Interstate 155 North

Interstate 155 north
The first shield of Interstate 155 north resides immediately north of the split from the left-hand side of Interstate 55. Photo taken 12/20/09.
The ramp from I-55 south merges ahead of the 1850th Street overpass and another reassurance marker. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Hartsburg, a village of around 350, is the first exit of Interstate 155 north in five miles. U.S. 136 follows at the second Logan County interchange in nine miles while Peoria is 39 miles to the north via I-74 west. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Curving northward from a crossing of Sugar Creek, drivers along I-155 draw to within one mile of the Exit 6 diamond interchange with 2300th Street. Photo taken 12/20/09.
2300th Street heads east two miles to Hartsburg, where Old Route 121 travels northward from Lincoln to Emden. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Exit 6 departs Interstate 155 north for 2300th Street amid farmland in all directions. 2300th Street becomes Logan County 18 east from Old Route 121 to County Road 2. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Interstate 155 shifts eastward and crosses a Canadian National Railroad line three miles south of junction U.S. 136 (Exit 10). Peoria is now a half hour away. Photos taken 12/20/09.
U.S. 136 and Interstate 155 come together at a diamond interchange northeast of the village of Emden in one mile. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Generally a rural route, U.S. 136 stretches 213 across the width of Illinois between Keokuk, Iowa and just east of Danville. The route beelines west eight miles from Exit 10 to San Jose. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Northbound at the Exit 10 off-ramp to U.S. 136. U.S. 136 ventures 32 miles west to the Mason County seat of Havana and 15 miles east to the village of McLean, where the route crosses Interstate 55. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Old Route 121 lines the east side of I-155 as a frontage road through to the Tazewell County line, where the road changes names to Prairie Road. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Illinois 122 east meets Interstate 155 at the first of seven Tazewell County interchanges in four miles. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Interstate 155 enters Tazewell County one mile north of U.S. 136. Photo taken 12/20/09.
One mile south of the Exit 15 diamond interchange with Illinois 122 west to the city of Delavan on I-155 north. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Illinois 122 east combines with Interstate 155 for three miles to Exit 19. Before I-155 was constructed, IL-122 shared pavement with IL-121. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Traveling 29 miles overall, Illinois 122 ventures west five miles from Exit 15 to Delavan and ten miles to end at IL 29. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Northbound at the Exit 15 ramp departure for Illinois 122 west and Market Road east. Market Road connects with Tazewell County 9 (Hopedale Road), three miles to the east. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Interstate 155 north & Illinois 122 east
The village of Morton is 15 miles to the north. Downtown Peoria follows at 11 miles west of the I-155 end. Photo taken 12/20/09.
County Road 14 (Toboggan Avenue) crosses over Interstate 155 north, one mile out from the Exit 19 diamond interchange with Illinois 122 east and McMullen Road west. Photo taken 12/20/09.
IL 122 resumes an eastward course from Exit 19, two miles to the village of Hopedale and eight miles to Minier. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Illinois 122 concludes at Illinois 9 in western McLean County in 18 miles. McMullen Road spurs west from the interchange to farmland beside Indian Creek and Locust Road. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Interstate 155 north
Interstate 155 veers westward into a valley fed by the Mackinaw River. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Old Illinois 121 parallels the west side of the freeway from McMullen Road north to Feather Road. A truss bridge remains in use across the Mackinaw River on the adjacent road. Photo taken 12/20/09.
The Mackinaw River flows 130 miles from near Sibley southwest into the Illinois River at Pekin. I-155 crosses the waterway northwest of Hopedale. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Townline Road is the next northbound exit in two miles. Morton is just seven miles further on I-155. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Interstate 155 skirts a bluff to the west of the Mackinaw River ahead of Townline Road. Townline Road doubles as Tazewell County 7 east from County Road 16 (Manto Road) to the McLean County line. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Townline Road travels across mostly farmland, joining the settlements of Dillon to the west with Walnut and Tazewell to the east. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Entering the diamond interchange with County Road 7 (Townline Road) on I-155 north. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Interstate 155 continues north directly over Illinois 121 to Baer Road on the outskirts of Tremont. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Illinois 9 (Pearl Street) crosses paths with Interstate 155 at Tremont and a diamond interchange (Exit 25). Photo taken 12/20/09.
A 216-mile route, Illinois 9 joins Pekin to the west with Bloomington to the east as part of a route between the Fort Madison Toll Bridge across the Mississippi River to Indiana 26, east of Hoopeston. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Exit 25 leaves Interstate 155 north for Illinois 9 (Pearl Street) into the village of Tremont. IL 9 east leads six miles to the village of Mackinaw. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Staying due north, Interstate 155 parallels old Illinois 121 (Baer Road) one quarter mile to the west from Tremont to Augustine Road, where the freeway again overlays the original route. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Exits for Broadway Road and South Main Street into Morton depart the freeway within the next three miles. Peoria is just 14 miles away now. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Broadway Road leads east from Interstate 155 at Exit 28 to southern reaches of Morton at South 4th Avenue. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Tazewell County 19 overlays Broadway Road west from Interstate 155 to California Road / Veterans Drive in east Pekin. Veterans Drive is a bypass of Pekin leading southwest to Illinois 9 that is proposed to extend northward. Photo taken 12/20/09.
A diamond interchange (Exit 28) joins Interstate 155 with Broadway Road and Tazewell County 19 west. Photo taken 12/20/09.
The final three interchanges of I-155 north all serve Morton. A wye interchange lies one mile to the north with Main Street, the original alignment if Illinois 121 to the Morton business district. I-74 appears for the first time here at 3.5 miles out. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Nearing the Exit 29 off-ramp onto South Main Street. Return access is provided at a half-diamond interchange with Queenwood Road to the north. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Exit 29 and former Illinois 121 split from I-155 north to the heart of Morton and junction U.S. 150 (Jackson Street). Photo taken 12/20/09.
Interstate 155 north next meets the east end of Illinois 98 (Birchwood Street). The trumpet interchange with I-74 is now 1.75 miles away. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Illinois 98 follows Birchwood Street west from Exit 31 on a 8.35-mile course to Illinois 29 at Pekin. The state route used to continue east from I-155 to Main Street and U.S. 150 in Morton. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Interstate 155 curves northwesterly on the approach to Interstate 74 at northwest Morton. Interstate 74 meets I-155 just west of its lone Morton exit and east of the split with I-474, the Peoria Bypass. Signs were changed here between 2008 and 2009. Photo taken 05/24/08. Second photo taken 05/07/10.
Presently single lane ramps connect the north end of I-155 with I-74 east to Bloomington and I-74 west to Peoria. A $85-million project kicked off in March 2013 to rebuild this interchange and widen I-74 to six overall lanes between Morton and East Peoria. Work will elevate the I-155 ramps to pass over an expanded I-74 mainline and lengthen the ramps between the two freeways. Photo taken 05/24/08.

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