Interstate 205 North - Washington & Clackamas Counties

Interstate 205 north
A tri-level stack interchange joins Interstates 5 & 205. Traffic taking Exit 288 from I-5 south to I-205 north travels the lowest level of the junction. Photo taken 08/27/06.
While Interstate 205 travels through West Linn, Oregon City and Portland, the airport is featured as the first control point on this mileage sign at Interstate 5. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Interstate 205 quickly exits Washington County for Clackamas County at the SW 65th Avenue overpass. Photo taken 08/27/06.
The first reassurance shield coincides with a sign designating Interstate 205 as the Veterans Memorial Highway. Most maps refer to the route as the "East Portland Freeway" however. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Stafford Road meets Interstate 205 at a diamond interchange (Exit 3) near Wankers Corner and Stafford. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Stafford Road angles northeast from Wilsonville to cross the Tualatin River near Hazelia and Cooks Butte. The road becomes McVey Avenue in the city of Lake Oswego. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Interstate 205 first passes over Borland Road (former Oregon 212, the state route which it replaced) and then proceeds over the Tualatin River. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Attached to the Johnson Road overpass is a mileage sign referencing the distance to Oregon City, junction Interstate 84, and Portland International Airport (PDX). Photo taken 08/27/06.
Interstate 205 enters West Linn and approaches the first of two interchanges for the suburb of Portland, Exit 6 with 10th Street. Photo taken 08/27/06.
10th Street acts as a connector between Willamette Falls Drive (old Oregon 212) to the south and Blankenship Road west and Salamo Road east to the north. Exit 6 is a diamond interchange. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Northbound motorists along Interstate 205 are provided with a vista point as the freeway lines the Willamette River. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Most on-ramps to Interstate 205 include ramp meters to govern traffic merging during peak hours. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Scenery available from the northbound vista point at West Linn focuses on Willamette Falls to the south. Willamette Falls consists of a 1,700 foot horseshoe where water drops 42 feet. Photos taken 08/27/06.
Oregon 43 (Willamette drive) meets Interstate 205 at the following interchange (Exit 8). The north-south route stretches 11.60 miles from Oregon 99E in nearby Oregon City to U.S. 26 and Interstate 5 at the Ross Island Bridge in Portland. Take Exit 8 for the Clackamas County Historical Society Museum. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Exit 8 leaves Interstate 205 north at the West A Street overpass for Oregon 43 (Willamette Drive). Oregon 43 spans the Willamette River via the Old Oregon City-West Linn Bridge into Oregon City and leads northwest to the Lake Oswego city center. The Willamette Crossing is the only across the waterway between Interstate 5 at Wilsonville and Interstate 205 at Oregon City. The 1922-arch bridge closes for a two year period starting in January 2011 for a $10.6-million bridge rehabilitation project.1 Photo taken 08/27/06.
Oregon 99E (McLoughlin Boulevard) travels north from downtown Oregon City to a folded-diamond interchange with Interstate 205 at Exit 9. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Spanning the Willamette along Interstate 205 north. Forthcoming Exit 9 serves interests to the McLoughlin House National Historic Site in Oregon City. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Oregon 99E constitutes a 109.78-mile route from Junction City to Interstate 5 in north Portland. More locally the northbound route (McLoughlin Boulevard) ventures to west Gladstone and Jennings Lodge. Photo taken 08/27/06.
The six-lane Willamette River Bridge of Interstate 205 carries six overall lanes and includes only partial shoulders. The span opened in 1970. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Exit 9 loops from the Willamette River Bridge onto Oregon 99E (McLoughlin Boulevard) north of downtown Oregon City and south of the Clackamas River and Gladstone. The state route travels north to Milwaukie and the Ardenwald section of Portland and south to Canby. Photo taken 08/27/06.
The second Oregon City exit of Interstate 205 joins the freeway with Oregon 213 south (Cascade Highway) at Exit 10. This intersect serves Clackamas Community College, the End of Oregon Trail Center, a visitor information center, and the Oregon City Train Station. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Oregon 213 travels south from Exit 10 along Cascade Highway to Molalla and Silverton. Washington Street spurs north to the Clackamas Rive, ending at a foot bridge to Gladstone. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Oregon 213 north merges onto Interstate 205 between Exits 10 and 13. Overall the state route travels 55.66 miles from Salem to Portland International Airport. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Interstate 205 & Oregon 213 north
Oregon 213 motorists merge onto Interstate 205 ahead of the Clackamas River bridge into east Gladstone. Exit 12 quickly follows to 82nd Drive east of the city center. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Upcoming exits sign listing the distances to Estacada (Exit 13), Milwaukie (Exit 14) and Sunnybrook Boulevard (Exit 15). Photo taken 08/27/06.
82nd Drive winds northward from the Clackamas River at Gladstone and Interstate 205, eventually becoming Oregon 224 at Exit 13. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Next in line for northbound drivers along the East Portland Freeway is the Exit 12 partial-cloverleaf interchange with Oregon 212 & 224 (Clackamas Highway) east at Clackmas. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Strawberry Lane passes over Interstate 205 between Webster Road and 82nd Drive one-half mile south of the Clackamas Highway off-ramp (Exit 12). The interchange is signed for Estacada, the city where Oregon 224 leads after its split with Oregon 213 from Damascus. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Exit 12 departs Interstate 205 (East Portland Freeway) north for Oregon 212 & 224 (Clackamas Highway) east. Oregon 212 travels 14 miles east to Boring and U.S. 26 west of Sandy. Oregon 224 leads southeast to Estacada and Mount Hood National Forest.
Plans are underway to realign Oregon 224 onto a new freeway (Sunrise Project) between Interstate 205 (Exit 13) and Rock Creek Junction (the split of Oregon 212 and 224), north of the existing Clackamas Highway alignment. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Just one half mile separates the Clackamas Highway overpass from the split with Oregon 213 north at Exit 13. The state route follows 82nd Avenue north from 82nd Drive and Oregon 224 to Harmony and the Clackamas Town Center. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Construction associated with the Sunrise Project will replace the forthcoming partial "Y" interchange with a half-diamond interchange with a realigned 82nd Drive. The new freeway will directly tie into the Milwaukie Expressway at a directional-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 205. This will eliminate the Oregon 224 overlap. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Oregon 212 & 224 shields and guide sign posted at the end of the Interstate 205 (Exit 12) off-ramp to Clackamas Highway. Oregon 212 begins at the interchange and follows Oregon 224 east toward Carver. Connections from Oregon 212 east to U.S. 26 lead motorists 52 miles to Mt. Hood. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Oregon 224 west joins Interstate 205 & Oregon 213 north briefly to Exit 13 (82nd Avenue). Oregon 213 north & 224 west comprise a short freeway spur between Exit 13 and the Milwaukie Expressway. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Interstate 205 north
Interstate 205 travels solo for the first time since Oregon City and approaches Exit 14 with Sunnybrook Boulevard and Sunnyside Road near the Clackamas Town Center mall. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Upcoming exits sign posted for the Interstate 205 interchange with Johnson Creek Road (Exit 16) and south Portland (Exits 17 and 19). Photo taken 08/27/06.
An extended diamond interchange joins Interstate 205 with Sunnybrook Boulevard and Sunnyside Road at Exit 14. Both roads travel east-west from Oregon 213 (82nd Avenue) toward Sunnyside. Happy Valley lies to the east. Photo taken 08/27/06.
What was originally a simple diamond interchange with Sunnyside Road was expanded to include access to Sunnybrook Boulevard in 2003. Sunnybrook Boulevard encircles the commercial area along the south side of Sunnyside Road near Mount Talbert, providing a more direct route to Sunnyside Road east. The Exit 14 ramp elevates here to accommodate an on-ramp from the future Oregon 224 freeway to Interstate 205 north. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Separate ramps join Interstate 205 north from Sunnybrook Boulevard and Sunnyside Road to form an auxiliary lane to Exit 16, Johnson Creek Boulevard. Photo taken 08/27/06.
This northbound reassurance shield resides in a setting that looks deceptively rural. Incorporated Happy Valley lies to the east while the commercial strip of Oregon 213 (SE 82nd Avenue) hides to the west at Harmony Point. Photo taken 08/27/06.
An older button copy sign was posted for Foster Road, 1.75 miles south of the Exit 17 split-diamond interchange at the Otty Road overpass. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Exit 16 leaves Interstate 205 (East Portland Freeway) north for Johnson Creek Boulevard. The partial-cloverleaf interchange at Battin was added around 1990, serving suburban areas at Mount Scott to the east and connecting with Johnson Creek Boulevard west from Oregon 213 to Wichita. The Johnson Creek Freeway was originally touted between Interstate 205 at this location and Milwaukie. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Interstate 205 enters Multnomah County and Portland beyond Exit 16. The next two interchanges serve the Lents and Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhoods of the city. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Bubble shield for Interstate 205 north posted at the northeastern curve into Portland. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Foster Road crosses paths with Interstate 205 in one mile parallel to Woodstock Boulevard. Photo taken 08/27/06.
Interstate 205 (East Portland Freeway) leaves Clackamas County. Photo taken 08/27/06.



  1. "Oregon City Arch Bridge Work Begins Next Week." City of West Linn Oregon Official Website, August 2, 2010.

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