Interstate 64 East - Henrico County / Richmond

Interstate 64 East
Between Exits 175 and 177, Interstate 64 serves as part of the Richmond western bypass created by the linking of Virginia 288 and Interstate 295. With completion of Viginia 288 in 2004, Interstate 64 will likely see more traffic as a result of the creation of this new western bypass. Use Virginia 288 north to Interstate 64 east to Interstate 295 east to Interstate 95 north to complete the western bypass of Richmond. Photo taken 06/01/05.
Interstate 295 acts as a bypass around Richmond, connecting to Interstate 64 on either side of Richmond. Interstate 295 will reconnect with Interstate 64 at Exit 200 east of downtown Richmond, and Interstate 295 is the preferred route to areas served by Interstate 64 east (such as Williamsburg, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach). Local traffic into Richmond should use Interstate 64 east rather than Interstate 295 east (south). Photo taken 06/01/05.
Overheads for Exits 177 (Interstate 295 south) and Exit 178 (U.S. 250) attached to the Virginia 271 (Pouncey Tract Road) overpass of Interstate 64 eastbound. The upcoming half-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 177) represents the western (northern) terminus of Interstate 295. I-295 provides an east-west bypass of Richmond for Interstate 64 motorists, while I-64 continues southeast to merge with Interstate 95 south near Downtown Richmond. Photo taken 06/01/05.
Eastbound Interstate 64 reaches Exit 177, Junction Interstate 295 east to Interstate 95 north and Interstate 64 east to Williamsburg, Hampton Roads, and Virginia Beach. Use Interstate 295 east to Richmond International Airport near Sandston east of downtown Richmond. Photo taken 06/01/05.
The next two exits along eastbound serve U.S. 250/Broad Street: the first ramp connects to west to Short Pump (Exit 178A) and east to downtown Richmond (Exit 178B). U.S. 250 parallels Interstate 64 between Staunton and Richmond; the route terminates just east of downtown Richmond where it meets U.S. 60 and U.S. 360. Photo taken 06/01/05.
After the U.S. 250 interchange, the following interchanges (not photographed) are Exit 180 (Junction Virginia 157/Gaskins Road/Hungary Road), Exit 181 (Parham Road), and Exit 183 (Junction U.S. 250/Broad Street). After those three interchanges, eastbound Interstate 64 passes the Bethlehem Road overpass in Dumbarton just prior to the Exit 185 directional cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 33 (Staples Mill Road). U.S. 33 travels southeast from Glen Allen and Laurel to the city of Richmond. Dickens Road stems west of U.S. 33 from north of Interstate 66 to Bethlehem Road and U.S. 250 (Broad Street). Photo taken 06/01/05.
Exit 185B departs Interstate 64 eastbound for U.S. 33 (Staples Mill Road) southbound into Richmond. U.S. 33 joins U.S. 250 (Broad Street) one mile south of Interstate 64. From their the tandem travel Broad Street eastbound through the northern reaches of the central business district to junction U.S. 60 and U.S. 360. Photo taken 06/01/05.
Interstate 64 prepares to merge with Interstate 95 (Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike) 1.75 miles west of the northern terminus of Interstate 195 at U.S. 33 (Staples Mill Road). Exits 186 & 187 serve Interstate 195 south and Interstate 95 northbound at the forthcoming stack interchange. Photo taken 06/01/05.
A small guide sign advises motorists merging onto Interstate 64 eastbound from U.S. 33 (Staples Mill Road) of the impending ramp departure of Exit 186 for Interstate 195 south. Interstate 195 spurs southwest from the Interstate 64 & 95 merge to the Downtown Expressway (Virginia 195) and Powhite Parkway (Virginia 76). Photo taken 06/01/05.
The left-hand of Interstate 64 eastbound defaults onto Interstate 95 northbound for Lakeside, Ashland, Fredericksburg, and Washington, D.C. Exit 187 merges onto Interstate 95 northbound ahead of Exit 80 for Virginia 161 (Lakeside Avenue). Photo taken 06/01/05.
Interstate 64 nears the Exit 186 ramp for the southbound beginning of Interstate 195. The Exit 186 ramp itself includes an connection to Laburnum Avenue (Virginia 197) eastbound near Joseph Bryan Park. Photo taken 06/01/05.
The southbound beginning of Interstate 195 leaves Interstate 64 via Exit 186. Interstate 195 ends 2.5 miles to the south at roadway split for Virginia 195 (Downtown Expressway) east for the central business district and Virginia 76 (Powhite Parkway) west for the James River crossing into southwest Richmond and Midlothian. Photo taken 06/01/05.
A parting shot of the Exit 186 ramp partition between Interstate 195 south and Laburnum Avenue (Virginia 197) eastbound. Virginia 197 travels Laburnum Avenue east from Westwood and Saunders Avenue to Ginter Park and East Highland Park. Photo taken 06/01/05.
Exit 187 leaves Interstate 64 eastbound for Interstate 95 northbound. The flyovers above carry Interstate 195 northbound traffic onto Interstate 64 west and Interstate 95 southbound drivers onto Interstate 195 south. Photo taken 06/01/05.
Interstates 64 east & 95 south
Virginia 161 follows the Boulevard south, skirting the western edge of downtown Richmond before crossing the James River via the tolled Boulevard Bridge. From there, Virginia 161 follows Western Hills Boulevard, Belt Boulevard, and Bells Boulevard southeast to rejoin Interstate 95 at Exit 69 (just north of the Virginia 150/Virginia 895 interchange). Photo taken 10/02/05.
Eastbound Interstate 64 and Southbound Interstate 95 reach Exit 78, Junction Virginia 161/Boulevard. Looking north, Virginia 161 connects to Hermitage Road and Hilliard Road before ending at U.S. 1/Brook Road near Belmont Park Golf Course. Photo taken 10/02/05.
Interstate 64 leaves the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike in two miles. Photo taken 10/02/05.
To reach Richmond International Airport or the Downtown Campus of J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, use Exit 75, Interstate 64 east. Photo taken 10/02/05.
Belvidere Street carries U.S. 1 & 301 south from their split with Chamberlayne Avenue to Broad Street and downtown Richmond. Virginia 33 continues Broad Street east from U.S. 33 & 250. Photo taken 10/02/05.
This mileage sign provides the distance to the next three exits: Exit 76B, Junction U.S. 1-301/Belvidere Street; Exit 75, Junction Interstate 64 east to the airport; and Exit 74C, Junction U.S. 250/Broad Street to Virginia 33/Leigh Street and Nine Mile Road. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Use Interstate 64 east (Exit 76B) to reach Williamsburg, Jamestown, Norfolk, Hampton Roads, and Virginia Beach. Photo taken 10/02/05.
Sinking toward Exit 76B on the one-quarter mile approach to Belvidere Street. Northeast of this interchange, U.S. 1 follows Chamberlayne Avenue and Brook Road, while U.S. 301 heads north on Chamberlayne Road, picking up Virginia 2 in Chamberlayne Heights. Photo taken 10/02/05.
The original toll plaza for the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike was located west of the Belvidere Street off-ramp (Exit 76B) along Interstate 64 east & 95 south. Exit 76B connects with parallel Leigh Street, one block from its intersection with U.S. 1 & 301. Gilmer Street flows south from the ramp end to U.S. 33 & 250 (Broad Street) as well. Photo taken 10/02/05.
Interstates 64-95 next approach Exit 75, where the two routes divide. Interstate 64 continues southeast toward Hampton Roads, while Interstate 95 will pass through downtown Richmond and then continue south toward North Carolina and South Carolina. Photo taken 10/02/05.
Since Interstate 64 serves so many destinations in the Hampton Roads area, many of the cities need to be repeated on separate signs. In addition, keep in mind that the airport is reached via Interstate 64 east. Photo taken 07/01/05.
A ramp from Exit 75 connects Interstates 64-95 to Third Street and downtown. Use Third Street southwest to Virginia 33/Leigh Street east to the Coliseum. Photo taken 10/02/05.
Southbound Interstate 95/eastbound Interstate 64 prepare to split. The two right lanes access Interstate 64, while the three left lanes continue south along Interstate 95. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Interstate 64 arcs northeast from Interstate 95 via Exit 75 to Central Gardens and Oak Hill before resuming an eastward course to Highland Springs and junction Interstate 295 east of Seven Pines. Photo taken 07/01/05.
This view of the two lane transition ramp from Interstate 95 south to Interstate 64 also shows the split off for the ramp to Third Street (just beyond the First Street overpass). Photo taken 07/01/05.
Leading east away from Interstate 295 between Bradley Acres and Currituck Farms on Interstate 64. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Interstate 64 spans the Chickahominy River and enters New Kent County. Photo taken 06/25/10.


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