Old Spanish Trail (old U.S. 90 & Florida 1)

Several segments of the Old Spanish Trail remain in place throughout Northwest Florida from Pensacola to Milton.

The best of these preserved are red brick sections of roadway in East Milton and along U.S. 90 in rural Santa Rosa County. Two of these segments, one named Red Brick Road, are still in use as residential streets in Milton. The longest stretch is not open as a road for motor vehicles, but is accessible via foot and bicycle.

Old Spanish Trail @ Blackwater River
Old Spanish Trail Westbound
Old Spanish Trail westbound between Milton Trail and the Blackwater River at East Milton. The roadway is home to a handful of houses and abruptly ends the river banks. Photos taken 05/31/04.
Old Spanish Trail Eastbound
Turning back toward the east from the Blackwater River abrupt end of Old Spanish Trail. The roadway begins initially as all concrete but quickly acquires a brick surface on the drive to Milton Trail. Milton Trail links the old roadway with U.S. 90 & Florida 87 to the north.
An overpass carries U.S. 90 & Florida 87 above the roadway between Milton Trail and Cathy Street. The underpass for Old Spanish Trail carries a modern asphalt section of roadway between the two red brick segments. Photos taken 05/31/04.
Red Brick Road Eastbound
Old Spanish Trail name changes to Red Brick Road east of the U.S. 90 & Florida 87 and CSX Railroad crossing. Red Brick Road proceeds to intersect Cathy Street, a connector to Johnson Road, before turning back toward U.S. 90 & Florida 87.
Red Brick Road intersects the U.S. 90 & Florida 87 at a 90 degree angle as the original alignment veers eastward to parallel the modern route. Photos taken 05/31/04.
Red Brick Road Westbound
Red Brick Road dead ends at U.S. 90 & Florida 87 west of Cathy Street. A modern asphalt roadway links the Red Brick Road portion with the Old Spanish Trail segment west of U.S. 90 & Florida 87 and the CSX Railroad to the north. Photos taken 05/31/04.
Abandoned Old Spanish Trail east of Milton
A five mile long segment of the Old Spanish Trail remains in place east of Milton alongside U.S. 90. The concrete and red brick road remains in remarkable condition for being unused and unimproved as long as it has. The two-lane roadway is open for foot traffic and bicyclists as it parallels both U.S. 90 and the CSX Railroad line. This suite of photos showcases the roadway near St. Johns Street east of Milton and the Red Brick Road segment. Photos taken 05/31/04.

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