Interstate 65 North - Williamson County

Interstate 65 north
U.S. 431 (Lewisburg Pike) and the West Harpeth River pass underneath Interstate 65 on the one mile approach to junction Tennessee 840 (Exits 59A/B). Photo taken 11/04/09.
Currently Tennessee 840 provides a bypass route to the southeast of Nashville from U.S. 31 and Interstate 65 northeast to Interstate 40 near Lebanon. Exit 59A provides a direct route to Interstate 40 east to Knoxville.
Completion of the freeway west will allow motorists a bypass to Interstate 40 west to Memphis. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Tennessee 840 east meets Murfreesboro at junction Interstate 24. Westbound Tennessee 840 prematurely ends at U.S. 31 (Columbia Pike) near Thompson's Station. The portion between U.S. 31 (Exit 28) and Tennessee 46 (Exit 14) is under construction in two segments: Exit 14 to Leipers Creek Road and Leipers creek Road to Exit 28, with an anticipated completion by December 2012. The most recent section of freeway to open was the stretch between Tennessee 100 (Exit 7) and Exit 14, which occurred on October 27, 2010. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Tennessee 840 spurs west three miles from Exit 59B to junction U.S. 431 (Lewisburg Pike) and U.S. 31 (Columbia Pike). This stretch of roadway opened in October 2001. Photo taken 11/04/09.
One half mile south of the Exit 59 ramp departure to Tennessee 840. Tennessee 840 will tally 78 miles from end to end upon completion. The western terminus occurs near Dickson at Exit 176 of Interstate 40. The east end falls within Wilson County at Exit 235. Plans exist for a northern bypass of Nashville, but funding woes have placed any design and construction of that stretch of Tennessee 840 on hold indefinitely. Photo taken 11/04/09.
All traffic departs in unison for the Exit 59 distributor roadway to the Nashville outer bypass. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Murfreesboro joins Knoxville on the Exit 59A overhead for Tennessee 840 east from Interstate 65 north. Murfreesboro represents the fast growing seat of Rutherford County at the cross roads of Interstate 24 and U.S. 231, 22 miles east of Exit 59A. Exit 59B is signed simply for "Local Traffic", though the route doubles as a commuter route for far reaching suburbs of Franklin. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Series E based Highway Gothic shield for Interstate 65 northbound posted after the freeway skirts by Lookout Hill southeast of Franklin. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Tennessee 248 (Peytonsville Road) represents the first of five interchanges to serve the city of Franklin from Interstate 65. SSR 248 begins at Exit 61 and curves southwest to U.S. 31 (Columbia Pike) along the Goose Creek Bypass from parallel U.S. 431 (Lewisburg Pike) westward. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Northbound at the Exit 61 diamond interchange with SSR 248 west and Peytonsville Road south to Peytonsville and Exit 34 of Tennessee 840. Use Peytonsville Road west to U.S. 431 north to Douglas and Ellington Park along the south side of Franklin. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 65 continues north to a commercialized diamond interchange (Exit 65) with Tennessee 96 (Murfreesboro Road) in east Franklin. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Presently Interstate 65 widens to six lanes ahead of Tennessee 96, with the left-hand lane restricted to HOV-2 eligible motorists. Construction is planned to extend the six lane stretch of freeway southward to Tennessee 840 as Franklin and Williamson County continue to add population. Photo taken 11/04/09.
One half mile south of the Exit 65 off-ramp to Tennessee 96 (Murfreesboro Road). The state highway leads west to the Franklin city center and eastward to Arrington and Truine. The exit serves interests to Carter House State Historic Site and the Historic Carnton Plantation. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Tennessee 96 is not the fastest way between Franklin and Murfreesboro, but it is the most direct; Tennessee 840 provides a better way. Overall the state highway travels 128.2 miles from U.S. 70 at Dickson and Tennessee 53 at Granville. Photo taken 11/04/09.
As additional commuters join Interstate 65 northward from Franklin, the freeway expands to at least overall eight lanes through to Interstate 440 (Exit 80). McEwen Drive (Exit 67) lies one mile ahead. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Northbound drivers pass over Liberty Pike on the one-half mile approach to the Exit 67 single point urban interchange (SPUI) with McEwen Drive. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exit 67 opened on September 14, 2007 to improve access to the Cool Springs area of Franklin. The SPUI was constructed from late 2005 onward and cost $29.9-million.1 Photos taken 11/04/09.
A six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange follows and joins Interstate 65 with Cool Springs Boulevard amid a cluster of office parks. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exit 68A leaves Interstate 65 north for Cool Springs Boulevard east to commercial ares west of Seward Hills and residential areas south to Oxford Glen Drive. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Motorists loop onto Cool Springs Boulevard west from Exit 68B to a retail corridor through to Tennessee 397 (Mack Hatcher Memorial Parkway) at Ropers Knob. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 65 bisects more office parks and the Coolsprings Galleria mall area on the half mile approach to Exit 69 with Tennessee Secondary 441 (Moores Lane). Photo taken 11/04/09.
Bakers Bridge Avenue passes over Interstate 65 at the Exit 69 ramp departure to SSR 441 (Moores Lane). SSR 441 links U.S. 31 (Franklin Road) to the west with Tennessee Secondary 252 (Wilson Pike) to the east. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Entering the six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange with Tennessee Secondary 441 (Moores Lane). Moores Lane exists a commercial arterial within the vicinity of Exit 69 and as a residential through road beyond the freeway corridor. Interstate 65 enters the city of Brentwood. Live traffic cameras around Brentwood are available for viewing at the city web site. Photo taken 11/04/09.
The final Williamson County exit joins Interstate 65 with Tennessee Secondary 253 (Concord Road), an east-west route connecting the freeway with U.S. 31 (Franklin Road) and U.S. 31A & 41A (Nolensville Pike). Photo taken 11/04/09.
The forthcoming folded-diamond interchange provides access not only to SSR 253 (Concord Road), but also Lipscomb Drive south from Exit 71 of northbound. Lipscomb, and parallel General MacArthur Drive, represent residential streets lining the sides of Interstate 65 southward from Concord Road. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Drivers bound for Tennessee 253 (Concord Road) and Brentwood depart Interstate 65 at Exit 71. SSR 253 intersects SSR 254 (Wilson Pike) nearby. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Hills of southern Davidson County come into view as Interstate 65 curves beyond a CSX Railroad under crossing. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Tennessee 254 (Old Hickory Boulevard) straddles the Davidson / Williamson County line west from Exits 74A/B to Tennessee 100 at Edwin Warner Park. Photo taken 11/04/09.
One half mile south of the six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange with Tennessee 254 (Old Hickory Boulevard) on Interstate 65 north. Tennessee 254 continues east from Exit 74A to Holt Knob, Antioch and Exit 59 of Interstate 24. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Tennessee 254 travels an arc through southern areas of Nashville, ending at U.S. 41 & 70S (Murfreesboro Pike) in the Rural Hill area. Photo taken 11/04/09.



  1. "McEwen Drive Interchange Now Open to Traffic." TDOT, September 14, 2007.

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