Interstate 65 North - Nashville / Davidson County

Interstate 65 north
Exit 74B provides access to Brentwood via U.S. 31 (Franklin Road) and Granny White Pike south from Tennessee 254 (Old Hickory Boulevard) nearby. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 65 northbound approaches the Oak Hill section of Nashville and junction Tennessee Secondary 255 (Harding Place). Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exit 78 was expanded from a five-ramp to a six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange. SSR 255 (Harding Place) begins at adjacent U.S. 31 (Franklin Pike) and winds eastward to Providence and Exit 56 of Interstate 24. Harding Place serves interests to the Battle of Nashville Civil War Site, Travellers Rest Plantation, and Nashville Zoo at Grassmere. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exit 78 leaves Interstate 65 north for Tennessee Secondary 255 (Harding Place) at Sidco Drive north. SSR 255 encircles southeastern Nashville from U.S. 31 to Nashville International Airport and U.S. 70 at Donelson. Westward, Harding Place continues the drive to Belle Meade. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Continuing north along Interstate 65 to the Exit 79 trumpet interchange with Armory Drive. Parallel Sidco Drive veers northeast to the Tennessee National Guard facility, Armory Drive and junction Tennessee 155 (Thompson Lane). Photo taken 11/04/09.
One half mile south of the Exit 79 off-ramp to Armory Drive east, travelers are advised of the forthcoming symmetrical stack interchange with Interstate 440 (Exit 80). Interstate 440 constitutes a beltway type freeway west to Interstate 40 (Exit 206) and east to Interstate 24 (Exit 52). Photo taken 11/04/09.
Armory Drive stems east from Interstate 65 (Exit 79) to an interchange with Powell Avenue at the National Guard facility. The surface road ends at a CSX Railroad yard east of Sidco Drive. Powell Avenue heads north to 100 Oaks Mall, Nashville's first traditional mall (opened in 1968 and renovated in 2008).1 Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 65 northbound expands to five overall lanes in anticipation of the Exit 80 ramp departure for Interstate 440. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 440, in conjunction with Interstate 24 west and Interstate 40 east, provides the fastest route to Nashville International Airport (BNA) from Interstate 65 north. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exit 80 departs as a two-lane ramp for Interstate 440. Interstate 440 travels 2.5 miles east to end at Interstate 24. Interstate 24 leads southeast from Nashville to Murfreesboro and Chattanooga. Connections with Interstate 40 east continue the drive to Knoxville. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Westbound Interstate 440 arcs five miles to Interstate 40 near Tennessee State University. Travelers bound for Jackson or Memphis are advised to take the parkway in lieu of Interstate 65 north to Interstate 40 at downtown. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Tennessee 155 (Thompson Lane) passes over Interstate 65 at the Exit 80 ramp departure in the Berry Hill section of the city. While constituting a busy freeway to the north of Interstate 40, Tennessee 155 exists as a surface route west from Interstate 24 (Exit 54) to end at U.S. 31 (Franklin Pike) nearby. Interstate 440 tallies 7.64 miles overall and opened from Interstate 65 eastward to Interstate 24 in 1986 and from Exit 80 west to Interstate 40 in 1987. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Looking at the Exit 80 partition of traffic for Interstate 440 from Interstate 65 north. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 65 and parallel U.S. 31 (visible next to the southbound lanes) travel the ground level through the stack interchange with Interstate 440. Photos taken 11/04/09.
Wedgewood Avenue meets Interstate 65 north at the next exit. The diamond interchange serves numerous points of interest including: Greer Stadium, the VA Medical Center, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, Adventure Science Center, Belmont University, and the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exit 81 claims the right-hand lane of Interstate 65 north gained from Interstate 440. Wedgewood Avenue ventures east to the Fairgrounds and junction U.S. 31A & 41A (4th Avenue South). Photo taken 11/04/09.
Reassurance shield assembly for Interstate 65 posted at Berry Hill. A CSX Railroad continues along side the freeway. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Motorists bound for Wedgewood Avenue part ways with Interstate 65 north at Exit 81. Wedgewood Avenue meanders west to become Blakemore Avenue at U.S. 431 (21st Avenue South) on the south side of the Vanderbilt University campus. Photo taken 11/04/09.
High rises of downtown Nashville come into view on the Interstate 65 northbound approach to Exits 82A/B, junction Interstate 40. Interstate 65 merges with Interstate 40 west briefly between the central business district and Vanderbilt. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exit 82A represents the Interstate 65 mainline transition onto Interstate 40 west. The two part ways at Exit 208 on respective trips to Memphis and Louisville. Exit 82B joins Interstate 40 east ahead of Exit 210C to U.S. 31A & 41A (4th & 2nd Avenues South).
Until April 7, 2000, Interstate 65 north followed Interstate 40 east to Interstate 24 west. The shift to the west along Interstate 40 and the former Interstate 265 was made to better disperse traffic through the center city. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Taking the Exit 82B ramp onto Interstate 40 east. The right-hand lane forms an exit-only lane to U.S. 31A & 41A. Two lanes of Interstate 40 east otherwise enter from the left-hand side ahead of the merge with Interstate 24, south of its crossing of the Cumberland River. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstates 40 west & 65 north
Exit 209B constitutes a split-diamond interchange forming the frontage streets of 13th and 14th Avenues South running north from Demonbreun Street. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exit 209A quickly follows the Demonbreun Street off-ramp as a diamond interchange for U.S. 70-70S-431 (Broadway). Ramps utilize 13th Avenue South / George L. Davis Boulevard from Interstates 40 west & 65 north. Photo taken 11/04/09.
U.S. 70-70S east & 431 north combine along Broadway from Exit 209A eastward to 8th Avenue North (U.S. 31-41-41A) in Downtown. There U.S. 70S turns southward and U.S. 431 northward. U.S. 70S & 431 west split at 16th Avenue South for West End Avenue and the continuation of Broadway respectively. U.S. 70 west meanwhile turns northward along the I-40/65 frontage roads through to Charlotte Avenue west. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exit 209 leaves Interstates 40 west & 65 north for George L. Davis Boulevard (U.S. 70 west) north ahead of both Church Street and Charlotte Avenue (U.S. 70 west). Continuing north on the freeway, Interstate 65 parts ways with Interstate 40 west in 1.25 miles at a three-wye interchange (Exit 208). Photo taken 11/04/09.
The Exit 209 off-ramp ascends over the return ramp from Broadway and U.S. 70 (George L. Davis Boulevard) west. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstates 40 west & 65 north rise to pass over Charlotte Avenue (U.S. 70 west), affording drivers this view of Downtown Nashville. Photo taken 11/04/09.
A set of reassurance shields display both Interstate 40 west and 65 north ahead of the Charlotte Avenue on-ramp. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Another look at the high rises of Nashville from the short viaduct over Clinton Street and a CSX Railroad line. Photo taken 11/04/09.
One half mile south of the Exit 208 partition of Interstates 40 west to Memphis and 65 north to Louisville. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Three lanes of Interstates 40 west & 65 north split into separate two-lane ramps at Exit 208. Interstate 65 overtakes the former Interstate 265 on a 2.4 mile northeastern arc to Interstate 24. Interstate 265 was replaced in October 2000. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Attached to the Jefferson Street overpass is a 40 mph advisory sign and a set of flashers notifying westbound travelers of the sharply curved ramp. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 40 resumes a westward course, meeting Interstate 440 in 1.8 miles and Briley Parkway (Tennessee 155) at Robertson in 3.7 miles. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 65 north
Now following old Interstate 265, Interstate 65 next meets U.S. 41A (Rosa L Parks Boulevard) at a diamond interchange (Exit 85). Photo taken 11/04/09.
Passing under Garfield Street, Interstate 65 drops the fourth northbound lane for Exit 85 to U.S. 41A (Rosa L Parks Boulevard). U.S. 41A stems north from U.S. 31-41-431 (James Robertson Parkway) by the State Capitol and Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park to Bordeaux across the Cumberland River. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exit 85 departs Interstate 65 north for U.S. 41A. U.S. 41A (Rosa L Parks Boulevard) travels south to the Farmers Market and north to Metrocenter. The Alternate route of U.S. 41 tallies 157.87 miles from Monteagle to the Kentucky state line at Clarksville.
Historic Interstate 265 ends in 1.25 miles at a directional interchange with Interstate 24 (Exits 86A/B). Photo taken 11/04/09.
Three lanes of Interstate 65 north partition into two-lane off-ramps (Exits 86A/B) for Interstate 24 south to downtown and junction Interstate 40 and Interstates 24 west & 65 north to Clarksville and Louisville respectively. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 65 arcs eastward toward the Cumberland River through an industrial area. Views of the Nashville skyline are afforded to eastbound motorists. Photos taken 11/04/09.
Exit 86B leaves Interstate 65 north (Exit 86A) for Interstate 24 east (south) to a merge with Interstate 40. The two combine for 1.8 miles before parting ways: Interstate 40 continues to Nashville International Airport (BNA) and Knoxville, Interstate 24 angles southeast to Murfreesboro and Chattanooga. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 24 west & 65 north
U.S. 41-31W-431 follow Dickerson Pike northward from Main Street parallel to Interstate 24 through to the merge with Interstate 65. U.S. 431 parts ways with the overlap for Trinity Lane, meeting the freeway at a six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 87) at Avondale. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 65 north & 24 west reassurance markers posted after the Fern Avenue overpass. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exit 87 represents the only interchange along the 1.8-mile overlap. Exit 88B represents the split of Interstate 24 west from Interstate 65 north at a directional interchange in 1.50 miles. Photo taken 11/04/09.
U.S. 431 follows Trinity Lane west from Exit 87 to Whites Creek Pike north. Southbound ramps tie into parallel Brick Church Pike. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 24 departs from the left-hand side (Exit 88B) of Interstate 65 north. The Interstate 65 mainline likely was signed as Exit 88A originally, but no longer is. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 24 joins the Nashville metropolitan area with Clarksville, 40 miles to the northwest, and Fort Campbell Army Post along the Kentucky border. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Northbound at the split of Interstate 24 west and Interstate 65 north. Interstate curves northeast to Goodlettsville and Hendersonville (via the Tennessee 386 freeway) en route to Bowling Green and Louisville, Kentucky. Interstate 24 continues from Tennessee to Paducah, Kentucky and 57 in southeastern Illinois. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 65 north
Turning northeastward, Interstate 65 drivers see a reassurance shield ahead of the Ewing Drive underpass. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exits 90A/B consist of separate interchanges connected by a collector/distributor roadway of Interstate 65 north. U.S. 31W & 41 (Dickerson Pike) and Tennessee 155 (Briley Parkway) come together just west of Interstate 65 and east of U.S. 31E (Ellington Parkway). Interests to Ellington Parkway should use Exit 90B and Briley Parkway. Photo taken 11/04/09.
U.S. 31W & 41 follow Dickerson Pike northward from North 1st Street at Whites Creek Pike to Goodlettsville. A partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 90A) joins the arterial with Interstate 65 next. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Northbound at the Exit 90 c/d roadway beginning to Dickerson Pike and Briley Parkway. Interests to Opryland and Nashville International Airport (BNA) are directed onto Tennessee 155 east from Exit 90B. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Tennessee 155 encircles much of central Nashville along a 30.59-mile alignment between Interstate 40 (Exit 204) and U.S. 31 at Berry Hill. The portion of highway north of Interstate 40 consists of a full freeway while the southeastern arc between Exit 215 and Berry Hill varies between an arterial and expressway. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exit 90A departs from the adjacent c/d roadway for U.S. 31W & 41 (Dickerson Pike) north. There is no direct access to Tennessee 155 west from Interstate 65 north, though the connection is easily made via U.S. 31W & 41 north to their three-quarter diamond interchange with Briley Parkway. Photo taken 11/04/09.
A ramp joins the c/d roadway from Dickerson Pike ahead of the directional-cloverleaf interchange with Tennessee 155 (Briley Parkway). Direct connections to U.S. 31E (Ellington Parkway) southbound exist within the forthcoming junction. Tennessee 155 sees ramps for Ellington Parkway (U.S. 31E) south and Briarville Road north nearby; U.S. 31E north joins Briley Parkway east otherwise to Gallatin Pike at the Montague section of Nashville. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exit 90B leaves the c/d roadway for Tennessee 155 east to Maplewood, Pennington Bend and Merry Oaks in northeastern Nashville. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Passing under the Tennessee 155 (Briley Parkway) mainline at the Exit 16A loop ramp onto the adjacent c/d roadway for Interstate 65 north. A flyover follows from I-65 southbound to U.S. 31E (Ellington Parkway) south. Ellington Parkway comprises a full freeway south to Exit 48 of Interstate 24. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 65 briefly carries seven northbound lanes on the stretch between Tennessee 155 and the Due West Avenue overpass. A folded-cloverleaf interchange lies one mile ahead with junction Tennessee Secondary 45 (Old Hickory Boulevard). Photo taken 11/04/09.
Reassurance shield assembly posted after Due West Avenue. The right-hand lane ends followed by the departure of a second lane to Exit 92. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Tennessee Secondary 45 (Old Hickory Road) crosses paths with Interstate 65 west of Madison and east of Cedar Hill Park. The state highway arcs southeast from Hadley Bend, near Old Hickory Dam, through the Old Hickory, Lakewood, Hopewell and Hermitage communities of east Nashville. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 65 northbound at the Exit 92 ramp departure to SSR 45 (Old Hickory Road) near Madison. SSR 45 continues west to Little Creek, Exit 40 of Interstate 24, and a terminus at U.S. 431 (Whites Creek Pike) in Whites Creek. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Five lanes of Interstate 65 next split with Tennessee 386 (Vietnam Veterans Boulevard) at the partial "Y" interchange of Exit 95. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Rivergate Parkway stems north from the commercial area of U.S. 31E (Gallatin Pike) and Rivergate Mall to meet Interstate 65 adjacent to Tennessee 386 (Exit 95). Photo taken 11/04/09.
The HOV-2 restriction of the left-hand lane ends as Interstate 65 quickly drops from three to two northbound lanes by Exit 97. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Exit 95 claims the right-hand two lanes for Tennessee 386 (Vietnam Veterans Boulevard), a 16-mile freeway spur from Interstate 65 to Hendersonville and the Sumner County seat of Gallatin. Photo taken 11/04/09.
A sound wall obscures Interstate 65 from an adjacent subdivision as northbound drivers see a shield assembly for Tennessee 386. Tennessee 386 ended at U.S. 31E (Gallatin Road), east of Hendersonville and west of Gallatin, until a 2007-extension opened to Tennessee Secondary 174 (Long Hollow Pike).2 Photo taken 11/04/09.
Northbound at the Exit 95 off-ramp to Tennessee 386. Tennessee 386 constitutes a commuter route east from Interstate 65 to Gallatin and a bypass of Hendersonville for interests to U.S. 31E north to Westmoreland and Scottsville, Kentucky. Photo taken 11/04/09.
A partial-cloverleaf interchange with Rivergate Parkway provides the first of two exits for Goodlettsville in north Davidson County. Rivergate Parkway continues Myatt Drive north from Edenwold to Rivergate Mall and junction U.S. 31W & 41 (Dickerson Pike) to the northwest. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 65 stays east of the Goodlettsville business district through to a diamond interchange with Tennessee Secondary 174 (Long Hollow Pike). Photo taken 11/04/09.
SSR 174 (Long Hollow Pike) meanders east from Goodlettsville to Shackle Island, Ocana and junction Tennessee 386 (Vietnam Veterans Boulevard) in suburbanized west Gallatin. Photo taken 11/04/09.
A bevy of travelers services, offices, and warehouses line the junction of Interstate 65 and Tennessee Secondary 174 (Exit 97). SSR 174 ends at U.S. 31W & 41 (Dickerson Pike) in Goodlettsville nearby. Use Exit 97 for Historic Mansker's Station. Photo taken 11/04/09.
A side street-sized shield posted for Interstate 65 north after the Long Hollow Pike on-ramp, Mansker Creek appears to the east and passes under the freeway ahead. Photo taken 11/04/09.
Interstate 65 enters the western wedge of Sumner County between Mansker Creek and Exit 104 (Tennessee Secondary 257). U.S. 31W partitions with U.S. 41 (Springfield Highway) via a nearby trumpet interchange to cross paths with the freeway at Exit 98 in one mile. Photo taken 11/04/09.



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