Interstate 68 East - West Virginia to Frostburg

Interstate 68 East
The first eastbound reassurance shield of Interstate 68 posted within the state of Maryland. Interstate 68 crosses the state line three miles east of Hazelton, West Virginia. Photo taken 08/07/04.
A welcome sign greets eastbound motorists entering the state of Maryland on Interstate 68 east. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Blooming Rose Road passes high above Interstate 68 midway between the West Virginia state line and junction Maryland 42 (Exit 4) at Friendsville. Blooming Rose Road arcs northeast from the state line to Sand Spring and Dixon Roads before crossing over the National Freeway. The road intersects Maryland 42 (Friendsville Road) just north of Interstate 68. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Maryland 42 (Friendsville Road) enters the state of Maryland one mile south of Markleysburg, Pennsylvania. The state highway curves southeast from Asher Glade to meet Interstate 68 at Friendsville. Photo taken 08/07/04.
One half mile west of the Exit 4 off-ramp to Maryland 42 (Friendsville Road). A modified-diamond interchange joins Interstate 68 with Friendsville Road and Friendsville Hoyes Road just west of Friendsville. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Use Exit 4 to visit the scenic Deep Creek Lake and Swallow Falls State Parks. The scenery in Garrett County, Maryland is quite striking as the Appalachians rise to 3,000 feet above sea level. Photos taken 08/07/04.
Interstate 68 eastbound at junction Maryland 42 (Exit 4). Maryland 42 (Friendsville Road) skirts the western reaches of Friendsville before migrating three miles south to Elder and six miles to Hoyes. Maryland 42 ends at junction U.S. 219 one mile south of Hoyes. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Interstate 68 passes over Maryland 42 (Friendsville Road), Water Street, the Youghiogheny River, and 1st Street through Friendsville. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Interstate 68 arcs northeast from Friendsville on the nine-mile drive to junction U.S. 40 & 219 at Keysers Ridge. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Ascending toward the Exit 14 full-cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 40 (National Highway) and U.S. 219 (Garrett Highway). U.S. 40 carries the original National Highway southeast from Addison, Pennsylvania five miles to Keysers Ridge and junction Interstate 68 & U.S. 219. U.S. 219 enters the scene six miles northeast of Accident. Photos taken 08/07/04.
Exit 14A departs for U.S. 219 (Garrett Highway) southbound within one half mile. U.S. 219 serves the Garrett County seat of Oakland 26 miles to the southwest. U.S. 219 otherwise meets Maryland 42 near Hoyes in 11 miles and Thayersville at Deep Creek Lake in 17 miles. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Eastbound at the Exit 14A ramp departure for U.S. 219 (Garrett Highway) southbound. U.S. 219 follows the Appalachian Mountain chain southwest from Keysers Ridge to Oakland, Backbone Mountain (highest point in Maryland), and the resort area of Elkins, West Virginia. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Exit 14B loops onto U.S. 40 (National Highway) westbound as it leaves Interstate 68 west & U.S. 219 south. U.S. 40 provides the main link between Uniontown, Pennsylvania and the National Freeway, a distance of 30 miles. Photos taken 08/07/04.
Interstate 68-U.S. 40 east & U.S. 219 north
Interstate 68, the National Freeway, enters Maryland from West Virginia without any companion U.S. routes (although it was designated as U.S. 48 until 1991). However, at Exit 14, Interstate 68 picks up both U.S. 40 from the northwest and U.S. 219 from the southeast. U.S. 40 east and U.S. 219 north merge onto Interstate 68; U.S. 219 departs north at Exit 22, while U.S. 40 remains coupled with Interstate 68 for the duration of the freeway. The old route of U.S. 40 remains in the state highway system as Alternate U.S. 40, Scenic U.S. 40, or Maryland 144. Photo taken 10/12/01. Second photo taken 08/07/04.
Eastbound mileage sign listing the distance to Grantsville (junction Maryland 495), Frostburg, and Cumberland. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Maryland 495 intersects Interstate 68 & U.S. 40-219 at Grantsville in northern Garrett County. The state route follows Bittinger Road south from U.S. 40 Alternate (Main Street) eight miles to Bittinger. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Interstate 68 & U.S. 40-220 pass over Shade Hollow Road one half mile west of the Exit 19 diamond-interchange with Maryland 495 (Bittinger Road). Maryland 495 travels 19 miles south to Swanton and 24 miles overall between Maryland 135 near Altamont and U.S. 40 Alternate in Grantsville. Photo taken 08/07/04.
A close look at the Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 east and U.S. 219 northbound shield assembly posted after Maryland 495 (Exit 14). The National Freeway crosses the Casselman River ahead. Photo taken 08/07/04.
U.S. 219 northbound departs the National Freeway at Exit 22, two miles east of the Casselman River. The US highway ventures four miles northeast from Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 to Salisburg, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 08/07/04.
The one-mile guide sign for Exit 22 and the split with U.S. 219 (Salisbury Road) northbound. U.S. 219 heads north ten miles from Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 to Meyersdale, Pennsylvania. There U.S. 219 partitions between a bypass and Business route. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Drawing to within one half mile of the Exit 22 diamond interchange with U.S. 219 (Salisbury Road) and Chestnut Ridge Road. Chestnut Ridge Road continues Salisbury Road south of the National Freeway to New Germany Road two miles north of New Germany itself. Photo taken 08/07/04.
U.S. 219 leaves Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 eastbound for Salisbury and Meyersdale, Pennsylvania. Continuing north, U.S. 219 travels 28 miles to Somerset where it upgrades to a freeway en route to Johnstown. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 east
Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 skim northern reaches of Savage River State Forest on the two mile drive between U.S. 219 (Salisbury Road) and Exit 24 (Lower New Germany Road). Lower New Germany Road meets Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 near Meadow Mountain. Photo taken 08/07/04.
One half mile west of the Exit 24 diamond interchange with Lower New Germany Road. Lower New Germany Road stems south from U.S. 40 Alternate (National Highway) at Meyersdale Road to the intersection of Twin Churches and Westernport Road. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Entering the Exit 24 interchange with Lower New Germany Road. U.S. 40 Alternate (National Highway) draws into view to the north as it passes through Piney Grove. Lower New Germany Road splits with Avilton Lonaconing Road just south of Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 three miles northwest of Avilton. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Constructed in stages between 1963 and 1991 as part of Appalachian Regional Development Corridor E, Interstate 68 was originally intended to remain U.S. 48 until it was determined that the National Freeway was a good, toll-free alternate route to the Pennsylvania Turnpike (Interstates 70 and 76). The Interstate 68 designation, which was originally considered for the current U.S. 50 (hidden Interstate 595) corridor between the Capital Beltway (Interstate 95-495) and Annapolis, was transferred to U.S. 48 in 1991. This photo shows a mileage sign along eastbound Interstate 68 to its next exit, Exit 29, Junction Maryland 529; the city of Frostburg; and the city of Cumberland. Photo taken 11/30/-1.
One mile west of the final Garrett County interchange with Maryland 546 (Finzel Road) and Beall School Road. Maryland 546 begins at Exit 29 and travels north to Finzel near the Pennsylvania state line. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 turn southeast from Exit 29 toward Frostburg. Maryland 546 (Finzel Road) crosses U.S. 40 Alternate (National Highway) north of the National Freeway. From there the state route continues 3.3 miles to Greenville Road in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Drivers to Maryland 546 (Finzel Road) depart Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 eastbound at Exit 29. Beall School Road continues south from Finzel Road one mile to Old Frostburg Road and the Savage River State Forest. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 east cross Big Savage Mountain at an elevation of 2,800 feet above sea level. A truck weigh station just northwest of the Allegany County line. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Allegany County line sign posted along Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 eastbound at the truck weigh station. Photo taken 08/07/04.
The first of two Frostburg area interchanges sees Midlothian Road intersect Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 at Exit 33. Midlothian Road carries Braddock Street 1.2 miles south from Park Avenue in Frostburg to Midlothian and junction Interstate 68 & U.S. 40. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Continuing the descent along Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 east toward Midlothian and Exit 33. Travelers departing the freeway for Midlothian Road south follow Old Legislative Road and Klondike Road three miles to junction Maryland 936 (Upper Georges Creek Road) at Ocean. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Eastbound at the Exit 33 ramp departure to Midlothian Road. Use Midlothian Road north for Frostburg State University and Maryland 36 (Mt. Savage Road) north to Zihlman. Maryland 936 (Upper Georges Creek Road) meets Maryland 36 at Midland four miles to the south. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 pass over Maryland 936 (Upper Georges Creek Road) one mile west of the Exit 34 diamond interchange with Maryland 36 (New Georges Creek Road). Maryland 936 loops west of Maryland 36 between Midland and Frostburg. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Maryland 36 begins at the Potomac River crossing between Westernport and Piedmont, West Virginia. The state highway ventures 15 miles northeast from there to Interstate 68 & U.S. 40 near Vale Summit. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Maryland 36 (New Georges Creek Road) intersects Maryland 55 (Vale Summit Road) and Cabin Run Road 0.9 miles south of Interstate 68 & U.S. 40. New Georges Creek Road continues the state route 1.5 miles north to its merge with U.S. 40 Alternate (Main Street) and downtown Frostburg. Photo taken 08/07/04.


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