Interstate 55 North - Hammond to Mississippi

Interstate 55 north
Northbound shield, since replaced with a marker using Highway Gothic Series D, for Interstate 55 posted between interstate 12 and the Louisiana 1040 (Old Baton Rouge Highway) overpass. Photo taken 11/20/08.
U.S. 190 constitutes a commercialized arterial route from central Hammond to Exit 31 of Interstate 55. The US highway parallels Interstate 12 from the city of Baton Rouge eastward to Slidell. Photo taken 10/24/03.
Drawing to within one half mile of U.S. 190 (Exit 31) on Interstate 55 northbound. U.S. 190 splits between the one-way couplet of Morris Avenue (eastbound) and Thomas Street (westbound) through downtown Hammond. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Exit 31 departs Interstate 55 for U.S. 190 within western reaches of the city of Hammond. U.S. 190 travels 4.5 miles west from the folded diamond interchange to the community of Albany and junction Louisiana 43. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Interstate 55 ascends over the Canadian National Railroad line one half mile south of the Exit 32 off-ramp to Louisiana 3234 west of Hammond. The 2.8-mile state highway travels University Avenue eastward from Interstate 55 to Louisiana 1065 (Cherry Street). Photo taken 11/20/08.
University Avenue becomes Wardline Road west of the Exit 32 diamond interchange. Wardline Road parallels U.S. 190 one mile to the north, separating Wards 6 and 7, between the freeway and Durbin Road. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Northbound travelers cross the narrow Yellow Water River at this reassurance marker north of U.S. 190. Rogers Road acts as a east side frontage road. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Drivers bound for Southeastern Louisiana University leave Interstate 55 north at the Exit 32 diamond interchange. LA-3234 connects the freeway with the university ahead of Oak Street. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Reassurance shield and mileage sign posted 122 miles south of Jackson. This is the first reference of the Mississippi capital city along Interstate 55 north. Photos taken 11/20/08.
Louisiana 442 intersects Interstate 55 at Exit 36 near the city of Tickfaw. Pictured here is the one-mile guide sign, and its 2003 replacement, for the diamond interchange ahead of the New Genessee Road overpass. Photo taken 10/24/03. Second photo taken 11/20/08.
Interstate 55 bypasses Natalbany to the west, from Louisiana 1064 northward, to Louisiana 442 at Tickfaw. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Exit 36 leaves Interstate 55 northbound just outside the Tickfaw city limits. Louisiana 442 travels through rural environs for most of the 23.4-mile trek between Louisiana 63 and 40. Photo taken 10/24/03. Second photo taken 11/20/08.
Interstate 55 bends northwesterly toward Independence and junction Louisiana 40 on a parallel course to U.S. 51. Photos taken 11/20/08.
Nearing the town of Independence and the Exit 41 diamond interchange with Louisiana 40. Crossing over the freeway at the one-mile guide sign for Louisiana 40 is Louisiana 1063 (Robertson Road). Photo taken 10/24/03. Second photo taken 11/20/08.
2003 sign replacements added half-mile entries for Interstate 55 interchanges in Tangipahoa Parish. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Louisiana 40 begins 5.5 miles west at junction Louisiana 43. East of Independence, the state highway continues to Loranger and Folsom en route to its terminus at Louisiana 41 at Bush. The state highway is 53.2 miles in length. Photo taken 10/24/03. Second photo taken 11/20/08.
Pine forest continues to set the tone of the northbound drive of Interstate 55 from Independence west of the U.S. 51 settlements of Millards and Velma. Photos taken 11/20/08.
Just west of Amite is the Exit 46 diamond interchange of Interstate 55 with Louisiana 16 (Oak Street). Photo taken 11/20/08.
Louisiana 16 loops 110.7 miles north of Lakes Maurepas and Pontchartrain through the communities of Port Vincent, Denham Springs, Watson, Montpelier, Amite, Holton, Franklinton, and Sun. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Sign changes made in 2003 renumbered the Louisiana 16 off-ramp from Exit 47 to 46. Louisiana 16 intersects U.S. 51 (Central Avenue) 1.3 miles east of Interstate 55. Montpelier is an eight mile drive to the west in St. Helena Parish. Photo taken 10/24/03. Second photo taken 11/20/08.
Continuing due north along Interstate 55 from western Amite to the Roseland area. Jackson is now 107 miles away. Photos taken 11/20/08.
Traveling north on Interstate 55 at the Pikes Road over crossing and the former one-mile guide sign of Exit 50 (Louisiana 1048). This sign was removed in 2003 and not replaced. It was actually posted 1.25 miles south of the diamond interchange. Photo taken 10/24/03.
Louisiana 1048 is a short highway comprising 4.97 miles between Louisiana 1047 in rural St. Helena Parish and U.S. 51 at Arcola. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Exit 50 parts ways with Interstate 55 north for Louisiana 1048. The city of Roseland lies just south of the U.S. 51 intersections with LA-1048 west and LA-10 east nearby. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Following the off-ramp at Exit 50, motorists see this set of LA-1048 shields and guide sign. LA-1048 provides an alternate route with LA-1047 and LA-441 for Louisiana 10, which overlaps along U.S. 51 north to Fluker before turning west to Greensburg. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Traffic counts remain rather low along Interstate 55 between Amite and Tangipahoa, ranging from 18,081 to 13,972 vehicles per day per 2010 counts of LADOTD. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Jackson, Mississippi is another 103 miles to the north as Interstate 55 draws to within two miles of Louisiana 10 (Exit 53). Photo taken 11/20/08.
Interstate 55 northbound, one mile south of Exit 53 and Louisiana 10. Louisiana 10 intersects Interstate 55 nine miles east of the Saint Helena Parish seat of Greensburg and 1.25 miles west of Fluker and junction U.S. 51. Photo taken 10/24/03. Second photo taken 11/20/08.
Louisiana 10 nearly travels the width of the state beginning at U.S. 171 (Pickering) and ending at the Mississippi State line (Pearl River). The state highway tallies 250.03 miles. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Traffic to Louisiana 10 departs Interstate 55 at Exit 53. East of Roseland, Louisiana 10 continues to the Washington Parish seat of Franklinton and Bogalusa before exiting the state to become Mississippi 26. Mississippi 26 is the first crossing of the Pearl River north of Interstate 59 & U.S. 11 and south of the Mississippi state line. MS-26 comprises a lengthy route east to Poplarville, Wiggins and Lucedale. Photo taken 10/24/03. Second photo taken 11/20/08.
Faded northbound reassurance shield that was posted after the merge of Louisiana 10 traffic onto the freeway mainline. Photo taken 10/24/03.
The mileage sign posted 100 miles south of Jackson resides at the former Tangipahoa northbound rest area. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Just north of Cline Branch is the one mile approach to Exit 47 with Louisiana 440 near the city of Tangipahoa. Photo taken 10/24/03. Second photo taken 11/20/08.
Louisiana 440 meets Interstate 55, 1.2 miles west of Tangipahoa and junction U.S. 51. Photo taken 11/20/08.
A 27.7-mile highway, Louisiana 440 joins Tangipahoa and Interstate 55 with Louisiana 441 in St. Helena Parish to the west and Louisiana 10 at Richardson, just west of Franklinton, to the east. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Interstate 55 crosses Beaver and Black Creeks ahead of the Louisiana 1050 overpass beyond this shield assembly. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Louisiana 38 is the last Pelican State exit in three miles. Jackson is now 97 miles out. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Northbound travelers enter the city limits of Kentwood ahead of Button Creek and the Louisiana 1049 underpass. Exit 61 follows with Louisiana 38 (Avenue G). Photo taken 11/20/08.
Louisiana 38 constitutes 48.6 miles between Darlington (junction Louisiana 10), Chipola, Mount Hermon, Clifton and Louisiana 430 in Washington Parish. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Interstate 55 northbound at the Exit 61 diamond interchange with Louisiana 38 (Avenue G) in Kentwood. Louisiana 38 meanders ten miles west to Easleyville and junction Louisiana 43. One mile south via Louisiana 43 is the second Exit 61 control point of Liverpool. Photo taken 10/24/03. Second photo taken 11/20/08.
The final shield of Interstate 55 north in Louisiana precedes the crossing of Cool Creek in the city of Kentwood. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Interstate 55 exits Louisiana near the town of Osyka, Mississippi and otherwise continues 93 miles north to Jackson. Photo taken 11/20/08.
A closed weigh station follows the bridge over Terrys Creek at milepost 64. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Crossing the Mississippi State line into Pike County along Interstate 55 north. The first Magnolia State exit departs in one half mile for Mississippi 584 to Osyka. Photo taken 11/20/08.

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