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Interstate 55 links the greater New Orleans area with Hammond and Jackson, Mississippi along a north-south route between Interstate 10 at Laplace and the Mississippi state line near Kentwood. The southern 23 miles of the freeway travel elevated over canals and bayous between Lakes Maurepas and Pontchartrain.

Interstate 55 & U.S. 51 and Old U.S. 51 (Frontage Road) parallel one another across Pass Manchac. This view looks south at the 1957-bridge for Old U.S. 51 and adjacent 1977 bridges for I-55. Photo taken May 9, 2015.

The first segment of Interstate 55 to open in Louisiana was the U.S. 51 bypass of Ponchatoula (Exits 23 to 28) in 1960. The second stretch of freeway opened between Arcola and the Mississippi state line. Construction between those two segments continued until late 1968. Elevated portions of I-55, south of Ponchatoula, opened first in 1960 with just two lanes for U.S. 51 and by 1977 with four overall lanes as I-55. History of I-55 based upon Louisiana official state highway maps, Gousha Louisiana maps and NationalBridges.

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This gunshot riddled assembly directed traffic back toward LaPlace from Rudduck. All signs at this diamond interchange were replaced by 2008. Photo taken 11/06/99.
A short access road links Old U.S. 51 with the adjacent Interstate 55 & U.S. 51 viaducts near Ruddock. Photos taken 05/09/15.
An original state-named shield and U.S. 51 shield assembly directed travelers onto the northbound on-ramp to Interstate 55 from the west end of the access road. This movement would only be used for traffic turning around from I-55 south back to Ponchatoula. Photo taken 06/26/01.
A closer look at the Interstate 55 Louisiana shield assembly posted at Exit 15. The signs were skewed so that they faced north, but were replaced by 2008 with 1970 MUTCD-based shields on a new support post. Photo taken 06/26/01. Second photo taken 11/20/08.
Old U.S. 51 is simply signed as "Frontage Road" from the access road at Exit 15. The interchange serves the nearby Port Manchac Distribution Center at North Pass. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Shields and guide sign assembly posted at the northbound on-ramp to Interstate 55 & U.S. 51 from Manchac. The freeway continues eight miles to U.S. 51 Business on the south side of Ponchatoula. Photo taken 11/20/08.
An overhead directs traffic to the southbound on-ramp to Ruddock, LaPlace and Interstate 10 east to New Orleans. Photo taken 10/20/08.
A shield assembly with another state-name Interstate 55 marker, since replaced, posted for the southbound on-ramp to I-55 from Manchac. Interstate 55 & U.S. 51 immediately rise to span Pass Manchac from this junction. Photos taken 06/26/01.
Driving by the Exit 53 interchange along northbound, we noticed a construction crew erecting new signs on Interstate 55 southbound. Until 2003, many of the signs south of Tangipahoa included older standard guide signs retaining outline Louisiana shields. Including Exit 53, all signs northward on this day were new retroreflective signs perhaps installed by this crew. Exit 53 consists of a diamond interchange with Louisiana 10, one mile west of Fluker. Photos taken 10/23/03.

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