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The city of Montgomery. In the 1980s all non-Interstate routes were removed from within the North, East, and South Boulevard loop around the city. This results in numerous overlaps along the divided surface boulevards.

Interstate 65 north
One-mile guide sign for the Exit 142 diamond interchange posted on Interstate 65 north. The interchange is the first of three within Lowndes County.
A placard attached to the panel indicates that the next exit is in ten miles. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Alabama 185 intersects Interstate 65 on its return to U.S. 31 to the east at Exit 142. Fort Deposit is the main town of consequence along Alabama 185 on this stretch. The community can be found two miles to the west. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Traffic to Alabama 185 (Old Fort Road) departs Interstate 65 north at Exit 142. The state highway concludes at junction U.S. 31 and the settlement of Logan. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Northbound mileage sign and shield posted 11 miles out from Letohatchee and 30 miles south of Montgomery. Photos taken 04/13/12.
Curving under Bishop Bottom Road and over Big Swamp Creek along the forested stretch of Interstate 65 north toward Letohatchee. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Approaching the bridge over Cherry Creek. Allentown Road passes over the freeway in the far distance. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Alabama 97 travels north-south 29.80 miles between U.S. 331 and U.S. 80 in central Alabama. The state highway intersects Interstate 65 at a diamond interchange (Exit 151) near the community of Letohatchee. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Interstate 65 draws to within one half mile of the Exit 151 off-ramp to Alabama 97. The state highway shares a 1.5-mile overlap with U.S. 31 from the community of Davenport westward. From there the highway travels 4.2 miles to northwest to the freeway. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Interstate 65 northbound at the Exit 151 ramp departure to Alabama 97. Use the state route north to Hayneville (junction Alabama 21) and Lowndesboro (junction U.S. 80). Photo taken 04/13/12.
Much of the freeway between Alabama 97 and Tyson includes a carriageway split with a forested median. Photos taken 04/13/12.
Just southwest of the Lowndes / Montgomery County line is the Exit 158 diamond interchange at Lowndes County 6 (Tyson Road). This east-west route connects with Lowndes County 26 west to Tyson and the county seat of Hayneville. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Lowndes County 6 (Tyson Road) becomes Montgomery County 24 (Cloverfield Road) nearby. County Road 24 crosses the Pinchony Creek at Federal Road ahead of junction U.S. 31 at Pintlalla. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Interstate 65 northbound at Lowndes County 6 (Tyson Road). Pintlalla and U.S. 31 lie 3.5 miles to the east of Exit 158. The community of Tyson resides just under two miles to the west. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Continuing northeastward, Interstate 65 travels six miles to Hope Hull in south Montgomery County. Photo taken 06/21/05. Second photo taken 04/13/12.
Crossing the Montgomery County line on Interstate 65 north, 18.74 miles after entering Lowndes County. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Although U.S. 31 shadows Interstate 65 from Perdido northward, Exit 164 represents the first crossing and junction with the freeway. This is the first exit within the greater Montgomery metropolitan area. Photo taken 10/06/12.
Connections via Montgomery County 42 (Hyundai Boulevard / former Teague Road) provide motorists with a 3.5 mile connection to parallel U.S. 331 (Norman Bridge Road) and the May 20, 2005 opened Hyundai manufacturing plant. Construction of the plant resulted in a widening of U.S. 31, County Road 42, and U.S. 331. Photo taken 10/06/12.
One half mile south of the Exit 164 diamond interchange with U.S. 31 (Mobile Highway) and the community of Hope Hull on Interstate 65 north. Hope Hull mainly consists of industrial and mobile home parks. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Interstate 65 northbound at the Exit 164 off-ramp to U.S. 31 (Mobile Highway). The planned Montgomery bypass is slated to cross paths with Interstate 65 at milepost 163. Since first appearing on maps in the 1990s, the bypass is now included in a proposal to extend Interstate 85 westward to Selma and Cuba. Photo taken 04/13/12.
U.S. 31 shield assembly posted at the end of the Exit 164 off-ramp. An industrial park and a truck stop reside nearby with U.S. 31 carrying five overall lanes. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Travelers enter the Montgomery city limits north of the Hyundai Boulevard overpass and see six interchanges for the capital city. Downtown remains eight miles away. Photo taken 04/13/12.
One mile south of the U.S. 80 eastbound merge onto Interstate 65 northbound at Exit 167. U.S. 80 enters Interstate 65 from a one mile freeway spur connecting with U.S. 31 to the west. The freeway was constructed in 1992 and shifted U.S. 80 from a shared alignment with Mobile Highway northward to South Boulevard onto the freeway.
Note that the sign was replaced between 2003 and 2005. Both panels are damaged! Photo taken 08/22/03. Second photo taken 11/03/11.
U.S. 80 is a part of the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail. The four-lane divided highway travels 65 miles west to the city of Selma while passing by Dannelly Field / Montgomery Regional Airport (MGM) in three miles. The U.S. 80 corridor doubles as Future Interstate 85 to Interstates 20 & 59 at Cuba near the state line.
Speed limits drop from 70 to 60 mph ahead of Exit 167. The reduction was only to 65 in 2005. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Interstate 65 enters a directional interchange with the U.S. 80 (Selma Highway) freeway north of Southlawn Drive. U.S. 80 is a part of High Priority Corridor 6, a designation that extends westward to Interstate 20/59 near Meridian, Mississippi. The planned Montgomery Bypass (future Interstate 85) will join U.S. 80 west of the airport. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Another look at the Exit 167 sign bridge. Included is the one-mile overhead, and its 2010 replacement, for Exit 168, the U.S. 80 eastbound departure onto South Boulevard. U.S. 82 will enter onto Interstate 65 northbound from South Boulevard for a 10.75-mile overlap to Exit 179. This relocation occurred in 2000 after a new U.S. 82 alignment opened between Prattville and the freeway in 1997. Photo taken 08/22/03. Second photo taken 11/03/11.
Interstate 65 crosses the Catoma Creek on the half mile approach to Exit 168 with South Boulevard. U.S. 80 departs for South Boulevard, joining U.S. 82 eastward to Troy Highway (junction U.S. 231). The north end of U.S. 331 (Court Street) exists two miles to the east. U.S. 231 joins U.S. 80 from Troy Highway northward along Eastern Boulevard.

Differences in Exit 168 signage over the years included "TO U.S. 31" in the 1990s, "TO U.S. 231 and 331" in the 2000s, and all three US route connections by 2010. The original button copy sign was replaced by 1999. Signage replacements occurred again in 2010 to coincide with widening of Interstate 65 through Montgomery. Photo taken 04/18/95. Second photo taken 01/16/04. Third photo taken 11/03/11.
South Boulevard was originally intended to circumvent traffic away from downtown Montgomery in conjunction with East and North Boulevards. However, uncontrolled development curtailed the usefulness of the highway as a bypass. A diamond interchange joins Interstate 65 with the east-west arterial that doubles as Alabama 21 from U.S. 31 (Mobile Highway) east to U.S. 231 (Wetumpka Highway), northeast of the city core. Photo taken 01/16/04.
A $110-million project widening and resurfaced all of Interstate 65 between Exits 168 and 173 between 2006 and December 21, 2010.1 The freeway expanded to six overall lanes from its original four. Extra capacity also increased the speed limit from 50 to 60 mph.
Pictured here is a new sign bridge and an expanded off-ramp (from one to two lanes) for South Boulevard. South Boulevard becomes West Boulevard at the nearby intersection of Alabama 21 and U.S. 31 (Mobile Highway). U.S. 31 stays west of the city core and Maxwell Air Force Base via Birmingham Highway (former U.S. 82). Photo taken 04/13/12.
A look at the original four-lane configuration of Interstate 65, two miles south of the Exit 171 directional interchange with Interstate 85 north. The next Interstate junction of Interstate 65 is 80 miles to the north at Interstate 459 (Exit 250). Photo taken 06/21/05.
One mile guide sign posted for Fairview Avenue (Exit 170) after the South Boulevard on-ramp to Interstate 65 north. Photo taken 04/13/12.
A new overhead assembly was added for Interstate 85 north (Exit 171) to coincide with the expanded freeway. A barrier median replaced the original grassy one and Gateway Park Golf Course now occupies former wetlands to the east of Interstate 65. Photo taken 01/19/13.
Interstate 65 next meets Fairview Avenue at the Exit 170 diamond interchange. Photo taken 06/21/05. Second photo taken 04/13/12.
Traffic from Edgemont Avenue west and Oak Street north merges onto Interstate 65 north from a half-diamond interchange (Exit 169 of I-65 south), one half mile out from Fairview Avenue. Fairview Avenue represents the original alignment of U.S. 80 from Mobile Highway. The road later (1974) was designated U.S. 80 Alternate through to the one-way couplet of Perry / Hull Streets (former Alternate U.S. 231 and U.S. 331). Photo taken 04/13/12. Second photo taken 06/21/05.
The auxiliary lane from the Exit 169 on-ramp departs for Exit 170 / Fairview Avenue. Fairview Avenue remained within the state highway system as Alabama 21 through to Norman Bridge Road (historic U.S. 331) until 1985. Photo taken 01/16/04.
The one-mile guide signage for Interstate 85 now resides at the Exit 170 sign bridge for Fairview Avenue on Interstate 65 north. Fairview Avenue ends to the east at Huntingdon College and Narrow Lane Road. Photo taken 04/13/12.
The original sign bridge posted one mile south of Exit 171. Button copy signs were replaced by 1999.
Birmingham makes its debut as the Interstate 65 northbound control city. Alabama's largest city is situated 90 miles to the north of this junction. Meanwhile a major partition of traffic occurs at the split of Interstate 85 northbound. 162 miles to the northeast lies the central business district of Atlanta, Georgia. Photo taken 01/16/04. Second photo taken 06/05/96.
Interstate 65 reduces to two northbound through lanes briefly through the Exit 171 stack interchange. A two-lane ramp carries drivers onto the northbound beginning of Interstate 85. Interstate 85 serves downtown Montgomery with its first four interchanges, before intersecting East Boulevard at Exit 6. It is the main route to Atlanta, Greenville-Spartanburg, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and ultimately Richmond from the Deep South. Photo taken 11/03/11.
Guide signs for the Interstate 65 and 85 northbound split were originally attached to the Early Street overpass. The panel on the right survived the 1999 sign replacement project and was the last original button copy sign for the freeway to freeway junction. Photo taken 01/16/04.
A somewhat sharp exit ramp connects with Interstate 85 north from Interstate 65 north at Exit 171. The interchange between the two highways is a three level stack, with an access road to Day Street tying in from the west. Photo taken 01/16/04. Second photo taken 01/19/13.
A second look at the Exit 171 off-ramp of Interstate 65 north, including a temporary guide sign. Proposals to extend Interstate 85 west from Montgomery to Cuba, Alabama include a relocation of the Interstate 85 mainline from downtown onto the south bypass. If this comes to pass, the existing freeway between Exit 171 and I-85 at Mt. Meigs will be redesignated as Interstate 685. Photo taken 11/04/09.
A historic look at the original button copy signage and overhead lighting assemblies at Interstate 85 north (Exit 171). The signage and lights were removed by Summer of 1999. Although Atlanta is the only control city shown, Interstate 85 is also the main route to Auburn, Opelika, and Columbus / Phenix City (via U.S. 80 east). Photo taken 04/18/95.
Interstate 65 north & U.S. 82 west pass over Jeff Davis Avenue and ramps to Interstate 85 from the Day Street connector and I-65 southbound on the 0.50-mile approach to Herron Street. Herron Street provides a direct route to the Montgomery central business district. Photo taken 11/04/09. Second photo taken 10/06/12.
Traffic from Interstate 85 southbound merges onto Interstate 65 northbound in advance of the Exit 172 departure for Clay and Herron Streets. The forthcoming split-diamond interchange connects with Bell Street west to Maxwell A.F.B. Photo taken 11/04/09. Second photo taken 10/06/12.
Exit 172 departs from under the Clayton Street overpass of Interstate 65 and connects with Herron Street at Holt Street north. Holt Street continues two blocks to Clay Street west and Bell Street opposite the Alabama River. Interests to Troy University Montgomery and the Alabama State Capitol complex should follow Herron Street east. Photo taken 11/04/09. Second photo taken 10/06/12.
Situated just beyond the Exit 172 off-ramp for Herron Street is the first in a series of Exit 173 guide signs for the North Boulevard interchange. While the sign displays this as "TO U.S. 231", the route is actually signed as Alabama 152. Photo taken 08/22/03.
The Clay Street on-ramp joins Interstate 65 northbound at the beginning of the Alabama River bridges. Photo taken 01/19/13.
Spanning the Alabama River, drivers get a glimpse of the Montgomery skyline to the southeast. Photo taken 01/19/13.
Widening of Interstate 65 between 2006 and 2010 expanded the Alabama River bridges to eight overall lanes including outside shoulders. The 1973-built spans originally carried six lanes and no shoulders.
Alabama 152 (North Boulevard) travels six miles east from Exit 173 to U.S. 231 & Alabama 21 (Wetumpka Highway). North Boulevard constitutes a controlled access expressway. Photo taken 10/06/12.
Alabama 152 begins as Interstate 65 turns northwesterly toward Prattville and the city of Birmingham. Interchanges along Alabama 152 (North Boulevard) include Alabama River Parkway, U.S. 231 & Alabama 21, and U.S. 80. Photo taken 10/06/12.
Interstate 65 north & U.S. 82 west continue northwest along a peninsula between the winding Alabama River. Meeting the freeway next is the south end of Alabama 143 (Exit 176). Alabama 143 follows Main Street north from Exit 176, but originally crossed the Alabama River along Tyler-Goodwin Bridge to Parallel, 6th, and Court Streets south into downtown Montgomery. The Tyler-Goodwin Bridge was removed by 1985 and Alabama 143 subsequently truncated. Photo taken 11/03/11. Second photo taken 10/06/12.
A partial "Y" interchange (Exit 176) forms the northbound beginning of Alabama 143 (Main Street) from Interstate 65. The state route leaves the Alabama River area and bee lines for Millbrook as a four-lane highway. Coosada lies to the east via Coosada Parkway and Elmore County 23. Photo taken 11/03/11.
Exit 176 departs Interstate 65 north & U.S. 82 west. Alabama 143 travels northward five miles to Millbrook, west of Coosada, before merging onto Alabama 14 to Elmore. The state route concludes at junction Alabama 111 near Pine Flat in Autauga County. Photo taken 10/06/12.
A U.S. 82 shield appears within Exit 173. Interstate 65 remains within wetland areas from the Alabama River through to Crescent Lake and Still Creek. Photo taken 02/06/10.
Interstate 65 & U.S. 82 exit Montgomery County and enter the southwestern corner of Elmmore County. Photo taken 11/03/11.
U.S. 82 prepares to split from Interstate 65 at the Exit 179 diamond interchange with Cobbs Ford Road. A new four lane divided highway opened by 2001 to connect the original Prattville bypass of U.S. 82 with Cobbs Ferry Road. U.S. 82, previously routed with U.S. 31 southward to Montgomery, shifted to the new alignment upon completion for through traffic interests to Tuscaloosa. Photo taken 11/03/11.
Two lanes are allocated for the U.S. 82 westbound departure from Interstate 65 north. This interchange serves Millbrook to the east via Cobbs Ford Road to Alabama 143 (Main Street). Westward, Cobbs Ford Road becomes Main Street on the five mile drive into Prattville while U.S. 82 bypasses to the south. Further to the northwest, U.S. 82 continues onward to Centreville and Tuscaloosa as the University Highway. Photo taken 01/19/13.
Northbound mileage sign posted four miles out from Prattville and 82 miles from downtown Birmingham. Photo taken 11/03/11.
Placed along the Autauga and Elmore County line, Exit 181 joins with Alabama 14 via a diamond interchange. Alabama 14 connects Prattville and northern reaches of Millbrook and Coosada with the Elmore County seat of Wetumpka at U.S. 231. Photo taken 11/03/11.
One half mile south of Exit 181 with Alabama 14. Alabama 14 comprises a 247-mile route between the Mississippi state line near Pickensville and Opelika (junction Alabama 147). Photo taken 11/03/11.
Northbound Interstate 65 at the Exit 181 ramp departure to Alabama 14. Alabama 14 follows Fairview Avenue southwest into Prattville, briefly sharing pavement with U.S. 31 along Memorial Drive. Wetumpka lies 13 miles to the east along the state route. Photo taken 11/03/11.
Interstate 65 angles northwest from the Alabama 14 on-ramp into Autauga County. Photo taken 11/04/09.



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