Interstate 405 North - Bellevue to Lynnwood

Interstate 405 north
Interstate 405 enters the city of Kirkland between Exits 14 and 17. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Exit 17 consists of a folded-diamond interchange at NE 70th Place and 116th Avenue NE in Kirkland. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Heading east, NE 70th Place/ NE 70th Street travels to Snyders Corner at the Redmond city line. Westward, NE 72nd Place / NE 68th Street continue the road to Feriton and Houghton. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Exit 17 leaves Interstate 405 north for 116th Avenue NE south of NE 70th Street. A full-cloverleaf interchange follows in 0.75 miles with NE 85th Street (former Washington 908). Photo taken 08/29/06.
Collector/distributor roadways line both sides of Interstate 405 to facilitate movements to and from NE 85th Street. NE 85th Street was a part of Washington 908 between Exit 18 and Washington 202 and the Redmond city center until June 2010.1 Photo taken 08/29/06.
Ramps leave the adjacent c/d roadway for NE 85th Street. NE 85th Street ventures east to Rose Hill in east Kirkland, becoming Redmond Way at the city line through to Washington 202. NE 85th Street to the west was also a part of Washington 908. The western section was decommissioned in 19921 and followed Central Way west from NE 85th Street to Lake Street and Lake Washington Boulevard NE south. Photos taken 08/29/06.
Construction associated with the Kirkland Nickel Stage 1 project completed in November 2007 added a northbound lane to Interstate 405 between NE 70th Street and Washington 522 at Bothell. Kirkland Nickel Stage 2 will add lanes between NE 70th and 85th Streets in Kirkland and NE 124th Street (Exit 20B) and Washington 522 (Exit 23). Photo taken 08/29/06.
A half-diamond interchange connects Interstate 405 north with NE 116th Street at Exit 20A. Construction associated with the freeway widening through Kirkland will revise the Exit into a half Single Point UrbanInterchange. NE 116th Street joins the retail area of Totem Lake with the Juanita Bay area of northwest Kirkland. Photo taken 08/29/06.
NE 124th Street sees a six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 405 at Exit 20B. Totem Lake Boulevard stems north from the freeway to Totem Lake Mall and NE 132nd Street at the city line. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Exit 20B separates into components for Totem Lake Boulevard north and NE 124th Street west to Juanita and east to Avondale. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Juanita Woodinville Way NE veers northeast from 100th Avenue NE to become NE 160th Street at the Exit 22 diamond interchange. Photo taken 08/29/06.
One half mile south of NE 160th Street on Interstate 405 north west of Kingsgate. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Exit 22 departs Interstate 405 north to NE 160th Street. NE 160th Street east to 124th Avenue NE and Washington 522 east from Exit 23B both lead into the city of Woodinville. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Interstate 405 lowers into the Sammamish River Valley and enters a stack interchange with the Washington 522 freeway (Exit 23). Washington 522 constitutes a 24.68 route east to U.S. 2 at Monroe and west to Exit 171 of Interstate 5 in Seattle. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Now within the city of Bothell, Exit 23 departs Interstate 405 north for Washington 522. The Washington 522 freeway extends five miles east through Woodinville and junction Washington 524 at Maltby. Connections with U.S. 2 lead drivers across Stevens Pass of the Cascade Mountains to Wenatchee. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Washington 522 west extends as a freeway to Campus Way South at the University of Washington Bothell. Woodinville Drive carries the state route from there to junction Washington 527 (Bothell Way) and the Bothell city center. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Flyovers shuttle drivers from Interstate 405 north to Washington 522 west and SR 522 south to I-405 south. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Beardslee Boulevard stems northeast from the Bothell city center to the Exit 24 diamond interchange with NE 195th Street. Photo taken 08/29/06.
A collector/distributor roadway combines the Exit 24 off-ramp with the on-ramp from Washington 522 west. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Exit 24 leaves the c/d roadway for NE 195th Street west to Beardslee Boulevard at Ross Road and east to Hollyhills Drive. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Washington 527 meanders northward from Bothell to a six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 26) with Interstate 405 north of the Snohomish County line. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Traveling 11.92 miles, Washington 527 heads south from Exit 26 of Interstate 405 to the Bothell city center and north to Trashers Corner, Mill Creek, and Exit 189 of Interstate 5 at Everett. Photo taken 08/29/06.
The second to last reassurance shield of Interstate 405 northbound. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Angling northwest, Interstate 405 makes its approach to Interstate 5 and the transition to Washington 525 north. Passing over Damson Road, the carpool lane ends and the left-hand two lanes default onto the Washington 525 freeway spur toward Mukilteo. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Northbound Interstate 405 expands to four lanes to accommodate a two-lane ramp departure for Interstate 5 north to Everett, Bellingham, and Vancouver, British Columbia. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Washington 525 relocated from a surface alignment onto a three-mile freeway spur to Interstates 5 & 405 in 1985. The state route continues Interstate 405 north to Alderwood Mall, Washington 99 (Pacific Highway) and the Mukilteo WSDOT Ferry Terminal to Whidbey Island. Photo taken 08/29/06.
A loop ramp leaves Interstate 405 next for Interstate 5 south to Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Shoreline, and Seattle. Photo taken 08/29/06.
End Intestate 405 / Begin Washington 525 shield assembly posted on the overpass above Interstate 5. The exit ramps to Interstate 5 are unnumbered. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Interstate 405 becomes Washington 525 north at the southbound exit ramp for Interstate 5. Downtown Seattle is a 17 mile drive. Photo taken 08/29/06.



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