Interstate 95 North - Wilson County

Interstate 95 north
North Carolina 42 travels east-west between Clayton and Wilson, crossing paths with Interstate 95 at the Exit 116 diamond interchange in 1.5 miles. Photo taken 07/28/13.
One mile out from the Exit 116 off-ramp to NC 42 on I-95 north at Contentnea Creek. North Carolina 42 travels a long distance between Asheboro and Colerain. Closer to Wilson, the state road meets Rock Ridge and Buckhorn Crossroads west of the freeway. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Exit 116 leaves Interstate 95 north for North Carolina 42. The state highway sees an interchange with the U.S. 264 freeway two miles to the east. From there, North Carolina 42 turns east and enters western reaches of Wilson to Tarboro Street. Photo taken 07/28/13.
The freeways of Interstate 795 & U.S. 264 and Interstate 95 meet at a full-cloverleaf interchange (Exits 119A/B) west of Wilson in two miles.
U.S. 264 overall comprises an intrastate U.S. highway between Raleigh and Manns Harbor. The US highway shares pavement with the U.S. 64 freeway from Zebulon west to junction Interstate 440 at Raleigh. Eastward, U.S. 264 once overlapped with U.S. 64 east from Manns Harbor to Manteo and Whalebone Junction. In 2003, U.S. 264 saw truncation west from the Outer Banks to its junction with U.S. 64. Photo taken 06/25/05. Second photo taken 07/28/13.
A carriageway split precedes the St. Rose Church Road overpass at Fillmore along Interstate 95 north. Photo taken 07/28/13.
One mile south of Exit 119 on Interstate 95 north. U.S. 264 constitutes a full freeway from its split with U.S. 64 near Zebulon to its junction with U.S. 13 north of Greenville. Interstate 795 (formerly U.S. 117) begins at Interstate 95 and follows U.S. 264 four miles east to its own freeway south of Wilson. Photo taken 06/25/05. Second photo taken 07/28/13.
Collector/Distributor Roadways facilitate the movements between Interstate 95 and the Interstate 795 & 264 freeway at Exit 119. Old Raleigh Road passes over the freeway at the Exit 119 c/d roadway split.
U.S. 117 was extended northwest from its end at U.S. 301 upon completion of the freeway alignment between Wilson and Goldsboro. The overlap with U.S. 264 existed for continuity purposes to Interstate 95. On October 3, 2007, the entire U.S. 117 freeway from U.S. 70 northward to U.S. 264 at Wilson was upgraded to Interstate 795. At that time, U.S. 117 reverted to its original alignment, signed as U.S. 117A when the freeway was built, and truncated back to U.S. 301 again. Photo taken 06/25/05. Second photo taken 07/28/13.
Exit 119A departs the c/d roadway for U.S. 264 east to Wilson and Greenville and Interstate 795 south to Freemont and Pikeville. U.S. 117, like U.S. 264, is an intrastate highway, traveling a short distance between U.S. 301 near the Interstate 795 and U.S. 264 split and Wilmington. Much of the route between Wilson, Goldsboro, and Faison existed as a freeway until Interstate 795 was signed. Photo taken 06/25/05. Second photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 264 westbound continues to Baily, Middlesex, and Zebulon before merging with U.S. 64 en route to Knightdale and Raleigh. U.S. 264 ends at the U.S. 64 merge onto Interstate 440. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 264 Alternate (Raleigh Road) follows the original U.S. 264 alignment east from the U.S. 264 freeway into Wilson. Raleigh Road meets Interstate 95 at the Exit 121 diamond interchange near Finch Mill, with U.S. 264 Alternate merging back with U.S. 264 shortly to the west. The "alternate" route acts as a long-distance business loop through Wilson between Exits 36 and 51 of the U.S. 264 freeway. Photo taken 06/25/05.
Completion of the Interstate 795 & U.S. 264 east freeway from Interstate 95 results in the sign change for Exit 121 where Greenville was replaced with Sims. Sims lies along U.S. 264 Alternate west of its interchange with U.S. 264, four miles away from Exit 121. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Exit 121 departs Interstate 95 north for U.S. 264 Alternate (Raleigh Road). Downtown Wilson is a six-mile drive to the east. Use U.S. 264 Alternate east for Barton College, Wilson Technical Community College, and Wilson Municipal Airport. Photo taken 12/16/07.
A look at Exit 121 before the signing of Sims. Photo taken 06/01/05.



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