Interstate 83 North - Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway

Interstate 83 north & 695 east
Interstate 83 & 695 share pavement between the Exit 23 and 24 interchanges. The overlap is officially signed with reassurance markers after the Interstate 83 on-ramp from the Jones Falls Expressway onto Interstate 695 inner. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Five lanes of Interstate 83 north & 695 east / inner prepare to split at a directional interchange (Exit 24) at Seminary Park. Interstate 83 claims the right-hand two lanes of the Beltway for its northward departure to Timonium, Cockeysville, and York, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 08/04/13.
The second to last sign bridge for the Exit 24 split with Interstate 83 north on Interstate 695 east / inner. Interstate 83 serves the growing northern suburbs of Baltimore County through to the Pennsylvania state line. The freeway was built in the 1950s as part of the U.S. 111 corridor between Baltimore and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Interstate 83 north parts ways with Interstate 695 east / inner at Exit 24. Exit 16 of Interstate 83 north serves nearby Timonium. Use Exits 18 and 20 for Maryland 45 (York Road) and the community of Cockeysville. The freeway reaches the city of York in 37 miles and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 65 miles. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Two lanes of I-83 lower to pass under the Beltway. Another two join from I-695 west ahead of the MD-131 overpass. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Interstate 83 north
Interstate 83 resumes a northward course and next meets Timonium Road at a three-quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exits 16A/B). Photo taken 08/04/13.
The one-mile guide sign for Timonium Road was originally attached to the Maryland 131 (Seminary Road) overpass. There is no direct access to the east-west state route otherwise. It connects Lutherville (Maryland 45) with Maryland 25 north of Brooklandville. Photo taken 05/31/04.
Sound walls separate Interstate 83 (Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway) from adjacent residential subdivisions on the half mile approach to Exit 17. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Timonium Road intersects Maryland 45 (York Road) at Timonium just east of Exit 16A and otherwise continues to Maryland 146 near Loch Raven Reservoir. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Exit 16A leaves Interstate 83 north for Timonium Road east. Interests to the Maryland State Fairgrounds and Racetrack are advised to use Exit 17. Photo taken 10/13/04. Second photo taken 08/04/13.
Exit 16B leads to Timonium Road west en route to Baltimore Country Club/Five Farms and Mays Chapel Road. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Auxiliary guide sign displaying the connections of Exit 17 to Deereco Road and Exit 18 with Beaver Dam Road. Deereco Road parallels Interstate 83 southward from Padonia Road to the MARC Light Rail station. Beaver Dam Road continues north from Deereco Road to Warren Road and the Metropolitan Industrial Park. Photo taken 10/13/04.
The following exit along northbound Interstate 83 is Padonia Road, east into Padonia and west toward Cronhardt. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Northbound at the Exit 17 partial-cloverleaf interchange with Padonia Road. Padonia Road east to Maryland 45 (York Road) leads motorists south to the Maryland Fairgrounds. Padonia Road continues west from Interstate 83 by several apartment complexes to junction Maryland 25 (Falls Road) where it becomes Broadway Road. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Interstate 83 winds northwest from Padonia to Broadmoor. Beyond the tree line and this reassurance shield is a large quarry lining the east side of the six-lane freeway. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Exit 18 constitutes a wye interchange between Interstate 83 north and Warren Road (unsigned Maryland 943). Maryland 943 was constructed in 1994 as a 0.59-mile connector between the freeway and Beaver Dam Road. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Exit 18 expands into a two-lane off-ramp for Warren Road (unsigned Maryland 943) east to Cockeysville. Warren Road continues from Beaver Dam Road to Maryland 45 (York Road) and suburbs leading east to Warren and Lock Raven Reservoir. Maryland 45 is former U.S. 111, and it parallels Interstate 83 from the Baltimore Beltway north to the Maryland-Pennsylvania State Line. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Interstate 83 parts ways with Exit 18 and Maryland 943 east. The Jones Falls Expressway extension north from Brooklandville would have tied into this junction had it been built. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Northbound reassurance marker posted between Broadmoor and the Hunt Valley Business Community. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Exits 20A/B comprise a full-cloverleaf interchange between Interstate 83 (Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway) and Shawan Road at Hunt Valley. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Shawan Road heads west toward Oregon and Shawan and east to meet Maryland 45 (York Road) at Marble Hill. A connection to the northwestern edge of Loch Raven Reservoir may be made via Maryland 145 (Paper Mill Road) east. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Interstate 83 north reduces to two overall lanes as the right-hand lane defaults onto a collector/distributor roadway for Shawan Road (Exits 20A/B). Photo taken 06/20/12.
Exit 20A leaves the painted c/d roadway for Shawan Road east to Hunt Valley Mall and York Road. Interests to Cockeysville should follow McCormick Road or Maryland 45 south from Shawn Road. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Exit 20B follows and loops onto Shawan Road west to Oregon Ridge Park and Shawan. Shawan Road becomes Tufton Avenue west of Maryland 25 (Falls Road) to Worthington Valley. Photo taken 10/13/04. Second photo taken 06/20/12.
Mileage sign (original and Clearview replacement) on Interstate 83 north ahead of Western Run. Harrisburg joins York on all mileage signs from here northward to the state line of Pennsylvania. Photo taken 10/13/04. Second photo taken 06/20/12.
The next exit along northbound is Exit 24, Belfast Road east to Sparks and west to Butler. A partial-cloverleaf interchange handles the movements between Interstate 83 and Belfast Road at the community of Priceville. Photo taken 10/13/04. Second photo taken 06/27/10.
Northbound Interstate 83 at Exit 24, Belfast Road. Trucks are prohibited on Belfast Road west to junction Maryland 25 (Falls Road) at the Butler. Photo taken 06/20/12.
This mileage sign provides the distances to Hereford (via Exit 27), York, and Harrisburg. Photo taken 06/20/12.
What was an original button copy sign for Exit 27, junction Maryland 137 (Mount Carmel Road), posted one mile south of Hereford. Photo taken 05/31/04.
A Clearview-based sign now advises motorists of the one-mile approach to the Exit 27 diamond interchange with Maryland 137 (Mt. Carmel Road). Photo taken 06/20/12.
Exit 27 departs Interstate 83 north for Maryland 137 (Mount Carmel Road) at Hereford. The state route tallies 8.50-miles of pavement from Maryland 45 (York Road) nearby to the intersection with Gunpowder Road at Armacost. White House lies five miles to the west at Maryland 25 (Falls Road). Photo taken 06/20/12.
Shield and mileage sign posted after Exit 27 on northbound. Interstate 83 enters Gunpowder Falls State Park on the four-mile drive between Hereford and Parkton. Photos taken 06/20/12.
A brief carriageway split awaits motorists on Interstate 83 as it travels across Gundpowder Falls one mile south of the Exit 31 diamond interchange with Middletown Road. Photo taken 10/13/04. Second photo taken 06/20/12.
Middletown Road branches northwest from Maryland 45 (York Road) near Wiseburg to Exit 31 and the rural settlements of Rayville and Eklo. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Interstate 83 northbound reaches the Middletown Road off-ramp (Exit 31). Use Middletown Road east to Maryland 45 (York Road) for the nearby community of Parkton. Continuing northwest, Middletown Road heads four miles to Middletown and nine miles to junction Pennsylvania 851 at Steltz. Photo taken 10/13/04. Second photo taken 06/27/10.
Sinking toward the crossing of Owl Branch along Interstate 83 north near Parkton. Between the beltway and York, the countryside is rural, with small towns dotting the landscape in between parks and forested areas. Through its entire journey north of the city of Baltimore, Interstate 83 remains in Baltimore County. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Having paralleled one another since the Baltimore Beltway, Interstate 83 and Maryland 45 (former U.S. 111) finally meet at Exit 33. Photo taken 06/20/12.
One half mile south of the Exit 33 diamond interchange on Interstate 83 north. Maryland 45 follows York Road and old U.S. 111 from the city of Baltimore north to Maryland Line, a community just south of the Pennsylvania state boundary. Locally the route serves Parkton. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Exit 33 connects Interstate 83 north with Maryland 45 (York Road) opposite Stablers Church Road. Stablersville lies to the east. York Road meanwhile shifts to west of the freeway through to Maryland Line. Photo taken 06/27/10.
Taking the Exit 33 off-ramp to Maryland 45 (York Road) and Stablers Church Road. Maryland 45 totals 30.02 miles between U.S. 1 (North Avenue) and the Keystone State. Photos taken 06/20/12.
Interstate 83 northbound reassurance shield posted after the Maryland 45 (York Road) on-ramp. The Baltimore Harrisburg Expressway continues four miles northward to the Pennsylvania state line at Maryland Line. Photo taken 10/13/04.
The final exit in Maryland along north Interstate 83 is Exit 36, Junction Maryland 439 southeast to Shawsville and northwest to Maryland Line. This mileage sign provides the distance to the cities of York and Harrisburg in Pennsylvania. Photo taken 06/27/10.
This older, button copy sign, was located along northbound Interstate 83 on the one-mile approach to Exit 36 (Maryland 439). This sign mentions Bel Air, which can be reached via South Maryland 439, South/East Maryland 23, and South Maryland 24 to U.S. 1. Photo taken 05/31/04.
A Clearview-sign replaced the original one-mile sign for Exit 36 by 2010. Maryland 439 travels 7.19 miles from Maryland 45 (York Road) to Maryland 23 in Harford County. Photo taken 06/27/10.
One half mile south of Exit 36. The wide, grassy medians that are found along Interstate 83 north of Baltimore will come to an end upon reaching Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, the freeway was built to a standard similar to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and guardrails/jersey barriers separate the two directions of traffic. Even so, Interstate 83 north of Baltimore was one of the earliest freeways built; in fact, several sections of the highway (Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway) existed as U.S. 111 in the 1950s before it was designated as Interstate 83. Photo taken 06/27/10.
Northbound Interstate 83 reaches the final Maryland exit, Exit 36, Junction Maryland 439 to Maryland Line and Bel Air. A partial-cloverleaf interchange handles the movements to Maryland 439 (Old York Road). Photo taken 10/13/04. Second photo taken 06/27/10.
Maryland 439 guide sign posted at the end of the Exit 36 off-ramp with Old York Road. Maryland 439 ends nearby at Maryland 45 (York Road) to the right. To the left Maryland 439 travels seven miles southeast to Maryland 23 at Shawville. Adjacent York Road continues one mile north to Maryland Line before crossing into Pennsylvania as Susquehanna Trail. Photo taken 10/13/04.
The final Interstate 83 reassurance shield posted on the Baltimore Harrisburg Expressway in the state of Maryland. The Freeland Road (former Maryland 409) overpass is visible in the distance at the community of Maryland Line. Maryland 409 traveled Freeland Road west from the Pennsylvania line until 1985. Photo taken 06/21/12.
A final sign thanking motorists for visiting Maryland is placed in the right shoulder just before entering the Keystone State of Pennsylvania. Photo taken 06/21/12.
A partial interchange brings traffic onto Interstate 83 from Freeland Road eastbound. A southbound only off-ramp (Exit 37) serves Maryland Line for travelers entering Maryland from the Keystone State. This configuration was likely due to the fact that Pennsylvania opened their stretch of Interstate 83 (1958) before Maryland.
The Welcome to Pennsylvania sign and pavement change represent the Mason Dixon Line and state boundary. Photo taken 06/21/12.


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