Interstate 469 South

Interstate 469 & U.S. 30 east
Interstate 469 eastbound begins from a trumpet interchange with Interstate 69 and U.S. 30 east near Dupont Hospital. The first set of shields for I-469 and U.S. 30 east lie ahead of the Leo Road overpass. Photo taken 11/06/11.
The portion of Interstate 469 southeast from Exit 115 of Interstate 69 to Indiana 37 was the last to open to traffic on October 23, 1995. A six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exits 29B/A) join the freeway with Maplecrest Road along this stretch. Photo taken 11/06/11.
One half mile west of the Exit 29B off-ramp to Maplecrest Road south to Northeast Fort Wayne. Maplecrest Road comprises a suburban arterial route south to Lake Avenue. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 469 & U.S. 30 eastbound at the Exit 29B to Maplecrest Road. Maplecrest Road was extended north from Rothman Road in conjunction with construction of the Fort Wayne freeway loop. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Exit 29A follows as a loop ramp onto the road north to adjacent St. Joe Road. St. Joe Road overtakes Maplecrest Road from near Exit 29A. Northward the road ventures toward Cedarville; southwest St. Joe Road passes by the Brooklake Estates neighborhood to Crescent Avenue (former SR 37). Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 469 continues with east/west cardinal directions from Maplecrest Road. The loop bisects suburban areas of Fort Wayne southeast to Indiana 37 (Exit 25). Photo taken 11/06/11.
An upcoming exits sign substitutes for control-city based mileages on this panel of Interstate 469 & U.S. 30 east posted three miles out from the diamond interchange with Indiana 37 north and Maysville Road south. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 469 is formally named the Ronald Reagan Expressway, though the name is not commonly used. Agricultural frontage gives way to clusters of single family homes along the west side of the freeway and newly built subdivisions along the north side at Wheelock Road. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Turning southward from the Wheelock Road underpass on the one-mile approach to Indiana 37 (Exit 25). Indiana 37 angles northeast from Interstate 469 & U.S. 30, 30.5 miles to Cuba, Harlan and the Ohio state line (where the route transitions into Ohio 2). Photo taken 11/06/11.
Maysville Road stems west from Exit 25 and Indiana 37 to Stellhorn Road west, the original path of Indiana 37 into Fort Wayne. SR 37 followed Stellhorn Road to Coliseum Boulevard (Indiana 930), where the route combined with then U.S. 24-30 & Indiana 14 west to Interstate 69 (Exit 109). Photo taken 11/06/11.
St. Joe Center Road passes over Interstate 469 & U.S. 30 north of the Exit 25 off-ramp to Indiana 37 north and Maysville Road south. Maysville Road continues from the freeway through a retail area nearby to suburban areas along State Boulevard and Lake Avenue. Indiana 37 exists in a second alignment from Marion south to Indianapolis and Tell City. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 469 south & U.S. 30 east
Now along Interstate 469 south & U.S. 30 east, as the freeway leads away from SR 37 through agricultural areas east of Thurman. Photo taken 11/06/11.
The next two interchanges see the arrival of U.S. 24 west and the departure of U.S. 30 east. Interstate 469 concludes in 24 miles. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Approaching the Maumee River, Interstate 469 south & U.S. 30 eastbound drivers draw to within one mile of the folded-cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 24 (Exit 21). Photo taken 11/06/11.
Construction presently involves the upgrade of the U.S. 24 corridor leading east to the Ohio state line to expressway standards. Known as the "Fort to Port" Corridor, the U.S. 24 expansion is undertaken in an effort to join Fort Wayne and Toledo, Ohio with a high-speed four-lane highway. U.S. 24 is already a four-lane roadway east from the Indiana state line to Defiance, Ohio and work is slated for completion on the Indiana portion by late 2012. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Exit 21 loops onto U.S. 24 east at Rose Avenue from Interstate 469 south & U.S. 30 east. The new four-lane alignment will tie directly into Exit 21 and parallel two-lane U.S. 24 just south of its present course parallel to the Maumee River. U.S. 24 connects Woodburn and areas of eastern Allen County with Fort Wayne otherwise. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 469 south, U.S. 24 west, U.S. 30 east
U.S. 24 and U.S. 30 briefly commingle with Interstate 469 just east of New Haven. Former U.S. 24 followed Rose Avenue west to a southward turn into the New Haven city center. Forthcoming Exit 19 joins the freeway with Lincoln Highway East (Indiana 930) at Newport in one half mile at a six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Old Indiana 14 (Dawkins Road), which the southbound freeway passes beyond this reassurance shield assembly, combined with U.S. 24 in New Haven, with the tandem joining U.S. 30 west to Coliseum Boulevard (Indiana 930). Indiana 14 was truncated from Fort Wayne eastward to the Ohio state line near Edgerton around 1990. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Exit 19B departs Interstate 469 & U.S. 24-30 south for Indiana 930 (Lincoln Way East) to New Haven and downtown Fort Wayne. SR 930 travels 13 miles along former U.S. 30 within the beltway created by Interstates 69 and 469. Photo taken 11/06/11.
U.S. 30 eastbound parts ways with Interstate 469 south & U.S. 24 west at Exit 19A. The highway continues 13.8 miles to the Ohio state line. All of U.S. 30 from Indiana east to Van Wert, Delphos and Canton consists of four-lane roadway, with stretches upgraded to freeway standards. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 469 south & U.S. 24 west
Interstate 469 south & U.S. 24 west remain on the outskirts of New Haven through to a folded-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 17) with Minnich Road. Photos taken 11/06/11.
Minnich Road stems south from Dawkins Road (Old SR 14) and Indiana 930 in new Haven to meet Interstate 469 & U.S. 24 en route to Hoagland in rural southeast Allen County. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Bending southwest, Interstate 469 south & U.S. 24 west continue four miles to Marion Center Road and six miles to the merge with U.S. 33 north. Photos taken 11/06/11.
Tillman Road crosses paths with Interstate 469 & U.S. 24 at a diamond interchange (Exit 15) in one mile. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Tillman Road meets the freeway between two crossings with Norfolk Southern Railroad lines amid a swath of farm land. The rural road heads east from Exit 15 toward Maples and an end at Tillman by U.S. 30 and Zulu. Photo taken 11/06/11.
West from Exit 15, Tillman Road reaches southern areas of Fort Wayne at the Eastland Gardens neighborhood and junction U.S. 27 (Lafayette Street). Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 469 & U.S. 24 west
Now traveling along westbound Interstate 469, the freeway arcs southwest two miles to a diamond interchange (Exit 13) with Marion Center Road. U.S. 27 & 33 follow in three miles. Photos taken 11/06/11.
Marion Center Road ties Interstate 469 & U.S. 24 with Maples Road, Wayne Trace and Adams Center Road at a roundabout 0.8 miles north of Exit 13. Wayne Trace angles northwest into the suburbs of Fort Wayne with the other roads mainly serve agricultural interests. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Wayne Trace passes over Interstate 469 & U.S. 24 on the half mile approach to Exit 15 with Marion Center Road. Wayne Trace continues southeast to Minnich Road near Hoagland. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Exit 15 departs Interstate 469 & U.S. 24 west after the crossing over Houk Ditch. Marion Center Road ventures south from the freeway to U.S. 27 & 33 (as Somers Road) east of Poe. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Construction of Interstate 469 through southern Allen County interrupted several roads, with cul-de -sacs visible to the north and south of the freeway. Thompson Road was rerouted to tie into Marion Center Road at Exit 13 adjacent to this set of reassurance markers. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Winchester Road (Exit 9) and Indiana 1 (Exit 6) are featured on the next westbound mileage sign for Interstate 469. Photo taken 11/06/11.
One half mile east of the Exit 11 diamond interchange with U.S. 27 and 33 south (Decatur Road). U.S. 27 & 33 combine southeast from the Fort Wayne bypass 10.2 miles to Decatur and junction U.S. 224. The pair split south of Decatur for respective paths to Berne and Wilshire, Ohio. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Westbound Interstate 469 & U.S. 24 at the ramp departure of Exit 11 to U.S. 27 and U.S. 33 south. U.S. 27 is the lone holdout to remain along a surface route through Fort Wayne. The US Highway follows Decatur Road north to Lafayette Street and a one-way couplet with Clinton Street (south) to downtown Fort Wayne.
U.S. 27 ends at Exit 111 of Interstate 69, having been truncated south from Grayling, Michigan in 2002. U.S. 27 is a 1,364-mile route leading south from Fort Wayne to Miami, Florida. Within Indiana, the route joins Fort Wayne and Richmond with Cincinnati, Ohio. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 469-U.S. 24 west & U.S. 33 north
Spanning the Elmer MacDonald Bridge across the St. Marys River along Interstate 469-U.S. 24 west & U.S. 33 north near Hessen Cassel. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Shields posted for the trio of Interstate 469 and U.S. 24-33 west of the St. Marys River. U.S. 33 follows the freeway bypass west to Interstate 69 north to circumvent the city. The US highway joins Fort Wayne with Goshen and Elkhart in the Michiana area to the north. Southward the route continues to Columbus, Ohio along a 709-mile course to Richmond, Virginia. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Kinking southwesterly again, Interstate 469-U.S. 24 west & U.S. 33 north next meet Winchester Road at a diamond interchange (Exit 9). Photo taken 11/06/11.
Winchester Road spurs south from Bluffton Road in Fort Wayne to Poe and Decatur. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 469 westbound at the Exit 9 off-ramp to Winchester Road. Photo taken 11/06/11.
The next set of shields posted for Interstate 469-U.S. 24 west & U.S. 33 north reside ahead of the Thiele Road over crossing. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Three interchanges remain along Interstate 469 west before the freeway ends at Interstate 69. They are Indiana 1 (Exit 6), Indianapolis Road (Exit 2) and Lafayette Center Road (Exit 1). Photo taken 11/06/11.
Indiana 1 north and Bluffton Road south come together at the Exit 6 diamond interchange in one mile. Exit 6 represents the north end of the 139.8-mile stretch of SR 1 between Fort Wayne and Lawrenceburg. A northern section of SR 1 exists from Interstate 69 to Ellis for 40.7 miles as well. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Bluffton Road carried Indiana 1 signage northward to a turn onto Airport Expressway north to Paulding Road and a merge with U.S. 27. Southward Bluffton Road remains as Indiana 1 to the east of Yoder and the Wells County line. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Indiana 1 south joins Interstate 469 and U.S. 24-33 with Ossian and Bluffton in Wells County. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 469 follows the southern periphery of Fort Wayne International Airport on the three-mile stretch to Indianapolis Road (Exit 2). Photos taken 11/06/11.
Indianapolis Road represents the alignment of State Road 3 decommissioned in 1972 due to the completion of Interstate 69.1 Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 469 turns northerly on the half mile approach to Exit 2 and Indianapolis Road. Indianapolis Road travels northeast to Nine Mile and Airport Expressway (as Smith Road). Extension of airport runways made the road discontinuous northeast to the segment of Indianapolis Road north of Airport Expressway. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Entering the Exit 2 diamond interchange of Interstate 469 westbound. Indianapolis Road south continues to Zanesville on the Wells County line. Photo taken 11/06/11.
A third westbound lane joins Interstate 469-U.S. 24 west & U.S. 33 north from Indianapolis Road through to the Exit 1 diamond interchange. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Lafayette Center Road heads west from the Fort Wayne International Airport area to cross paths with Interstate 469 opposite Tom Worrel Road. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Tom Worrel Road connects Exit 1 and Lafayette Center Road with Feighner Road. The original alignment of Lafayette Center Road was built over with Interstate 469 leading into the directional-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 69. This is why the Exit 1 panels indicate "East", as westbound continues directly from Exit 0. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Three lanes of Interstate 469 west meet Interstate 69 (Exit 0) in one half mile. Exit 0B provides for the continuation of U.S. 24 west to Exit 102 of I-69 and U.S. 33 north to Exit 109 of I-69 (junction U.S. 30). Lafayette Center Road west from Interstates 69-469 provides a direct route to U.S. 24 at Roanoke in lieu of the arc utilizing Interstate 69 north and the original U.S. 24 southwest. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 469 draws to a close as Exit 0B leaves for Interstate 69-U.S. 33 north & U.S. 24 west back to Fort Wayne. Exit 0A follows as a loop ramp onto Interstate 69 south to Muncie, Anderson and Indianapolis. The freeway mainline defaults onto Lafayette Center Road ahead of the General Motors (GM) Fort Wayne assembly plant. Photo taken 11/06/11.


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