Interstate 475 was under construction simultaneously with Interstate 75 leading south from Bibb County to Georgia 49 at Byron in 1964.

Interstate 475

With six overall lanes and few exits, I-475 is the preferred route around the Macon area for long distance travelers between the Midwest and Florida. Plans for the 15.83-mile-long bypass emerged the alignment for Interstate 75 between Forsyth and Perry shifted to incorporate a route through Macon. The freeway opened to traffic in 1967, four years before I-75 through Macon was completed.1,2

Interstate 475 was widened from four to six lanes from fall 1998 to early 2002 at cost of $46-million.3 Construction commencing in 2006 upgraded the single wye interchange at the south end of I-475 in conjunction with the addition of collector/distributor roadways linking both freeways with adjacent Hartley Bridge Road (Exit 155). The new northbound ramp to I-475 opened on July 9, 2009.4

The Interstate 475 designation was originally slated for metropolitan Atlanta along a north-south freeway running from Interstate 75 at Stockbridge to I-285 at Sandy Springs through Atlanta. The southern and northern segments of Interstate 475 were constructed as Interstate 675 and Georgia 400 respectively. The central segment, which later was rescinded into a loop from Downtown to Buckhead as I-485, was never constructed due to community opposition.

Interstate 475 north
An I-475 reassurance marker appears just beyond the split of the on-ramp from Hartley Bridge Road to Interstate 75. This ramp was added during 2006-09 road work to eliminate weaving traffic along I-75 between Exits 155 and 156 (I-475). Photo taken 10/22/15.
A left-hand ramp departs from the I-75 main line for Interstate 475 north. A pair of shields accompany the three lane roadway within the wye interchange. Photo taken 06/30/17.
The ramp from Hartley Bridge Road sweeps over both carriageways of I-75 before combining with the I-475 mainline over Tobesofkee Creek. Photo taken 10/22/15.
A second shield for I-475 stands just north of Tobesofkee Creek as the freeway advances north with six overall lanes. Photo taken 06/30/17.
Interstate 475 straddles western reaches of Macon for the most part, though as of 2012 the city and Bibb County merged to form one government. Travelers otherwise progress north back to I-75 and Forsyth in 23 miles and Atlanta in 83 miles. Photo taken 07/02/14.
U.S. 80 & Georgia 22 (Eisenhower Parkway) cross paths with I-475 by Middle Georgia State University in one mile. The pair overlap 90.5 miles west from Macon to the Alabama state line at Columbus. Photo taken 07/02/14.
One half mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 3) with U.S. 80 & Georgia 22 (Eisenhower Parkway). U.S. 80 is part of High Priority Corridor 6 from Meridian, Mississippi to Savannah, Georgia. Photo taken 07/02/14.
U.S. 80 & Georgia 22 travel 19 miles westward to U.S. 341 and Roberta. The US route corridor west to Columbus is vastly rural, while Eisenhower Boulevard east comprises a commercial arterial to Macon Mall and U.S. 41 Business & 129 (Broadway) south of Downtown. Photo taken 10/22/15.
Next in line for Interstate 475 north is the diamond interchange (Exit 5) with Georgia 74 (Thomaston Road). Photo taken 06/30/17.
Georgia 74 comprises an L-shaped route 108 miles from Macon west to Woodbury and north to Peachtree City and Fairburn. Photo taken 06/30/17.
Traffic bound for Georgia 74 (Thomaston Road) departs Interstate 475 north. Georgia 74 travels 39 miles west from Exit 5 to the Upson County seat of Thomaston. The state route concludes 4.7 miles to the east at I-75 and Mercer University. Photo taken 10/22/15.
Interstate 475 traverses rural hills west of Rocky Creek through to the Tucker Road overpass. Photo taken 10/22/15.
The through route aspect of I-475 results in a rare rest area placed along a three-digit Interstate. Photo taken 06/30/17.
Spanning Rocky Creek east of Lake Wildwood, I-475 travelers reach the northbound only rest area. The next facility on I-75 lies beyond Atlanta in 138 miles. Photo taken 10/22/15.
The last interchange within Macon-Bibb County connects Interstate 475 with Zebulon Road at Exit 9 in one mile. Photo taken 10/22/15.
Zebulon Road stems west from U.S. 41 & Georgia 19 (Forsyth Road) near Wesleyan College to leave the Macon suburbs for rural Monroe County. Photo taken 10/22/15.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 9) with Zebulon Road on I-475 north. Several big box stores line the arterial road just to the east. Photo taken 10/22/15.
The remainder of I-475 north to Bolingbroke parallels Colaparchee Creek over a series of forested hills. Photo taken 10/22/15.
Forsyth is now 14 miles away, with Downtown Atlanta 60 miles further along I-75 & 85. Photo taken 10/22/15.
Interstate 475 extends north into southern Monroe County for its final four miles. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Estes Road makes an S-curve across Interstate 475, one mile south of Exit 15 with U.S. 41, as the freeway reaches the unincorporated community of Bolingbroke. Photo taken 06/30/17.
Interstate 475 bends northward ahead of the wye interchange with Interstate 75. U.S. 41 mirrors the I-75 corridor to the west between Exit 15 and Forsyth. Photo taken 06/30/17.
U.S. 41 parallels a Norfolk Southern Railroad line north from Bolingbroke and a folded diamond interchange (Exit 15) with I-475, to Smarr and Forsyth. Photo taken 06/30/17.
Two end shields stand ahead of the Interstate 475 merge with Interstate 75. As Interstate 475 is regarded as the main through route, traffic along I-75 enters from the right. Photo taken 06/30/17.
Interstate 475 concludes with a left-hand merge onto Interstate 75 north. Four lanes advance northward to Rumble Road (Exit 181). Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 475 south
A Begin shield assembly for Interstate 475 lies just beyond the Exit 177 gore point of Interstate 75 south. Photo taken 08/07/13.
U.S. 41 (Dixie Highway), which has stayed west of Interstate 75 since Atlanta, turns east to cross paths with Interstate 475 along side a Norfolk Southern Railroad line at Bolingbroke. Photo taken 08/07/13.
A folded-diamond interchange (Exit 15) facilitates the movements between Interstate 75 and U.S. 41 (Dixie Highway) on the south side of the NS Railroad line. U.S. 41 winds six miles west by a quarry to Smarr while entering the Macon area via Bolingbroke and the northwest suburbs. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Motorists continuing south back to Interstate 75 reach Perry in 35 miles and Valdosta in 156 miles. Estes Road passes over I-475 in the distance. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Traffic cameras line both sides of the freeway throughout the entire route of Interstate 475. 30 of these cameras provide traveler information via the Georgia 511 web site. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Interstate 475 angles southeast into Bibb County west of the railroad siding of Lorane. Photo taken 08/07/13.
The first of three exits in Macon lies one mile ahead with Zebulon Road at the Plantation Centre retail complex. Photo taken 11/07/14.
Zebulon Road branches west from U.S. 41 & Georgia 19 (Forsyth Road) near Wesleyan College to meet Interstate 475 at a commercialized diamond interchange (Exit 9). Photo taken 11/07/14.
Southbound I-475 at the off-ramp (Exit 9) to Zebulon Road. Zebulon Road advances westward by a handful of outer suburbs through to rural forest land at Shi Road. Zebulon Road east leads to U.S. 41 & GA 19 south for the Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences. Photo taken 11/07/14.
A reassurance marker for Interstate 475 stands along the on-ramp from Zebulon Road. Sound walls line the freeway west side, separating I-475 from parallel Greentree Parkway and the Lake Wildwood area suburbs. Photo taken 11/07/14.
A north side rest area lies south of the Peake Road overpass and north of Rocky Creek. Photo taken 05/29/05.
Georgia 74, a 108-mile route between Fairburn and I-75 in Macon, crosses paths with Interstate 475 at a diamond interchange (Exit 5) in one mile. Photo taken 11/07/14.
Heading east from Exit 5, Georgia 74 winds through an industrial park area to overtake Columbus Road (former U.S. 80) east to Mercer University Drive and Macon Mall. Photo taken 11/07/14.
Beyond the outer suburbs of Macon by Lake Wildwood, Georgia 74 (Thomaston Road) traverses rural environs by Tobesofkee Recreation Area on the 42-mile drive to the Upson County seat of Thomaston. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Interstate 475 reaches the far western limits of Macon at U.S. 80 & Georgia 22 (Eisenhower Parkway) and adjacent Middle Georgia State College. Photo taken 08/07/13.
U.S. 80 & Georgia 22 shifted southward from an alignment along Columbus Road (Mercer University Drive) and Montpelier Avenue to Eisenhower Parkway in 1972. Now a divided commercial arterial, Eisenhower Parkway heads east to Macon Mall, Central Georgia Technical College and Broadway (U.S. 129) south of Downtown. The parkway is proposed to extend eastward to Interstate 16. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 3) with U.S. 80 & Georgia 22 (Eisenhower Parkway) along Interstate 475 south. The Exit 3 overhead was missing by 2009 and replaced by 2012.
U.S. 80 joins Macon with Roberta and Columbus to the west as part of a 300-mile cross state route beginning at Tybee Island on the Atlantic Ocean. Photo taken 05/29/05. Second photo taken 08/07/13.
The final shield for Interstate 475 south. The freeway straddles a residential area of southwest Macon to the east and the Tobesofkee Creek swamp area to the west. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Construction between 2006 and 2009 added a distributor roadway from both Interstates 75 and 475 south to Hartley Bridge Road (former Georgia 361). The new ramp departs from I-475 just ahead of its merge onto I-75 south. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Hartley Bridge Road meanders east from rural areas of Crawford County to meet Interstate 75 at a revamped parclo interchange west of Skipperton. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Before reconstruction of the wye interchange with I-75, motorists weaved with mainline Interstate 75 traffic ahead of the Exit 155 off-ramp to Hartley Bridge Road. Now Exit 1 combines with the distributor roadway to separate local and through traffic. Photo taken 05/29/05.
Exit 1 departs Interstate 475 south for Hartley Bridge Road. Hartley Bridge Road was expanded to an arterial above I-75 as commercial development and adjacent I-75 Business Park grow. The east-west road was a part of Georgia 361, from Mt. Pleasant Church Road to U.S. 41 & Georgia 11, until 1982. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Crossing over the Exit 155 distributor roadway, drivers return to Interstate 75 as the freeway expands to five southbound lanes. Photo taken 08/07/13.
End shields line both sides of the Interstate 475 southbound conclusion. Photo taken 08/07/13.
A historical look at the two-lane end of Interstate 475 south. Three lanes now join I-75 here, with traffic to Exit 155 segregated from the mainline by this point. Photo taken 05/29/05.
Interstate 475 scenes
Long since replaced, this shield assembly preceded the diamond interchange along Georgia 74 (Thomaston Road) west at Interstate 475. Photo taken 12/15/01.
Shields that were posted along U.S. 41 & Georgia 19 (Dixie Highway) north at the loop ramp for I-475 north to I-75 north at Bolingbroke. Their replacement omits the trailblazer for I-75. Photo taken 12/15/01.


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