Interstate 95 South - Prince William & Stafford Counties

Interstate 95 South
The HOV-3 ramp to Virginia 123 departs just south of the Occoquan River. Exit 160 serves G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium, home of the Potomac Nationals (Carolina League Class A Minor League Baseball team). The Prince William County Stadium Complex resides along Virginia 294 west of its intersection with Old Bridge Road. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Interstate 95 south at the Exit 160 off-ramp to Virginia 123 (Gordon Boulevard) north. Virginia 123 travels 31 miles in length between Woodbridge and the District of Columbia at Chain Bridge. The state route spans the Occoquan River north from Occoquan to Fairfax and Vienna along a suburbanized route. Photo taken 12/30/12.
An extension of the four lane section of I-95 south pushed the bottleneck to just beyond the Exit 160 gore point. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Interstate 95 winds westward around Woodbridge to a three-quarter cloverleaf interchange with Prince William Parkway (Virginia 294). Photo taken 12/30/12. Second photo taken 07/09/10.
Prince William Parkway begins at U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) in Woodbridge and travels west through the Dale City and Lake Ridge vicinity from Exit 158. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Foliage conceals the adjacent suburban development as Interstate 95 southbound sees a mileage sign to Frederick and Richmond. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Access to Prince William Parkway west is provided from the HOV-3 reversible roadway as well. The HOV ramp connects with an adjacent park and ride facility north of Virginia 294 (old SSR 3000) and east of Telegraph Road. Photo taken 12/30/12. Second photo taken 07/01/05.
Overall Prince William Parkway links Woodbridge with Manassas and Interstate 66. SSR 3000 was renumbered Virginia 294 on February 15, 2012. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Exit 158B leaves Interstate 95 south in the shadow of the HOV off-ramp to Virginia 294 west. Virginia 294 (formerly SSR 3000) sees a partial interchange with Virginia Secondary 639 (Caton Hill Road) nearby amid a heavily commercialized area centered on the Potomac Mills mall. Photo taken 07/11/05. Second photo taken 12/30/12.
The flyover ramp that carries HOV motorists to Virginia 294 (Prince William Parkway) includes direct access to an adjacent park and ride lot. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Meanwhile along the HOV roadway, commuters are advised of the forthcoming slip ramp onto Interstate 95 south ahead of the Exit 156 full-cloverleaf interchange with Virginia Secondary 784 (Dale Boulevard). Photo taken 07/01/05.
Exit 158A follows as a loop ramp onto Prince William Parkway east to junction U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) opposite Longview Drive to Marumsco Acres. Photo taken 12/30/12.
The last Interstate 95 Virginia shield posted on southbound within the Washington metropolitan area as it stood in 2001. Unfortunately the state-named shield was replaced by July 2002. The assembly was posted near the Exit 158 interchange with Prince William Parkway. Photo taken 10/14/01.
All trucks using the HOV-3 roadway must join the freeway mainline via the next connector ramp due to a weigh station located south of Exit 156. Photo taken 07/01/05.
The aforementioned connector from the HOV-3 roadway departs for the freeway mainline over a mile ahead of Virginia Secondary 742 (Dale Boulevard). Exit 156 used to constitute just a diamond interchange. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Heading east from Exit 158, Virginia Secondary 784 (Dale Boulevard) travels a short distance to junction U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) and Virginia Secondary 1342 (Rippon Boulevard). Westward the arterial ventures three miles to Dale City. Photo taken 06/17/05. Second photo taken 07/09/10.
Interstate 95 shield posted at the HOV ramp east of Potomac Mills. Photo taken 07/09/10.
A car rest area at milepost 155 was permanently closed due to VDOT budget cuts on June 21, 2009, but reopened on March 17, 2010 Photo taken 07/09/10.
Interests to the Northern Virginia Community College Woodbridge Campus should use Dale Boulevard east to Neabsco Mills Road (Virginia Secondary 638) south. Leesylvania State Park juts out into the Potomac River between Powells and Neabsco Creeks and is accessible from U.S. 1 south to Neabsco Road (SSR 610) east. Photo taken 06/17/05.
A collector/distributor roadway segregates the movements between Interstate 95 and Virginia Secondary 784 at Exit 156. Photo taken 06/17/05. Second photo taken 07/09/10.
The ramp for Dale Boulevard west departs from underneath the Opitz Boulevard overpass to Potomac Mills and Town Center Roads. Gideon Drive carries drivers south to Virginia Secondary 784 nearby. Photo taken 06/17/05. Second photo taken 12/30/12.
Virginia Secondary 1342 (Rippon Boulevard) continues Dale Boulevard east from U.S. 1 to the Rippon Landing community. The c/d roadway continues southward to the car rest area at milepost 155 before merging back onto the freeway mainline. Photo taken 07/11/05. Second photo taken 07/09/10.
The collector/distributor roadway from Dale Boulevard and the southbound rest area returns to Interstate 95 at Neabsco Creek. An Interstate 95 shield and Purple Heart Trail placard resides at the merge. Photo taken 07/09/10.
A second Interstate 95 shield follows at Neabsco Creek before the Cardinal Drive overpass. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Virginia 234 begins from parallel U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) at Dumfries and leads north to a partial-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 95. HOV-3 travelers are provided with a slip-ramp onto the freeway mainline after the Cardinal Drive overpass. Photos taken 07/01/05.
27 miles separates Interstate 95 south at the Cardinal Drive overpass from the city of Fredericksburg. Virginia's capital city is 79 miles away. Photo taken 01/02/08.
A truck weigh station resides along both directions of Interstate 95 between Powells Creek and Exit 152. The facilities are followed by truck-only rest areas in each direction. These rest areas survived the 2009 VDOT budget cuts. Photo taken 07/09/10. Second photo taken 07/11/05.
Virginia 234 follows Dumfries Road northward to Prince William Forest Park, the Lake Monclair area, and Independent Hill to junction Virginia 294 (Prince William Parkway) outside of Manassas. Photo taken 12/30/12.
One half mile north of the Exit 152B off-ramp to Virginia 234 (Dumfries Road) north to Manassas. Dumfries Road mainly consists of a commuter route between Interstate 95 and Manassas, serving a bevy of leafy subdivisions along its 22.20-mile drive to Interstate 66. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Overall Virginia 234 tallies 33.37 miles between U.S. 1 at Dumfries and U.S. 15 near Catharpin, wholly within Prince Williams County. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Exit 152B departs Interstate 95 south for Virginia 234 (Dumfries Road) north. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Virginia 234 heads just 0.55 miles south along Dumfries Road to junction U.S. 1 (Fraley Boulevard south / Jefferson Davis Highway north) at Dumfries. U.S. 1 splits into a one-way road couplet through the Dumfries and Triangle areas. Photo taken 07/09/10.
The HOV-3 roadway continues a short distance south of the Virginia 234 (Dumfries Road) overpass to its end. All traffic merges onto the Interstate 95 southbound mainline before the Quantico Creek crossing. An unused bridge spans the creek in anticipation of a future southward extension of the carpool lanes. Photos taken 07/01/05.
The HOV-3 roadway merges in with the southbound mainline ahead of this Interstate 95 reassurance shield. Portable variable message signs sometimes indicate to drivers to "Take Turns". It is a futile effort to decrease the congestion associated with the merging of six overall lanes to four. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Crossing Quantico Creek, Interstate 95 sees the aforementioned unused bridge and enters a highway safety corridor. Construction commenced in August 2012 extends the HOV roadway southward to Garrisonville Road (Exit 143). Work continues through 2014 that also includes expansion of the roadway from two to three lanes to the north and the addition of tolls for non-carpool traffic. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Virginia Secondary 610 (Joplin Road) meets Interstate 95 next at the Exit 150B/A partial-cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Exit 150B serves Joplin Road west to Prince William Forest Park and Independent Hill. Photo taken 12/30/12.
A loop ramp carries drivers onto Virginia Secondary 610 (Joplin Road) east to junction U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) at the town of Triangle. Continuing east, SSR 610 becomes Fuller Road en route into Quantico U.S. Marine Corps Reservation. Exit 150A serves Locust Shade Park and the National Marine Corps Museum (visible in the previous photo above the tree line). Photo taken 07/09/10.
Interstate 95 enters the Quantico U.S. Marine Corps Reservation on the approach to Exit 148. Russell Road provides access to the base via a partial-cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Southbound at the Exit 148 off-ramp to Russell Road. Russell Road travels east to junction U.S. 1 and Quantico on the Potomac River and west to Camp Barrett Road. Photo taken 07/11/05.
Just south of Exit 148, Interstate 95 spans the Chopawamsic Creek and exits Prince William County for Stafford County. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Southbound mileage sign posted 20 miles north of Fredericksburg near the Prince William County line. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Virginia Secondary 610 (Garrisonville Road) meets Interstate 95 at the Exit 143B/A full-cloverleaf interchange near Aquia Harbour and Garrisonville. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Exit 143B carries drivers onto Virginia Secondary 610 west to Garrisonville and Virginia Secondary 617 near Somerville in Fauquier County. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Garrisonville Road consists of a heavily developed commercial arterial west from Interstate 95 (Exit 143B) to Garrisonville. Onville Road stems north from Virginia Secondary 610 to Camp Barrett within Marine Base Quantico. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Eastward, Virginia Secondary 610 (Garrisonville Road) ends at adjacent U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) south of Aquia. Washington Drive continues Garrisonville Road east from U.S. 1 into the Aquia Harbour residential area. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Interstate 95's forested median expands on the stretch between Exits 143 and 140. Fredericksburg is just 15 miles south. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Exit 140 joins Interstate 95 with Virginia Secondary 630 (Courthouse Road) west of the Stafford County seat of Stafford. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Southbound at the Exit 140 diamond interchange with Virginia Secondary 610 (Courthouse Road). Courthouse Road carries the state route west toward Moores Corner and east toward Brooke. Photo taken 01/02/08. Second photo taken 07/09/10.
Now 12 miles north of Fredericksburg near Accokeek Creek. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Opened on December 22, 2005, Exit 136 joins Interstate 95 with Virginia Secondary 8900 (Centreport Parkway) south of Stafford Regional Airport. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Virginia Secondary 8900 (Centreport Parkway) connects Interstate 95 with parallel U.S. 1 at a grade-separated intersection north of Cranes Corner. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Heading north from Exit 136, Virginia Secondary 8900 (Centreport Parkway) meanders toward Abel Lake (junction Virginia Secondary 627) and Stafford Regional Airport, ending at SSR 628 (Ramoth Church Road). Photo taken 07/09/10.
Exit 133 represents the first of three Fredericksburg area interchanges along Interstate 95 south. U.S. 17 (Warrenton Road) travels south from Warrenton and Opal to merge with the freeway outside of Falmouth. Photo taken 12/30/12.
U.S. 17 shares 6.73-miles with Interstate 95 to bypass Falmouth and Fredericksburg to the west. U.S. 17 Business follows the original route through downtown Fredericksburg. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Drivers bound for U.S. 17 (Warrenton Road) north depart Interstate 95 south via Exit 133B. U.S. 17 travels 255.09 miles overall between North Carolina at Chesapeake to its northern terminus at U.S. 11/50/522 at Winchester. Photo taken 12/30/12.
U.S. 17 Business begins at Exit 133 and continues Warrenton Road southeast 1.65 miles to a merge with U.S. 1 (Camrbridge Street) at Falmouth. Continuing south, the business loop travels 8.71 miles in total to U.S. 17 & Virginia 2 at New Post. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Interstate 95 & U.S. 17 south
Interstate 95 & U.S. 17 southbound reassurance shields posted after their merge at Exit 133. U.S. 17 leaves the Interstate 95 corridor south of Fredicksburg, opting for a more coastal route from Hampton Roads southward to Charleston, South Carolina. The two routes share pavement again in southern South Carolina. Photo taken 12/30/12.


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