Interstate 80 East - Rock Island & Henry Counties

Interstate 80 east
Cresting over the Mississippi River, Interstate 80 travelers enter Rock Island County just west of the village of Rapids City. The nondescript bridge over the Mississippi opened to traffic on October 27, 1966. Photo taken 06/01/11.
Exit 1 loops away from Interstate 80 east to Illinois 84. IL-84 consists of a 95-mile route south to East Moline, Carbon Hill and Colona and north along the Mississippi River to Fulton and Savanna. The state route ends ten miles north of Galena at the Wisconsin state line. Photo taken 04/08/13.
Illinois 84 doubles as a Great River Road as it mirrors the course of the Mississippi southwest to Hampton and East Moline and north to Rapids City and Port Byron. Photo taken 03/31/16.
The Illinois welcome center lies just south of Illinois 84 along Interstate 80 east. The advance sign for the tourist information center includes a dynamic message board indicating whether the facility is open or closed. This may be the only instance of a variable message sign for a welcome center anywhere in the country. Photo taken 06/01/11.
The welcome center off-ramp loops northward from Interstate 80 east to form an access road to a bluff offering views of the Mississippi River. Semi trucks over 40 feet in length are prohibited from using the rest area. Photo taken 04/08/13.
Interstate 80 east travels two miles south from the welcome center off-ramp to meet the western terminus of Interstate 88. Interstate 88 stretches 143 miles across northern Illinois from the Quad Cities east to Dixon, De Kalb, Aurora and the western Chicago suburbs. Photo taken 04/08/13.
The Illinois welcome sign does not appear along Interstate 80 east until just after the welcome center off-ramp and Exit 1. Photo taken 06/01/11.
Weigh stations line both sides of Interstate 80, one mile north of the full-cloverleaf interchange (Exits 4B/A) with Interstate 88 east, Illinois 5 west, and Illinois 92. Photos taken 04/08/13.
Illinois 5 begins as Interstate 88 ends to overlap with IL-92 west 3.9 miles to IL-84 at Carbon Hill. Photo taken 04/08/13.
Designated in July 1987, Interstate 88 replaced Illinois 5 from the Quad Cities eastward to Chicago. This includes all of the East-West Tollway from Sterling east to Interstate 290 (Eisenhower Expressway). Illinois 110 (Chicago Kansas City Expressway) was added to all of I-88 in 2010 as the eastern leg of a multi-state route between Interstate 35 and U.S. 36 in Missouri. Photo taken 04/08/13.
Exit 4A leaves Interstate 80 east for Illinois 5 & 92 west to Quad City Downs, Carbon Hill, Silvis and East Moline. IL-5 travels just 15 miles from I-80 west to U.S. 67 at Rock Island. IL-92 is part of a multi-state route beginning from U.S. 34 near La Moline west to Muscatine, Iowa and all the way to Torrington, Wyoming. Photo taken 04/08/13.
Interstate 88 & Illinois 92 travel east from Interstate 80 (Exit 4B) 5.6 miles to Joslin, where the state route turns east. I-88 & IL 110 curve northeast parallel to the Rock River 41 miles to Sterling and 44 miles to the beginning of the East-West Tollway. Photo taken 04/08/13.
Interstate 80 east & Illinois 110 south
An Illinois 110 / CKC reassurance marker was added to Interstate 80 east by 2011. IL 110 follows Interstate 80 east to Interstate 74 east. Photo taken 06/01/11.
A guide sign takes the place of the reassurance shield for Interstate 80 east after Exit 4 to direct travelers from Interstate 88 west to Interstates 74 and 280. Photo taken 06/01/11.
The city of Colona lies four miles south at the next exit of Interstate 80 east. The exchange with Interstate 74 follows in six miles. Chicago, which is more directly linked from the QC via I-88, is 166 miles via I-80 and its connections. Photo taken 06/01/11.
Drivers along I-80 east span the Rock River, a 299 mile tributary of the Mississippi flowing southwest from Theresa Marsh in southeast Wisconsin. Photo taken 06/01/11.
The Rock River separates Rock Island and Henry Counties across Interstate 80 & Illinois 110. The county was formed in 1826 and named after Founding Father, Patrick Henry. Photo taken 06/01/11.
Cleveland Road and Interstate 80 & Illinois 110 come together at a folded-diamond interchange (Exit 7) at northeast Colona in one mile. Photo taken 06/01/11.
Cleveland Road leads west from Exit 7 to Illinois 84 in Colona. IL 84 enters Colona from Carbon Cliff, west of the Rock River and turns south to end at U.S. 6. Photo taken 06/01/11.
East from Exit 7, Cleveland Road becomes County Road 2 east from Dayton by the village of Cleveland en route to Illinois 82. Photo taken 06/01/11.
Interstate 80 & Illinois 110 shield markers posted at the crossing over Green River. Photo taken 06/01/11.
U.S. 6, which traveled with Interstate 80 east into Davenport, Iowa, leaves the Quad Cities at south Colona and the Exit 9 diamond interchange. The eastern turn of Interstate 80 at Interstates 74 and 280 follows in two miles. Photo taken 09/04/05. Second photo taken 06/01/11.
U.S. 6 parallels Interstates 74 & 280 west to Coal Valley and Quad City International Airport (MLI), where the route turns north with I-74 through Moline to Bettendorf. Photo taken 06/01/11.
Interstate 80 & Illinois 110 east reach the Exit 9 off-ramp to U.S. 6. U.S. 6 ventures east from the freeway along side Interstate 80 to Geneseo and Atkinson.
A full-cloverleaf interchange lies ahead with Interstates 74 & 280 west back to Moline and Rock Island and the continuation of Interstate 80 east to Chicago. Photo taken 09/04/05. Second photo taken 06/01/11.
Interstates 74 & 280 share 9.39 miles of pavement west to south Moline. I-280 continues west from there to Milan, Rock Island and western reaches of Davenport, Iowa. Photo taken 06/01/11.
Quad Cities International Airport (MLI) is the first exit of Interstates 74 & 280 west in nine miles. The airport lies south of the freeway and adjacent to the western terminus of U.S. 150 at U.S. 6. Photo taken 06/01/11.
Travelers remaining on the I-80 freeway mainline default onto Interstate 74 east to Galesburg and Peoria. Photo taken 06/01/11.
Illinois 110 (Chicago Kansas City Expressway) tags along with Interstate 74 south to the U.S. 34 freeway west from Galesburg. Photo taken 06/01/11.
Unsigned Exit 10A leaves Interstate 80 & Illinois 110 east for Interstates 74 & 280 back to the Quad Cities. Photo taken 06/01/11.
Motorists following Interstate 80 east utilize a loop ramp onto the ending Interstate 280 freeway to continue onward to La Salle, Ottawa, Joliet and the south suburbs of Chicago. Photo taken 09/04/05.
The Interstate 74 mainline takes over where Interstate 80 east leaves. I-74 travels 220 miles overall in Illinois, connecting the Quad Cities with Peoria, Bloomington and Champaign-Urbana. Connections with I-155 south lead drivers to St. Louis as well. Photo taken 09/04/05.
Interstate 80 east
An eastbound shield precedes the Osco Road underpass in this scene. Photo taken 12/27/09.
A nine-mile exit less stretch culminates at the city of Geneseo. Joliet debuts on mileage sign as the city where Interstate 80 crosses paths with I-55, 128 miles to the east. Photo taken 05/06/10.
Leaving the Quad Cities area, Interstate 80 bee lines east through open farm land and forested hills surrounding Mineral Creek. 19,900 vehicles per day were recorded on this stretch in 2011. Photos taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 80 turns south to bypass the south side of Geneseo ahead of a diamond interchange (Exit 19) with Illinois 82 (Oakwood Avenue). Photo taken 05/06/10.
Illinois 82 travels just 26 miles from Illinois 92, seven miles north of Geneseo, to Illinois 17 at Nekoma in southern Henry County. Photo taken 05/06/10.
Use Exit 19 for Illinois 82 south to Henry County 4 (570th Avenue) east to Henry County 39 (1670th Street) south for the village of Bishop Hill. Bishop Hill was settled by Swedish immigrants in 1846 and is a National Landmark Village. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Eastbound at the Exit 19 off-ramp to Illinois 82. IL 82 follows Oakwood Avenue north 0.75 miles to merge with U.S. 6 west to Main Street at the Geneseo city center. A rural drive otherwise continues the state route south nine miles to a short merge with IL 81 west to Cambridge. Photo taken 05/06/10.
An eight-mile exit less stretch takes Interstate 80 east from Geneseo to Atkinson. Chicago is now 151 miles away. Photo taken 12/27/09. Second photo taken 05/06/10.
Curving back to an east-west trajectory along Interstate 80 ahead of 1600th Street, southeast of Geneseo. Photo taken 05/06/10.
Interstate 80 crosses Spring Creek on the straight away toward Atkinson. U.S. 6 parallels one half mile to the north. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Henry County 5 (State Street) connects Interstate 80 with the town of Atkinson along the north side of the freeway at Exit 27. Photo taken 05/06/10.
South from Exit 27, County Road 5 ventures 16.5 miles to the city limits of Galva. Photo taken 05/06/10.
Entering the Exit 27 diamond interchange with County Road 5 and State Street north on I-80 east. Henry County 5 ends at U.S. 6 (Henry Street) 0.7 miles to the north at Atkinson. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 80 traverses an area of wetlands to the southeast of Atkinson. Photo taken 12/27/09.
The final Henry County interchange lies five miles ahead with Illinois 78. Joliet and Chicago follow at 111 and 143 miles respectively. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 80 shifts veers northward and switches places with U.S. 6 ahead emerging along side Hennepin Canal ahead of Illinois 78 and Annawan. Photo taken 12/27/09. Second photo taken 05/06/10.
A seemingly random sign indicates to eastbound motorists that the first conventional rest area of Interstate 80 lies 20 miles ahead near Wyanet. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Illinois 78 (Canal Street) sees a diamond interchange (Exit 33) with Interstate 80 in one mile at the village of Annawan. Photo taken 05/06/10.
Traveling 210 miles overall, Illinois 78 heads south from Annawan to Kewanee, Canton, and Jacksonville to the south from Exit 33. Photo taken 05/06/10.
Exit 33 departs Interstate 80 east for Illinois 78 (Canal Street). The state route heads nine miles north to Hooppole and 20 miles to Prophetstown in Whiteside County. IL 78 forms a multi-state route with Wisconsin 78 north, which extends the route another 93 miles to Interstates 39-90-94 near Portage. Photo taken 05/06/10.
Interstate 80 continues southeast parallel to U.S. 6 to Mineral. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Illinois 40 is the next exit in 11 miles on the drive to Joliet (105 miles) and Chicago (137 miles). Photo taken 05/06/10.
Crossing into Bureau County along Interstate 80 east. Photo taken 12/27/09.


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