain Tunnel along this stretch. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Advancing west across Lookout Creek, Interstate 24 enters the Tiftonia community of west Chattanooga ahead of Exit 175 with Browns Ferry Road. Photo taken 06/25/12.
A diamond interchange (Exit 175) joins Interstate 24 with Browns Ferry Road at Tiftonia. The exit provides connections with U.S. 11-41-64-72 (Cummings Highway) leading back to Lookout Mountain. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Exit 175 leaves Interstate 24 westbound for Browns Ferry Road. Browns Ferry Road leads northward through Lookout Valley to a number of subdivisions and an end at Browns Ferry along the Tennessee River. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Having just split with U.S. 11 (Birmingham Highway) at Tiftonia, U.S. 41-64-72 cross paths with Interstate 24 next at a diamond interchange (Exit 174). U.S. 11 turns south to run along side I-24 through to Wildwood, Georgia while the remaining US routes leave Lookout Valley for a circuitous route around Raccoon Mountain. Photo taken 06/25/12.
U.S. 41-64-72 wind west from Interstate 24 to Cummings Gap and the Marion County line. Beyond there, the trio follow the Tennessee River to Haletown. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Only six more miles remain from Lookout Valley before I-24 reaches Interstate 59 south. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Mileage sign posted for the control cities of both Interstate 24 west (Nashville) and Interstate 59 south (Birmingham). Growing Murfreesboro lies 91 miles west of the Peach State crossing along I-24. Photo taken 06/25/12.
U.S. 11 (Birmingham Highway) runs directly along side I-24 to the immediate south of Exit 174. The US highway veers away from the freeway ahead of the state line en route to Wildwood. Georgia 299 provides a connection to the parallel route at Exit 169. Note that Georgia uses Tennessee mileposts for the ensuing two exits. Photo taken 06/25/12.
While U.S. 41-64-72 straddle the northern slopes of Raccoon and Aetna Mountains along the Tennessee River, Interstate 24 travels around the hills to the south to briefly enter Dade County, Georgia. Photo taken 06/25/12.

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