Interstate 71 South - I-75 (Walton) to La Grange

Interstate 71 south
Resuming a southwest trajectory, Interstate 71 leaves the Walton area and first approaches a southbound side weigh station and truck rest haven. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Kentucky 14 (Verona Mudlick Road) loops south with KY 16 from Walton and Interstate 75 to a split at Verona, 1.75 miles south of the Exit 72 diamond interchange with I-71. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Interstate 71 southbound drivers arrive at the Exit 72 off-ramp to Kentucky 14 (Verona Mudlick Road). KY 14 continues west from the freeway 2.25 miles to end in the Mud Lick Creek valley at Hume and junction U.S. 42 & 127. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Curving toward the Kentucky 562 over crossing along Interstate 71 southbound. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Passing by milepost 65 and the KY 16 settlement of Napoleon, Interstate 71 drivers see a recreational mileage sign for Kentucky Speedway. These types of signs are commonly uses for points of interest throughout the Kentucky Interstate system. The forthcoming race track, now with a seating capacity of 107,000, opened in 2000. Photo taken 10/01/10.
The two-mile guide sign for the Exit 62 diamond interchange with U.S. 127 appears in a valley west of Napoleon. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Spanning an unnamed stream, Interstate 71 winds across the hillsides east of U.S. 127 in this scene. The freeway was completed in 1967 throughout Gallatin County. Photo taken 10/01/10.
U.S. 42 & 127 share pavement from Covington southwest to a point along the Ohio River, 3.3 miles north of Exit 62. U.S. 127 continues south into adjacent Glencoe and 28 miles from there to the Owen County seat of Owenton. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Exit 62 departs Interstate 71 south for U.S. 127. U.S. 127 travels 176 miles through Kentucky between Static and the C.W. Bailey Bridge at Covington. Overall the route tallies 758 miles from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Grayling, Michigan. Photos taken 10/01/10.
Reassurance marker for Interstate 71 south posted after the on-ramp from U.S. 127. Photo taken 10/01/10.
A high level overpass carries Kentucky 465 (Boone Road) travelers above Interstate 71 after the Indian Camp Creek valley. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Interstate 71 expands to six overall lanes ahead of the Exit 57 diamond interchange with Kentucky 35 (Sparta Pike) at Sparta. Photo taken 10/01/10.
One mile east of the two-lane off-ramp to Kentucky 35 (Sparta Pike) along Interstate 71 south. The freeway and forthcoming Exit 57 were expanded in separate projects between 2004 and 2007 to increase capacity to nearby Kentucky Speedway. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Kentucky 35 constitutes a 12.83-mile route from U.S. 127, four miles south of Sparta, to U.S. 42 at the Gallatin County seat of Warsaw (junction U.S. 42). Photo taken 10/01/10.
A fourth southbound lane appears as Exit 57 prepares to depart Interstate 71 for Kentucky 35 (Sparta Pike). Kentucky Speedway resides between KY 35 and KY 1039 along Kentucky Speedway Boulevard. The 1.5-mile tri-oval speedway hosts a number of NASCAR events throughout the year, including the Quaker State 400 and the Kentucky 300. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Interstate 71 southbound reduces back to two lanes on the 2007 rebuilt overpasses above Kentucky 35. Capacity improvements were meant to aid in race day traffic at the adjacent speedway. This proved to be inadequate for the 2011 Quaker State 400, as all grandstand tickets were sold and the ensuing traffic jam resulted in an estimated 20,000 fans unable to reach the venue.1 Photo taken 10/01/10.
Kentucky 1039 was widened and extended north from a 2002-opened diamond interchange with Interstate 71 to U.S. 42 at Etheridge. The 7.11-mile route connects I-71 with the Markland Dam Highway Bridge to Markland, Indiana. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Exit 55 leaves Interstate 71 south for Kentucky 1039. KY 1039 ends at parallel Kentucky 465 (Boone Road) to the south and intersects Kentucky Speedway Boulevard (KY 1130) one mile to the north. Connections with Indiana 156 lead motorists west to the Switzerland County seat of Vevay. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Interstate 71 exits Gallatin County for Carroll County at Carson and continues west on a ten-mile exit less stretch to meet Kentucky 227 near Langstaff. KY 227, the former U.S. 227, provides the the first leg in a 13-mile drive from Interstate 71 to the U.S. 421 Ohio River Bridge to Milton. Heavy truck traffic (above 15 tons) is restricted from the Milton-Madison Bridge, though a deck replacement is underway in 2012. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Kentucky 227 is a 47-mile route that goes from U.S. 460 near Georgetown to U.S. 42 at Carrollton. The state route was a part of the 120-mile long U.S. 227 that ran from Carrollton to Richmond, until 1972. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Entering the Exit 44 diamond interchange with Kentucky 227 at Langstaff. KY 227 follows the Kentucky River southward to Worthville, where the state route turns east to Wheatley and Owenton. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Interstate 71 draws to within one mile of the Exit 43 diamond interchange with Kentucky 389 after spanning the Kentucky River. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Nearing the Exit 43 off-ramp to Kentucky 389 and the adjacent settlement of English. KY 389 generally follows the Kentucky River for much of the 29.03-mile route between KY 561, in southeast Henry County, to junction Kentucky 55, southeast of Prestonville. Photo taken 10/01/10.
There is no direct access between Interstate 71 and Kentucky 55. Instead motorists are directed northward onto KY 389 to KY 55, a 115-mile highway between U.S. 42 at Prestonville and U.S. 127 at Freedom (near Lake Cumberland). Photo taken 10/01/10.
Interstate 75 enters the Mill Creek valley west from English in southwestern Carroll County. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Bedford and New Castle, county seats for Trimble and Henry Counties respectively, are served by U.S. 421 in nine miles. The south end of Interstate 71 and downtown Louisville follow in 46 miles. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Just west of the location along Interstate 71 south where one of the deadliest bus crashes in US history occurred. The crash occurred May 14, 1988 when a drunk driver drove the wrong way along the freeway and collided with a bus resulting in the deaths of 27 people. Signs are posted in each direction (not pictured here) marking the site. Photo taken 10/01/10.
A pair of bridges cross over separate sections of Mill Creek Road (KY 2997) and the West Fork of Mill Creek ahead of the Trimble County line. Photo taken 10/01/10.
I-71 nips the easternmost wedge of Trimble County for only a few hundred feet. The county sits along the Ohio River and has about 8,100 inhabitants. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Interstate 71 quickly crosses into Henry County ahead of the Kentucky 55 overpass west of Turners Station. Photos taken 10/01/10.
Continuing southwest of KY 55, Interstate 71 span Daughterty Creek and approaches a set of abandoned weigh stations. Photo taken 10/01/10.
U.S. 421 spans the Ohio River between Milton, Kentucky and Madison, Indiana. The aging two-lane bridge is restricted to cars and trucks under 15 tons. However an innovate construction project is underway through to 2013 to replace the bridge superstructure with a method called "truss sliding". Work sees crews slide a new 2,427 foot long truss into place over rehabilitated pier supports. Photo taken 10/01/10.
A diamond interchange joins U.S. 521 (Campbellsburg Road) with Interstate 71 in one mile. U.S. 421 travels Main Street east through nearby Campbellsburg to junction Kentucky 55 and a southern turn to New Castle. Photo taken 10/01/10.
U.S. 421 continues northwest from Exit 34, eight miles to Bedford and junction U.S. 42. The Milton-Madison Bridge is a 21-mile drive to the north. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Interstate 71 continues southwest 12 miles to the Oldham County seat of La Grange and 34 miles into Louisville. Photos taken 10/01/10.
A carriageway split along Interstate 71 southbound occurs at the crossing of Fallen Creek near Sulphur. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Kentucky 153 (Pendleton Road) sees a diamond interchange (Exit 28) with Interstate 71 between Pendleton and junction KY 146 (La Grange Road) in one mile. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Interstate 71 lowers to cross the Little Kentucky River ahead of the Exit 28 off-ramp to KY 153. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Kentucky 153 goes for 8.51 miles from KY 1861 near Smithfield north by Lake Jericho to Exit 28 and an end at U.S. 42 in Sligo. Kentucky 146 travels east-west to join La Grange with New Castle as part of a 33 mile route to Louisville. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Ballardsville appears in place of La Grange as the next destination of Interstate 71 south via Exit 22. 28 miles of I-71 remain into Louisville. Photo taken 10/01/10.
Interstate 71 splits again at the crossing into Oldham County. Areas surrounding the freeway become vastly more suburban as the freeway progresses 13.41 miles through the county named for Colonel William Oldham. Photo taken 10/01/10.



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