Interstate 264 East

Interstate 264, U.S. 460 Alternate & Virginia 337 east
Interstate 264 eastbound utilizes a draw bridge to cross the East Branch of the Elizabeth River into downtown Norfolk. This area of Interstate 264 is extremely congested during peak hours as eastbound traffic coming from the Downtown Tunnel must cross two lanes to the right to remain on Interstate 264. The crossover movement coincides with Interstate 464 traffic merging onto Interstate 264 to expand the bridge to eight lanes between Exits 8 and 9 (Saint Paul's Boulevard & Westside Drive). Drivers entering from Interstate 464 that are destined for downtown Norfolk (via St. Paul's Boulevard & Waterside Drive) must cross two lanes to the left. The weaving pattern occurs in the span of about 1/3 mile.1 Photo taken 09/05/10.
Although unsigned via Interstate 264, Saint Paul's Boulevard carries U.S. 460 Alternate away from Interstate 264. Waterside Drive carries Virginia 337 Alternate to Bousch Street north. The directional interchange serves the MacArthur Center Mall, Nauticus, Harbor Park (home of the Norfolk Tides AAA baseball team) and the Scope Arena. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Interstate 264 & Virginia 337 east split with Exit 9 to Saint Paul's Boulevard (U.S. 460 Alternate) at the Berkeley Bridge east end. The East Branch Elizabeth River consists of a 1990-constructed eastbound span and 1952-built westbound bridge. Virginia 337 departs next for Tidewater Drive north (Exit 10) to junction U.S. 460 & Virginia 168 (Brambleton Avenue). Photo taken 09/05/10. Second photo taken 02/01/01.
Exit 9 partitions into ramps for U.S. 460 Alternate (St. Paul's Boulevard) at MacArthur Mall and a loop ramp to Virginia 337 Alternate (Waterside Drive west) to Town Point Park and the Waterside Festival Marketplace. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Interstate 264 & Virginia 337 east
Tidewater Drive, an urban arterial with expressway segments, begins from the Exit 10 partial "Y" interchange from between the elevated carriageways of Interstate 264. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Virginia 337 (unsigned from Exit 10) leaves Interstate 264 east for Tidewater Drive north. The state route merges with U.S. 460 west at Brambleton Avenue (junction Virginia 168); Virginia 168 continues Tidewater Drive north to Huntersville and Willard Park. Virginia 337 follows Brambleton west, joining U.S. 58 from St. Paul's Boulevard to Hampton Boulevard north at West Ghent. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Interstate 264 east
Interstate 264 continues solo and parallels the East Branch of the Elizabeth River through to Virginia Beach. Exit 11 quickly follows for U.S. 460 east, Virginia 166 east, and Virginia 168 south across the 1986-built Campostella Bridge to Campostella Heights. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Exit 11 provides access to the Campostella Bridge southbound only from Interstate 264 east. U.S. 460 & Virginia 166-168 combine nearby at Brambleton and Park Avenues and travel south to Wilson Road. U.S. 460 & Virginia 166 follow Wilson Road southwest from Campostella Heights to Poindexter Street in Cloverdale of Chesapeake. Virginia 168 exits Norfolk at Carolina Junction for Atlantic Avenue south. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Interstate 264 gains an HOV-2 lane on the 0.75-mile approach to Exit 12 (Ballentine Boulevard). Ballentine Boulevard doubles as the 0.64-mile Virginia 405 northeast from Exit 12 to junction U.S. 58 (Virginia Beach Boulevard). Photo taken 09/05/10.
Norfolk State University lines the north side of Interstate 264 between Park Avenue and Ballentine Boulevard. Photo taken 09/05/10.
A diamond interchange (Exit 12) facilitates the movements between Interstate 264 and Ballentine Boulevard at Grandy Park. Ballentine Boulevard replaced Merrimac Avenue as the main route north to Virginia 166 (Princess Anne Road) and Ballentine Place when Middle Towne Arch was developed. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Interstate 264 eastbound at the Ingleside and Ventosa neighborhoods of Norfolk. A lengthy collector/distributor splits in two miles for Exits 13, 14, and 15 with U.S. 13 (Military Highway), Interstate 64 (Hampton Roads Beltway) inner loop, and Newtown Road. A separate ramp departs from the left-hand side of the main carriageway for Interstate 64 west to Norfolk Navy Base, Hampton, and Richmond. Traffic destined for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel via U.S. 13 (Northampton Boulevard) is advised to utilize the left-hand ramp to Interstate 64 westbound in lieu of the surface arterial Military Highway. Interstate 64 intersects Northampton Boulevard at Exit 282. Photo taken 09/05/10.
One mile guide sign for the c/d roadway to Exits 13-14-15. U.S. 13 meets Interstate 264 first at a full-cloverleaf interchange next. The US route follows Military Highway north to Lansdale and southwest to Chesapeake. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Signs for the left-hand ramp to Interstate 64 west tout the connection to Richmond (94 miles to the west) and Norfolk International Airport (Exit 279). Interstate 64 east curves southwesterly 15 miles to the terminus at Bowers Hill (junction Interstate 264 east and Interstate 664 north). Photo taken 09/05/10.
Exit 13A leaves the c/d roadway for U.S. 13 (Military Highway) southbound to Knob Hill in Virginia Beach and Indian River Park in Chesapeake. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Motorists joining U.S. 13 north from Exit 13B join Military Highway ahead of Poplar Halls and Military Circle Mall. A single point urban interchange follows with U.S. 58 (Virginia Beach Boulevard). Photo taken 09/05/10.
The eastbound main line of Interstate 264 continues one half mile from U.S. 13 to the off-ramp for Interstate 64 west to Hampton. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Access to Interstate 64 west (Exit 14B) is provided for the c/d roadway for motorists joining Interstate 264 east from Military Highway. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Interstate 264 east splits with the westbound ramp to Interstate 64; Interstate 64 west travels 2.0 miles north to U.S. 13 (Northampton Boulevard) and eight miles to Interstate 564 west to Norfolk Navy Base. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Exit 14B loops onto Interstate 64 west from the collector/distributor roadway. A six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange with Newtown Road follows at the community of Greenwich. Photo taken 09/05/10.
An HOV-lane resumes along Interstate 264 east of Exit 14. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Newtown Road (Virginia 403) follows the Virginia Beach city line from the Elizabeth River Eastern Branch to Davis Corner. Exit 15B departs in this scene for Newtown Road north to Fair Meadows and parallel U.S. 58 (Virginia Beach Boulevard). Photo taken 11/22/09.
Traffic from the reversible HOV-roadway of Interstate 64 east merges onto the left-hand side of Interstate 264 at the Kempsville Road overpass. The c/d roadway ends three quarters of a mile west of Exit 16 (Witchduck Road). Photo taken 11/22/09.
Passing over a Norfolk-Southern Railroad line near the Exit 16 loop ramp to Witchduck Road near Kempsville. Photo taken 06/05/10.
Witchduck Road carries Virginia 190 shields northeast to Virginia 225 (Independence Boulevard) and south to junction Virginia 165 (Princess Anne Road) at Kempsville Road. The 15.43-mile state route encircles Norfolk through Virginia Beach and north Chesapeake. Photo taken 11/22/09.
A full-cloverleaf interchange (Exits 17A/B) joins Interstate 264 with Independence Boulevard and Virginia 225 north. Photo taken 11/22/09.
Independence Boulevard (Virginia 225) constitutes a suburban arterial route south to Princess Anne and north as a 5.40-mile state route through Pembroke Manor to junction U.S. 60 at the Navy Amphibious Base. Exit 17A includes a connector ramp to adjacent Alicia Drive and Baxter Road. Independence Boulevard south was also a part of unsigned Virginia 410 through to Holland Road until 2001. Photo taken 06/05/10.
Drivers bound for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel should follow Virginia 225 north to Robbins Corner and junction U.S. 13. Photo taken 11/22/09.
Interstate 264 (Virginia Beach Norfolk Expressway) continues to Exit 18 with Rosemont Road next. Rosemont Road was a part of unsigned Virginia 411 between Holland Road (former Virginia 410) and U.S. 58 until 2001. Photo taken 11/22/09.
Lynnhaven Park (former Virginia 414) meets Interstate 264 at a three-quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exit 19). The north-south arterial connects U.S. 58 (Virginia Beach Boulevard) at Eureka Park with Virginia 165 (Princess Anne Road) at Salem. Photo taken 11/22/09.
Exit 19A serves interests on Lynnhaven Parkway south to Lynnhaven Mall and Mapleton. Photo taken 11/22/09.
U.S. 58 draws close to Interstate 264 at London Bridge and splits with Virginia Beach Boulevard (U.S. 58 Business) for Laskin Road. Exit 20 joins the eastbound freeway with both Laskin Road and the business route east via a partial "Y" interchange. Photo taken 11/22/09.
First Colonial Road leads south from Virginia 279 (Great Neck Road) to cross paths with Interstate 264 at the Exit 21. The north-south road becomes Oceana Boulevard south en route to Oceana Naval Air Station. Virginia 408 followed the route from U.S. 58 Business (Virginia Beach Boulevard) to Virginia 279 until 2001. Photo taken 11/22/09.
One mile west of the Exit 22 partial-cloverleaf interchange with Birdneck Road on Interstate 264 east near Great Neck Creek. Photo taken 11/22/09.
Exit 22 connects Interstate 264 east with Birdneck Road south to Seatack and north to Bird Neck Point. Alternate routes to the oceanfront are available via 19th Street east and U.S. 58 Business (Virginia Beach Boulevard). Photo taken 11/22/09.
End advisory sign posted one half mile ahead of the Virginia Beach Norfolk Expressway transition into 21st Street east. Photo taken 11/22/09.
Interstate 264 ends at the intersection with Parks Avenue and 21st Street east, six blocks west of the Atlantic Ocean. End shields are posted adjacent to both sides of the freeway. A Virginia 44 shield was posted under the END Interstate 264 shield until at least 11/29/99.1 Photos taken 11/22/09.
A previous look at the Interstate 264 eastern terminus. 21st Street continues five blocks east to junction U.S. 60 (Pacific Avenue), which also ends in Virginia Beach at 5th Street and the Rudee Inlet Bridge. Photo taken 03/09/01.


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