Interstate 69 North - Allen County

Interstate 69 north
A dynamic message sign spans Interstate 69 as the highway approaches the Fort Wayne area, which is served by the next nine interchanges. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Interstate 69 next approaches the Fort Wayne bypass, Interstate 469 north to New Haven. Exits 296A/B consist of a directional-cloverleaf interchange with Lafayette Center Road west and U.S. 24 & 33 as well. Photo taken 07/31/09.
Interstates 469 and 69 double as the routes for U.S. 24, 30, and 33 to bypass the city of Fort Wayne. U.S. 24 follows Interstate 69 north to Exit 302 and Interstate 469 east to Exit 21. U.S. 33 follows Interstate 69 north to Exit 309 and Interstate 469 east to Exit 11. U.S. 30 encircles the city along northern reaches of both freeways. U.S. 27 is the lone remaining US route traveling through the city, though its route concludes at Exit 312 of Interstate 69, well short of its original terminus in northern Michigan. Photo taken 07/31/09.
Fully opened in 1995, Interstate 469 tallies 30.83 miles east and south of Fort Wayne. Despite its path constituting a bypass, Interstate 69 travels a route 12 miles shorter then its child loop. Interstate 469 mainly serves interests to the U.S. highways feeding into the Fort Wayne area such as U.S. 27 & 33 from Decatur, U.S. 30 from Lima, Ohio, and U.S. 24 east to Defiance, Ohio. Photo taken 07/31/09.
Exit 296B loops onto Lafayette Center Road to the adjacent GM Fort Wayne Assembly Plant and East 900 North in Huntington County to U.S. 24 at Roanoke. Photo taken 07/31/09.
Interstate 69-U.S. 33 north & U.S. 24 west
Interstate 69 north, U.S. 24 west, and U.S. 33 northbound reassurance shields posted after their merge at Interstate 469's southern terminus. The trio enters the southwest suburbs in six miles at the split with U.S. 24 west. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Continuing northeast along Interstate 69 & U.S. 24-33, the next exit joins the freeway with Lower Huntington Road and Airport Expressway east at a diamond interchange (Exit 299). Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 69 remains fairly rural on the approach to Lower Huntington Road (Exit 299). Construction of I-69 through Exit 299 resulted in the relocation of Lower Huntington Road. The east-west road was also relocated by the GM plant and overall connects Lafayette Center Road with Waynedale and Avalon in south Fort Wayne.
An Upper Huntington Road was also used at one point to the north; portions of this road were absorbed into Jefferson Boulevard. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Exit 299 departs Interstate 69-U.S. 33 north & U.S. 24 west for Lower Huntington Road. Airport Expressway begins nearby and leads east toward Fort Wayne International Airport and the intersection of Paulding Road and Fairfield Avenue in south Fort Wayne. The expressway, originally named Baer Field Thruway, was also a portion of Indiana 1 (east of Bluffton Road). Photo taken 11/06/11.
Reassurance shield assembly for Interstate 69, U.S. 24, and U.S. 33 posted as the freeway leaves Exit 299 across open farm land through to Fox Islands Park. Photo taken 11/06/11.
U.S. 24 splits with Interstate 69 & U.S. 33 north in one mile at a six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 302) in southwest Fort Wayne. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Jefferson Boulevard comprises a multi-lane arterial leading northeast toward downtown Fort Wayne as the original alignment of U.S. 24, Indiana 37, and Indiana 14 (east of Illinois Road). Southwesterly, U.S. 24 continues the divided highway as an expressway to Roanoke, Huntington and Wabash. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Now six lanes wide, Interstate 69 parts ways with the Exit 302 off-ramp for U.S. 24 west and Jefferson Boulevard (former U.S. 24) east. Much of the US highway leading west toward the Whitley County line is suburban in nature, with subdivisions from the Ellisville and Liberty Hills communities tying into the highway from the north side. Jefferson Boulevard east is more commercial is nature, with retail frontage culminating at the Jefferson Pointe shopping center. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 69 & U.S. 33 north
Interstate 69 and U.S. 33 leave U.S. 24 and approach the Aboite Center Road overpass. Aboite Center Road derives its name from Aboite Creek to the west. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Indiana 14 is the next northbound interchange in two miles. Angola, in far northeastern Indiana, is 46 miles away, followed by the Michigan capital city in 136 miles. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Angling northeast, Interstate 69 & U.S. 33 draw to within one mile of the full-cloverleaf interchange (Exits 305A/B) with Indiana 14 (Illinois Road) west. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Indiana 14 ends at Exit 305 of Interstate 69, but originally continued east along Illinois Road to a merge with then-U.S. 24 and Indiana 37 on Jefferson Boulevard. SR 14 followed U.S. 24 east through downtown to New Haven, where the road used Dawkins Road east to Edgerton and the Ohio state line. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interests to the University of Saint Francis, Grand Wayne Convention Center, and Indiana Tech should use Exit 305A onto Illinois Road east. Illinois Road (former Indiana 14) merges with Jefferson Boulevard by Jefferson Pointe shopping center and Hillegas Road. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Exit 305B loops onto the westbound beginning of Indiana 14 (Illinois Road) from Interstate 69 & U.S. 33 north. Indiana 14 stretches 123 miles west from Fort Wayne to Silver Lake, Rochester, Winamac and U.S. 41 at Enos. The state road originally ended at the Illinois state line. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 69 & U.S. 33 briefly exit the city limits of Fort Wayne between Exits 305 and 309. Photo taken 11/06/11.
U.S. 30 trades places with U.S. 33 along Interstate 69 at the next junction in three miles. Angola and Lansing follow in 42 and 132 miles respectively. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Goshen Road carries U.S. 30 & 33 northwest from Exit 309 to a trumpet interchange nearby. Indiana 930 continues the expressway southeast to Coliseum Boulevard. Goshen Road derives its name from Goshen, the U.S. 33 destination northwest from Fort Wayne. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Indiana 930 comprises the second routing of U.S. 30 through Fort Wayne. The 13-mile state road utilizes Coliseum Boulevard, the original Circumurban Highway bypass of downtown Fort Wayne constructed for U.S. 30, between Goshen Road and Washington Road. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Exit 309A departs Interstate 69 & U.S. 33 north for Indiana 930 (Goshen Road) east. SR 930 more or less comprises a commercial arterial along Coliseum Boulevard. The state road joins Fort Wayne with New Haven along former U.S. 24-30 & Indiana 14 (Illinois Road) to the east and ends at Exit 19 of Interstate 469. U.S. 30 shifted to Circumurban Boulevard in 1950, abandoning an overlap with U.S. 33 south along Goshen Road, Sherman Street and the Washington / Jefferson Street couplet of U.S. 24 through downtown. Photo taken 11/06/11.
U.S. 33 splits with Interstate 69 north for a brief overlap along U.S. 30 west. The US highway branches northwest through the outer suburbs of Fort Wayne along a 10.3 mile drive to Churubusco. U.S. 33 concludes at U.S. 20 (St. Joseph Valley Parkway) on the outskirts of Elkhart, but originally ended at St. Joseph, Michigan.
U.S. 30 meanwhile follows an expressway alignment west 13.8 miles to Columbia City and 33 miles to Warsaw. Much of U.S. 30 across the state is expressway. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 69 north & U.S. 30 east
U.S. 30 east joins Interstate 69 north between Goshen Road and Interstate 469. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Meeting Interstate 69 in one half mile is the truncated north end of U.S. 27 and the south end of Indiana 3 along Lima Road. Photo taken 11/06/11.
A full-cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 69 & U.S. 30 with U.S. 27 (Lima Road) south to downtown and Indiana 3 (Lima Road) north to Huntertown. U.S. 27 follows Lima Road to Clinton Street and a one-way couplet into downtown. Until 2002, U.S. 27 joined Interstate 69 north to Lansing, Michigan where it parted ways with the Interstate for its own route toward Grayling. That route is now U.S. 127. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Indiana 3 exists in two portions through the state; Exit 311B serves the beginning of the northern segment traveling between Fort Wayne and Brighton near the Michigan state line. SR 3 exists as a four-lane expressway through to Kendallville (junction U.S. 6).
Indiana 3 was severed between Markle and Exit 311 in 1972 with the completion of Interstate 69. The state road followed Lima Road south to a merge with then-U.S. 27 on Clinton Street through downtown. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Coldwater Road (former U.S. 27 and Indiana 327) stems north from Clinton Street (former Indiana 1 and 427) to meet Interstate 69 north & U.S. 30 east at the Exits 312A/B directional cloverleaf interchange in one half mile. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Coldwater Road south joins Interstate 69 & U.S. 30 with the Northcrest and Indiana 930 (Coliseum Boulevard) by Glenbrook Square Mall. Interests to the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) and Ivy Tech Community College should take Exit 312A onto Coldwater Road south to connect with SR 930. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Northbound Interstate 69 motorists reach the Exit 312A off-ramp to Coldwater Road south. Coldwater Road is the original alignment of U.S. 27 leading north from Clinton Street and Fort Wayne to Butler Center and Garrett. When U.S. 27 shifted westward onto Lima Road to join Interstate 69 north, Coldwater Road was redesignated Indiana 327. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Exit 312B loops onto Coldwater Road north. Coldwater Road (former Indiana 327) heads north to Royville through the northern suburbs of Fort Wayne to become County Road 327 in DeKalb County. SR 327 begins at the intersection with SR 205 at Butler Center and travels 31.9 miles to the Michigan state line near Orland. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Curving back toward the north, Interstate 69 & U.S. 30 near the Auburn Road overpass amid a sea of sound walls. Photo taken 11/06/11.
U.S. 30 parts ways with Interstate 69 north for Interstate 469 east at Exit 315 to continue its bypass of Fort Wayne through to New Haven. Photo taken 11/06/11.
One half mile south of the Exit 315 trumpet interchange with Interstate 469 east along Interstate 69 north & U.S. 30 east. Interstate 469 circumvents Fort Wayne to the east along a 31-mile loop. Photo taken 11/06/11.
The right-hand lane departs beyond the Wallen Road overpass for Interstate 469 & U.S. 30 east to Thurman and New Haven. U.S. 30 departs the Fort Wayne area for Van Wert and Lima, Ohio. Connections via Exit 21 lead motorists northeast toward Toledo, Ohio along the new U.S. 24 expressway under construction in 2012. Photo taken 11/06/11.
U.S. 30 east splits from Interstate 69 north at Interstate 469 east. The northernmost portion of Interstate 469 was the last to open to traffic on October 23, 1995.
Exit 316 follows in one half mile for the northbound beginning of Indiana 1 (Dupont Road). SR 1, like SR 3, was severed with the completion of Interstate 69 through Fort Wayne. The state road originally followed Clinton Street (former SR 427) north from U.S. 27 to Leo Road and Dupont Road east of Exit 316. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 69 north
The entrance ramp from westbound Interstate 469 at Exit 315 becomes an auxiliary lane for the entrance onto Exit 316. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Exit 316 leaves Interstate 69 at Indiana 1 north / Dupont Road. Dupont Road continues west across the northern suburbs of Fort Wayne to Indiana 3 (Lima Road). Indiana 1 heads northeast toward the communities of Leo-Cedarville and St. Joe.
Exit 316 will be rebuilt in 2013 as the first diverging diamond interchange in Indiana. The interchange design is because of increased traffic at that location. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Interstate 69 passes the Parkview North Hospital as the left lane prepares to end heading north from Exit 316. Photo taken 01/13/12.
The next interchange along Interstate 69 is with County Road 11A in DeKalb County, at 10 miles away. The DeKalb County seat of Auburn is 14 miles away and Lansing is 122 miles away. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Interstate 69 passes underneath Union Chapel Road, which will become the site of a new interchange serving the northern suburbs of Fort Wayne in 2012. Presumably, with its location just north of Exit 316, this will be Exit 317. The new interchange will be a diamond interchange with roundabouts at Union Chapel Road. Photo taken 01/13/12.
A view of Interstate 69 to the north of Exit 316 in the northern part of Allen County. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Interstate 69 enters DeKalb County. Photo taken 01/13/12.


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