Interstate 70 East

Interstate 70 East
Interstate 70 eastbound crosses the west branch of the Ohio River between Bridgeport, Ohio and Wheeling Island, West Virginia. The four-lane freeway enters the city limits of Wheeling upon entering the Mountain State. Pictured here is a Wheeling exits sign bridge touting the interchanges with Main Street (West Virginia 2 & 251), the U.S. 250 & West Virginia 2 freeway, and U.S. 40 (National Road) at Oglebay Park. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Exits 1A/B serve downtown Wheeling just east of Wheeling Island on Interstate 70 east. U.S. 40 east & 250 south merge onto the freeway from Exit 0 at a partial "Y" interchange from Zane Street ahead. From there the federal highways cross the Ohio River with Interstate 70 through to their departures at Exits 1A/B north of downtown. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Welcome to West Virginia overhead and Ohio County sign situated on Interstate 70 eastbound ahead of the Exit 0 on-ramp from Zane Street. 14.45 miles of Interstate 70 traverse the West Virginia panhandle between Ohio and Pennsylvania. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Through traffic along Interstate 70 eastbound should move into the left lane ahead of the Wheeling Tunnel and Exit 1A off-ramp to West Virginia 2 north & U.S. 40 east (Market Street). Exit 1A serves the Wheeling Visitor Center and Wesbanco Arena in downtown. Photo taken 10/15/04.
U.S. 40 east & U.S. 250 south merge onto Interstate 70 from Zane Street to cross the Ohio River into central Wheeling. A green painted steel-arch bridge spans the river between Wheeling Island and the Exit 1A interchange with Main & Market Streets north of downtown Wheeling. Interstate 70 east & U.S. 250 south continue through the Wheeling Tunnel to Exit 1B from the river crossing. Photos taken 10/15/04.
West Virginia 2 ties into Interstate 70 from Main Street southbound at Exit 1A. The state route joins Interstate 70 east & U.S. 250 south through the Wheeling Tunnel to Exit 1B. Main Street otherwise continues south to West Virginia 251 (Virginia Street) into the Wheeling central business district. U.S. 40 eastbound meanwhile departs Interstate 70 for Market Street (West Virginia 2) north to the National Road. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Interstate 70 eastbound traffic is relegated to just one lane for through traffic to enter the Wheeling Tunnel beyond Exit 1A. Exit 1A claims the right-hand lane for the U.S. 40 departure onto Market Street northbound at the Ohio River bridge end. U.S. 40 follows the National Road along the Wheeling Creek from Market Street to Oglebay Park. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Exit 1A leaves Interstate 70 east & U.S. 250 south for West Virginia 2 (Main & Market Streets) and downtown Wheeling. West Virginia 2 north follows Warwood Avenue northward along the east banks of the Ohio River to Warwood, Windsor Heights, and Wellsburg to junction U.S. 22 at Weirton Junction. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Interstate 70 east & U.S. 250 south narrows to one lane between the off and on-ramps of Exit 1A. West Virginia 2 southbound joins the freeway at the Wheeling Tunnel portal ahead. Speed limits lower to 45 mph through the tunnel. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Interstate 70 left lane overhead placed near the Wheeling Tunnel entrance. The sign might as well display "only lane"... Photo taken 10/15/04.
Entering the Wheeling Tunnel on Interstate 70 east & U.S. 250 south. West Virginia 2 merges onto the freeway from Main Street southbound to the right. An overhead lists the next three Wheeling interchanges for Interstate 70 ahead of the tunnel portal. U.S. 250 & West Virginia 2 split from Interstate 70 east on the other side of the Wheeling Tunnel at Exit 1B. Photo taken 10/15/04.
An "X" stack interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 70 and the U.S. 250 & West Virginia 2 freeway at Exit 1B. U.S. 250 & West Virginia 2 leave Interstate 70 east at the exit of the Wheeling Tunnel from the left. The tandem follow a four-lane freeway file miles south to Benwood and Moundsville. An exit to 16th Street serves downtown Wheeling midway between Interstates 70 and 470 otherwise. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Interstate 70 eastbound merges with Interstate 470 in east Wheeling. The return of Interstate 470 occurs just ahead of the Exit 5 folded-diamond interchange with U.S. 40 and West Virginia 88 (National Road). U.S. 40 & West Virginia 88 share pavement between Bethany Pike in Wheeling and Kruger Street at Elm Grove. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Exit 5 departs Interstate 70 east for U.S. 40 (National Road) in Elm Grove. The National Road merges with West Virginia 88 one block to the west at Kruger Street. Eastward the federal highway enters Triadelphia within one mile. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Guide sign posted along the Exit 5 off-ramp of Interstate 70 east. Use West Virginia 88 (Idabelle Avenue) south for Bethlehem. U.S. 40 (National Road) eastbound parallels Interstate 70 to the north through Triadelphia, Valley Grove, and West Alexander, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 10/15/04.
U.S. 40 & West Virginia 88 shield assembly at the end of the Exit 5 loop ramp. U.S. 40 west & West Virginia 88 north follow the National Road 3.3 miles from Elm Grove to Edgewood in north Wheeling. Photo taken 10/15/04.

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