Interstate 83 North - York Vicinity

Interstate 83 north
The first reassurance marker of Interstate 83 north in Pennsylvania precedes the Stewartstown Road overpass. Photo taken 06/27/10.
A tourist information center and rest area resides at milepost 2, near the community of Keeney. Photo taken 06/21/12.
One mile south of the Pennsylvania welcome center, the four-lane freeway shows its age with a narrow right of way and a guard rail median. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Button copy guide sign posted for the next rest area, which lies beyond the north end of Interstate 83 along Interstate 81 north in East Hanover Township. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Northbound Interstate 83 at the welcome center. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Pennsylvania 851 (Forrest Avenue) ties into Interstate 83 at its first York County interchange (Exit 4). The state highway straddles the southern reaches of the county between Pennsylvania 74 near Delta and Pennsylvania 516 near Glenville. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Exit 4 leaves Interstate 83 north for Pennsylvania 851 (Forrest Avenue). Forrest Avenue enters the borough of Shrewsbury just west of the Exit 4 diamond interchange. There Pennsylvania 851 intersects Main Street (former U.S. 111 and Pennsylvania 851 Truck).
East from I-83, PA 851 follows Bridgeview Road 4.3 miles to Stewartstown. Photo taken 06/21/12.
An Interstate 83 reassurance shield was posted ahead of the Mount Airy Road underpass. This assembly was removed by 2008. Photo taken 10/13/04.
Northbound mileage sign touting the distances to Glen Rock (Exit 8), York, and Harrisburg. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Pennsylvania 216 (Seaks Run Road) crosses paths with Interstate 83 midway between Susquehanna Trail (old U.S. 111) and Woodland Road. The state route parallels Seaks Run 3.2 miles northeast from Exit 8 to Swamp Road near Graydon. Photo taken 06/21/12.
One mile south of the Exit 8 off-ramp to Pennsylvania 213 (Seaks Run Road) on Interstate 83 north. Pennsylvania 216 is signed for Glen Rock, a borough 3.5 miles to the southwest at the state highway merge with Pennsylvania 616. Photo taken 10/13/04. Second photo taken 06/21/12.
Northbound at the Exit 8 diamond interchange with Pennsylvania 216 (Seaks Run Road). Pennsylvania 216 travels 5.3 miles from Interstate 83 east to Winterstown and its end at Pennsylvania 24 (Winterstown Road). Photo taken 10/13/04. Second photo taken 06/21/12.
The city of York is nine miles north via Interstate 83 to Business Loop I-83. Harrisburg is now a half hour away. Photo taken 06/21/12.
The next interchange for northbound travelers serves the borough of Loganville at Exit 10. Joining the freeway there is North Street & Lake Road just north of Pennsylvania 214 (Dunkand Valley Road). Photo taken 06/21/12.
One mile south of the Exit 10 folded-diamond interchange with North Street and Lake Road. This interchange was upgraded between 2012 and November 2013 to include a new overpass for North Street and longer ramps to and from I-83. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Exit 10 loops away from Interstate 83 north to North Street. Nearby Pennsylvania 214 travels along Dunkand Valley Road east from Logansville to end at Dallastown (PA 74). The state highway arcs westward from old U.S. 111 to Seven Valleys and a conclusion at Pennsylvania 616. Photo taken 06/27/10.
Interstate 83 winds northeast by Jacobus to cross Lake Redman. Photo taken 06/27/10.
The city of York lies seven miles north of Logansville and Exit 10. Downtown Harrisburg resides 32 miles to the north and is accessible via Exits 43, 44A, and 44B. Photo taken 06/27/10.
An upcoming exits sign follows for the three York Township interchanges of Leader Heights (Exit 14), South George Street (Exit 15) and Queen Street (Exits 16A/B). Photo taken 06/21/12.
Two miles south of the Exit 14 diamond interchange with Pennsylvania 182 (Leader Heights Road). The state route meanders northwest 5.6 miles to end at PA 462 at Kurtz Place. Photo taken 10/13/04.
Pennsylvania 182 travels east from Leader Heights to Interstate 83 and a nearby end at Pennsylvania 74 in Spry. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Incorporated as a city on January 11, 1887, the city of York is home to 43,718 per the 2010 census and served by five exits along Interstate 83. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Construction between May 2003 and December 2006 improved the ramps at Pennsylvania 182 (Leader Heights Road) and expanded I-83 to six lanes between Exits 14 and 15 (Business Loop Interstate 83). PA 182 meets South George Street (former U.S. 111) one half mile to the west while Business 83 spurs north along a freeway to merge with S. George Street south of downtown York. Photo taken 06/21/12.
The Leader Heights Road overpass includes artwork featuring a white rose, which symbolizes the White Rose City, the nickname of York. Photo taken 06/27/10.
Business Loop Interstate 83 travels northward along a four-lane expressway two miles to overtake South George Street (old U.S. 111). The route coincides with former U.S. 111 along George Street through to North York and Exit 22 of I-83. Photo taken 06/21/12.
The original configuration for Interstate 83 north at Business Loop I-83 saw a left-hand exit at a wye interchange (Exit 15). Aforementioned construction between 2003-06 realigned Interstate 83 to remove a sharp turn, nicknamed "Dead Man's Curve" while upgrading the interchange into a tri-level directional interchange with full access between the two freeways. Construction also modernized the 1950s Business Loop freeway between Interstate 83 and Country Club Road. Photo taken 10/13/04. Second photo taken 06/21/12.
A high flyover shuttles motorists onto Business Loop I-83 north through York. Until 2009 when Business Loop I-376 was designated, this was the sole Business Loop in Pennsylvania. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Interstate 83 bypasses York between Elmwood and East York over the next six miles. Queen Street (Pennsylvania 74) meets the freeway in one mile, followed by Pennsylvania 124 (Mt. Rose Avenue) in three miles. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Interstate 83 stays below grade from Business Loop I-83 and the Powder Mill Road overpass. This stretch of freeway was also reconstructed during the 2003-06 project. Photo taken 06/21/12.
One half mile southwest of the Exit 16 six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange with Pennsylvania 74 (Queen Street). Pennsylvania 74 travels northwest from Maryland 623 in southeastern York County through the boroughs of Red Lion and Dallastown to Spry and junction Interstate 83. Photo taken 06/21/12.
A U.S. 30 trailblazer accompanies the next reassurance marker for Interstate 83 north for their interchange by North York (Exit 21). U.S. 30 is the main east-west route in the area. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Exit 16A departs Interstate 83 north for Pennsylvania 74 (Queen Street) south. The state route enters Spry nearby and continues from there east into Dallastown as Main Street to junction Pennsylvania 214. Pennsylvania 74 then follows Broadway into downtown Red Lion and junction Pennsylvania 24 (Main Street).
The sign bridge for Exit 16 pictured in 2004 was missing by 2010, leaving temporary style signs for both ramps of Exit 16. Photo taken 06/01/04. Second photo taken 06/21/12.
Exit 16B loops onto Pennsylvania 74 (Queen Street) northbound for the city of York. Queen Street carries the state highway northward to junction Pennsylvania 462 (Philadelphia & Market Streets) for a short overlap through downtown. Pennsylvania 74 departs York via Carlisle Avenue, continuing its 92-mile trek to Dillsburg, Carlisle and PA 75 near Port Royal. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Interstate 83 swings northeast across a hill overlooking Mill Creek beyond the Queen Street on-ramp. Photo taken 06/21/12.
An upcoming exits sign lists the distances to the next three York interchanges: Mt. Rose Avenue (Exit 18), Market Street (Exit 19) and Arsenal Road / U.S. 30 (Exits 21A/B). Photo taken 06/21/12.
One-mile guide sign for Pennsylvania 124 (Mt. Rose Avenue) posted on Interstate 83 northbound. Pennsylvania 124 begins its eastward journey from Pennsylvania 74 (Queen Street) in York. From there Mt. Rose Avenue enters Villa Green. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Interstate 83 northbound at the Exit 18 off-ramp to Pennsylvania 124 (Mt. Rose Avenue). Pennsylvania 124 continues east from Exit 18 to Tilden, Delroy, and East Prospect in eastern York County.
A major upgrade will commence in 2015 at Exit 18, upgrading the current diamond interchange into a six-ramp partial-cloverleaf. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Upcoming exits sign posted at the Mt. Rose Avenue overpass. Up next is the Exit 19 partial-cloverleaf interchange with Pennsylvania 462 (Market Street) at the community of East York. Photo taken 06/21/12.
The Exit 18 on-ramp adds an auxiliary lane to I-83 north for Exit 19 and Pennsylvania 462 (Market Street). Market Street carries the original U.S. 30 alignment between York and East York while U.S. 30 bypasses the route via a varying four-lane freeway and surface arterial to the north. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Reassurance marker posted for Interstate 83 north as the freeway parallels Mill Creek by Elmwood and Fayfield into East York. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Nearing the ramp departure of Exit 19 for Pennsylvania 462 (Market Street). Pennsylvania 462 partitions into a one-way street couplet to the west. Pennsylvania 462 west travels Philadelphia Street and eastbound follows Market Street through downtown York. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Exit 19 leaves Interstate 83 northbound for Pennsylvania 462 (Market Street). The off-ramp intersects Market Street at North Hills Road, which leads north to U.S. 30 (Arsenal Road) just west of its freeway to Columbia and Lancaster. Use Pennsylvania 462 east otherwise for the communities of Spring Plains and Stonybrook. Photo taken 06/21/12.
The northbound on-ramp from Pennsylvania 462 (Lincoln Highway) joins the freeway from parallel North Hills Road at Philadelphia Street by this shield assembly. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Interstate 83 turns west, remaining along side Mill Creek and also paralleling U.S. 30, from East York to Windsor Park and North York. Photo taken 06/21/12.
The final two York exits join Interstate 83 with U.S. 30 (Arsenal Road) and North George Street, the return of Business Loop I-83. Photo taken 06/21/12.
U.S. 30 (Arsenal Road) intersects Interstate 83 at Exit 21 just outside the borough of North York. Arsenal Road comprises a six-lane surface arterial through northern reaches of York between Kenneth and North Hills Roads. The heavily traveled roadway features numerous traveler services and amenities. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Interstate 83 bends northward from bridges over a Norfolk Southern Railroad yard, Loucks Mill Road an Codorus Creek. Photo taken 06/21/12.
U.S. 30 joins the York area with Gettysburg to the west and Lancaster to the east. These longer distance control cities are omitted on regular guide signs that reference Arsenal Road only. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Like Exit 16 with Pennsylvania 74, the sign bridge supporting the original guide signs for U.S. 30 (Exits 21A/B) was removed sometime after 2004 and not replaced. Instead a trailblazer precedes the U.S. 30 eastbound off-ramp. Photos taken 06/21/12.
Entering the three-quarter cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 30 (Arsenal Road) on Interstate 83 north. Exit 21A carries motorists onto U.S. 30 eastbound for Springettsbury Township, Hallam, Wrightsville and Columbia. U.S. 30 upgrades to a freeway beyond the intersection with North Hills Road through to the Lancaster bypass. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Again a trailblazer takes place of a conventional guide sign for the Exit 21B loop ramp onto U.S. 30 west for Abbottstown and New Oxford. The section of U.S. 30 (Arsenal Road and Loucks Road) between I-83 and Kenneth Road consists of a congested commercial route. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Exit 21B loops away from I-83 north for U.S. 30 west. U.S. 30 travels a short freeway from Pennsylvania 74 (Carlisle Road) and Pennsylvania 462 that bypasses West York and Kurtz Place. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Resuming a northward heading, Interstate 83 quickly encounters the Exit 22 partial-cloverleaf interchange with North George Street. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Pennsylvania 181 joins Business Loop Interstate 83 along North George Street from U.S. 30 (Arsenal Road) to Exit 22. The state route continues along North George Street beyond Exit 22 into Emigsville and via Main Street from there to Manchester. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Leaving York, Interstate 83 travels through Manchester Township between Roundtown and Emigsville. Photo taken 06/21/12.
A folded-cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 83 with Pennsylvania 238 (Church Road), 1.75 miles to the north of this sign bridge. Pennsylvania 238 follows a 5.4 mile arc from Pennsylvania 181 (N. George Street) in Emigsville southwest to Pennsylvania 74 (Carlisle Road) at Shiloh. Photo taken 06/21/12.
One mile south of Exit 24 (Pennsylvania 238) on I-83 north near the Locust Lane overpass. Pennsylvania 238 crosses Susquehanna Trail (old U.S. 111) just west of Interstate 83 before turning south through Roundtown and Foustown. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Exit 24 leaves Interstate 83 northbound after the Sinking Springs Lane over crossing. Pennsylvania 238 (Church Road) ends at Pennsylvania 181, 0.7 miles to the east at Emigsville. Board Road stems north from the Exit 24 ramp end at Church Road through an industrial park to become York Street in the borough of Manchester. Photo taken 06/21/12.
A rare state-named shield in service along the Interstate 83 northbound mainline after Exit 24. Photo taken 06/21/12.
The first control point based mileage sign posted since south of York lists the distances to Strinestown (Exit 28) and the capital of Harrisburg (20 miles). Photo taken 06/21/12.
Four lanes of Interstate 83 undulate in this scene north of the Pennsylvania 921 (Canal Road) underpass. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Another valley lies in western East Manchester Township as Interstate 83 approaches the crossing over Little Conewago Creek. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Pennsylvania 295 travels the original alignment of U.S. 111 (Old Susquehanna Trail) from Zions View northward to Strinestown. The state highway intersects Interstate 83 at the Exit 28 diamond interchange. Photo taken 06/21/12.
One mile south of the Exit 28 ramp departure for Pennsylvania 295 (Old Susquehanna Trail). The state route ends 2.4 miles south at junction Pennsylvania 921 (Canal Road) in Zions View. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Exit 28 leaves Interstate 83 northbound for Pennsylvania 295 (Old Susquehanna Trail). Old Susquehanna Trail (old U.S. 111) splits with Pennsylvania 295 at the Conewago Creek. There Old U.S. 111 turns northwest along Old Trail Road while PA 295 veers northeast along Cragmoor Road en route to Pleasant Grove and its end at Cly (PA 262). Photo taken 06/21/12.
Continuing north by Strinestown in northern Conewago Township on Interstate 83. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Newberrytown is the next exit of I-83 north with downtown Harrisburg just 15 miles away now. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Spanning Conewago Creek, Interstate 83 enters Newberry Township at an elevation of 375 feet above sea level. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Rising from the Conewago Creek valley, drivers on Interstate 83 pass by the 1.50-mile guide sign for Exit 32 (Pennsylvania 382). Pennsylvania 382 (Old Trail Road) sees a diamond interchange with the freeway at Newberrytown. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Truckers are alerted of a forthcoming weigh station at the Sheep Bridge Road overpass. Frontage roads (Sipe & Stevens Roads) parallel the freeway through this vicinity northward to Newberrytown. Photo taken 06/21/12.
Exit 32 departs Interstate 83 north to Pennsylvania 382 (Old Trail Road). Pennsylvania 382 travels York Haven Road east from Newberrytown to York Haven and its end at Pennsylvania 181. Lewisberry lies 3.6 miles to the west along PA 382 (Lewisberry Road) at junction Pennsylvania 177 (Rosstown Road). Photo taken 06/21/12.


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