Interstate 57 North - Mount Vernon to Effingham

Interstate 57 north
Carriageways of Interstate 57 reconvene ahead of the Jefferson County 10 (Richview Road) overpass. Photo taken 05/27/11.
A second reassurance shield assembly of Interstate 57 coincides with shields for the Eisenhower Interstate System and the 50 year anniversary of the Interstate system (1956-2006). Photo taken 05/27/11.
Interstate 57 travels through a mixture of wooded and agricultural lands for the most part on the 63 mile drive to Effingham. The village of Dix is the next population center along the corridor. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Two carriageway separations reside on the seven mile stretch of Interstate 57 north from I-64 to Dix. Pictured here is the second after the County Road 1075 East overpass. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Northbound travelers reach the village limits of Dix at the Exit 103 folded-diamond interchange with South Street. Dix was originally named Rome by one of the founders who was from Rome, New York. The name was changed in 1869 to Dix because another Rome, Illinois was already established. Photo taken 05/27/11.
South Street becomes Dix-Irvington Road (County Road 39) west en route to Irvington and U.S. 51 in Washington County. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Exit 103 leaves Interstate 57 north for South Street at Dix. Illinois 37 follows Main Street through the village center nearby; County Road 39 exits town along Dix Texico Road to Texico, a railroad named location. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Interstate 57 shield marker posted after a Norfolk Southern Railroad under crossing at Dix. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Chicago is 270 miles to the north. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Walnut Hill Road crosses over Interstate 57 at the Marion County line. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Illinois 161 sees a diamond interchange (Exit 109) with Interstate 57 at the first of three Marion County exits. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Beginning one mile to the east of Interstate 57 at Illinois 37, IL-161 ventures west nine miles to Centralia and 59 miles overall to Fairview Heights. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Northbound at the Exit 109 ramp departure to Illinois 161. Photo taken 05/27/11.
A shield for I-57 north greets motorists as the freeway kinks northward again from Illinois 161. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Salem, seat of Marion County and home to 7,485 as of the 2010 census, is the largest population center between Mount Vernon and Effingham. I-57 traffic reaches the city in six miles. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Wooded rest areas line both sides of Interstate 57 at a carriageway split north of Crooked Creek. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Next in line for northbound drivers is the Exit 116 folded-diamond interchange with U.S. 50 (Main Street) in Salem. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Interstate 57 elevates above a CSX Railroad by a handful of retention ponds ahead of the Exit 116 loop ramp to U.S. 50. U.S. 50 travels 183 miles east from St. Louis, Missouri to Vincennes, Indiana in Illinois. The route was once touted as the proposed corridor for Interstate 64 until officials from Evansville lobbied for a more southerly course. A new alignment for the US Highway was built in anticipation of this from Carlyle west to Summerfield. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Main Street carries U.S. 50 directly into downtown Salem, where the US highway intersects Illinois 37 (Broadway). Interests to Carlyle Lake are directed onto U.S. 50 west and those to Stephen A. Forbes State Park along U.S. 50 east from Salem toward Omega. Sandoval is a nine mile drive west from Exit 116. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Continuing north, Interstate 57 exits Salem ahead of the Boone Street overpass. Salem-Leckrone Airport resides nearby. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Interstate 57 curves northeasterly, mirroring the path of Illinois 37 from Salem to Alma and Exit 127 near Kinmundy. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Kinoka Road connects Interstate 57 with parallel Illinois 37, southwest of the city of Kinmundy. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Entering the Exit 127 diamond interchange with Kinoka Road (County Road 8) along Interstate 57 north. Kinoka Road stretches eight miles west to intersect U.S. 51 outside the village of Patoka. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Turning more easterly, Interstate 57 travels between the East Fork of the Kaskaskia River and Kinmundy. Illinois 37 and its companion Canadian National / AMTRAK railroad line continue nearby to Farina. Photo taken 11/17/07.
Effingham is now a half hour away, Chicago is 246 miles northward beyond the conclusion of I-57 at Interstate 94. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Interstate 57 cuts a diagonal across the southeastern notch of Fayette County. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Illinois 185 sees a diamond interchange (Exit 135) with Interstate 57 at the village of Farina. Photo taken 05/27/11.
One half mile south of the Exit 135 off-ramp to Illinois 185. IL-185 follows Washington Street southeast from I-57 to its end at Illinois 37 (Chestnut Street) in Farina. Photo taken 05/27/11.
West from Interstate 57, IL-185 reaches St. Peter in six miles and junction U.S. 40 outside Vandalia in 19 miles. Overall the state route tallies 50 miles from Farina to Hillsboro. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Vacating Farina, Interstate 57 pushes northeast through a wide swath of farm land. Photo taken 05/27/11.
A seemingly random shield follows along the northbound stretch of Interstate 57 near La Clede and the County Road 2850 East over crossing. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Interstate 57 nips the northwest corner of Clay County beyond the wooded Dismal Creek area. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Motorists almost immediately see the Effingham County line beyond the 1st Avenue / County Road 00 North overpass. Photo taken 05/27/11.
The first Effingham County exit joins quickly approaches at the village of Edgewood in one mile. Photo taken 05/27/11.
County Road 29 links Interstate 57 with Iowa Street in Edgewood at a diamond interchange (Exit 145). Photo taken 05/27/11.
Exit 145 leaves Interstate 57 north for North 750th Street (County Road 29). Illinois 37 continues on a parallel course to Mason. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Interstate 57 bypasses Mason without a direct exit. Instead motorists bound for town of 400 are directed onto Illinois 37 south from a trumpet interchange and connector road at Exit 151. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Curving toward the crossing of the Little Wabash River along Interstate 57 north, 0.50 miles south of Exit 151 to Illinois 37. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Illinois 37 continues northeast from the Exit 151 access road to the village of Watson. The state route concludes a 165-mile route in 4.1 miles at U.S. 45. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Interstate 57 treks northward to Effingham and a merge with Interstate 70 in six miles. Photo taken 11/17/07.
Interstate 70, a 2,153-mile freeway between Cove Fort, Utah and Baltimore, Maryland, enters Effingham from St. Louis and Vandalia to the west. A tri-level stack interchange (Exit 157) joins the two interchanges in two miles. Photo taken 05/27/11.
One mile south of the Exit 157 off-ramp to Interstate 70 west. Interstate 70 travels a mostly rural route 156 miles across southern Illinois en route to Terre Haute and Indianapolis, Indiana. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Work underway at the time of this photo resulted in the closure of the left-hand ramp to Interstate 70 west. Construction commenced October 5, 2010 on a six-year $125-million project to expand the Interstates 57 & 70 overlap to six lanes. Broken into three phases through 2016, the first involves the replacement of the I-70 bridges over Little Wabash River and repaving the 2.1 mile stretch of I-57/70 between Exit 157 and U.S. 40.1 Photo taken 05/27/11.
Drivers taking Exit 157 onto Interstate 70 next meet Illinois 128 at Altamont in ten miles. Interstate 70 merges with I-55 south in 72 miles near Troy. Photo taken 11/17/07.
Interstates 57 north & 70 east
Interstate 70 combines with Interstate 57 north for 5.59 miles through the city of Effingham. The tandem see three interchanges starting with Fayette Avenue (Exit 159) in one mile. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Fayette Avenue joins Interstates 57 & 70 with U.S. 40, east from Henrietta Street. Amtrak's Effingham Station resides at the corner of Fayette Avenue (U.S. 40 & Illinois 33) and U.S. 45 (Banker Street) in downtown. AMTRAK service carries passengers between Carbondale and New Orleans to the south and Chicago to the north. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Reconstruction of Exit 159, estimated between $15 and $17 million, involves the replacement of the Fayette Avenue overpasses.1 Use Fayette Avenue east to U.S. 40 for the village of Teutopolis and west to Outer Belt West, a 2010-completed service road leading north from U.S. 40 (National Avenue) to Illinois 32 & 33 (Keller Drive) at Ford Avenue. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Northbound traffic arrives at the Exit 159 partial-cloverleaf interchange with Fayette Avenue. Illinois 33 splits with Fayette Avenue at U.S. 40 (Henrietta Street) and joins the beginning Illinois 32 north to Keller Drive and their interchange with Interstates 55 & 70 (Exit 160). Photo taken 05/27/11.
One quarter mile south of the Exit 160 partial-cloverleaf interchange with Illinois 32 & 33 (Keller Drive). Illinois 32 travels 66 miles north from Effingham to end at IL-48 by Cisco and Exit 158 of Interstate 72. Illinois 33 constitutes a 92-mile route from IL-128, west of Beecher City, to U.S. 50 near Vincennes. Photo taken 05/27/11.
The crossroads of Interstates 57 & 70 and Illinois 32 & 33 (Keller Drive) is commercialized with several big box stores to the north through to Outer Belt West and Ford Avenue east. IL-32 & 33 part ways three miles to the northwest for Windsor and Beecher City respectively. Photo taken 05/27/11.
The lone Interstates 57 & 70 shield assembly posted during the 2010-16 construction. The freeway arcs eastward through a rural swath to U.S. 45 (3rd Street). Photo taken 05/27/11.
U.S. 45 shares a brief overlap, between Banker and 3rd Streets, with U.S. 40 along Fayette Avenue in downtown Effingham. Resuming a northward trajectory, the US highway parallels a Canadian National Railroad through to Sigel and Neoga. Interstates 57 and 70 part ways one mile east of Exit 162. Photo taken 05/27/11.
One half mile out from the Exit 162 loop ramp to U.S. 45 (3rd Street). U.S. 45 shadows Interstate 57 northward to Chicago as part of a 408-mile route between Brookport and Wisconsin near Antioch in Illinois. Photo taken 05/27/11.
A diagrammatical overhead for Interstate 57 north from Interstate 70 east resides at the Exit 162 folded-diamond interchange with U.S. 45. Unsigned Exit 163 consists of a tri-level stack interchange outside Effingham. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Althoff Avenue, a parallel service road, comes into view as Interstates 57 & 70 draw near their split. Each Interstate continues with two lanes with I-57 returning to a northern heading en route to Mattoon, Champaign, Kankakee and Chicago. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Interstate 70 and U.S. 40 commingle eastward to Terre Haute and Indianapolis, Indiana. The Interstates 57 & 70 overlap through Effingham was completed by 1962. Photo taken 05/27/11.


  1. "Interstate expansion begins." Effingham Daily News, October 1, 2010.

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