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Traveling 309 miles in total, Illinois 1 generally stays close to the Indiana state line from its beginning at Cave in Rock on the Ohio River to Chicago. Outside of Danville, the south Chicago suburbs and the north end at Interstate 57 in Chicago, the state route is generally rural. A free ferry connects the south end with Kentucky 91 in Crittenden County.

A portion of Illinois 1 overlays former U.S. 54 from before the US highway was retracted to a terminus at Interstate 72 & U.S. 36 near Pittsfield in west-central Illinois. IL 1 previously ended a few blocks north of Interstate 57 at U.S. 12 & 20 (95th Street) within the Longwood Manor neighborhood of Chicago.

Indiana 1 north
Leaving the folded-diamond interchange with Interstate 64 on the south side of Grayville along Illinois 1 (Court Street) northbound. Illinois 1 doubles as the Eastern Branch of the Lincoln Heritage Trail between Gordon and Marshall. Photo taken 05/27/11.
A flasher hangs above a four-way stop between Illinois 1 (Court Street) and North Street (White County 20 west) in downtown Grayville. CR-20 straddles the White County line through to Burnt Prairie and Mill Shoals. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Continuing north along Court Street from 20th Street on Illinois 1 in Grayville. Photos taken 05/27/11.
Half of Grayville resides in Edwards County. Illinois 1 crosses the adjacent county midway between Mill and Spring Streets. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Illinois 1 (Court Street) angles northeasterly and approaches the southern terminus of Illinois 130 (Hagedorn Road). Photo taken 05/27/11.
Illinois 130 connects Grayville with the Edwards County seat of Albion, eight miles to the north. Indiana 1 continues parallel to the Wabash River through to Mt. Carmel. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Leading due north for much of its journey, Illinois 130 travels 136 miles from Grayville to Olney, Newton, Greenup, Charleston and Urbana where it ends at Interstate 74. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Northbound Illinois 1 & Lincoln Heritage Trail Eastern Branch shield assembly posted after Illinois 130 in north Grayville. Photo taken 05/27/11.
A mileage sign follows, four miles southwest of Cowling and 16 miles from the Wabash County seat of Mt. Carmel. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Bonpas Creek separates the shared border of Edwards and Wabash Counties from Grayville north to Richland County. Photos taken 05/27/11.
Northbound reassurance shield posted for Indiana 1 beyond its diamond interchange with Interstate 70 near Marshall. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Indiana 1 south
Approaching the diamond interchange between Indiana 1 south and Interstate 70 outside Marshall in Clark County. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Indiana 1 widens to four lanes at Interstate 70 as several traveler bases services line the south side of the interchange. Interstate 70 leads west to Effingham and east to Terre Haute, Indiana from Marshall. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Drivers turning west onto the Interstate 70 on-ramp to St. Louis are greeted with a reassurance marker immediately after Indiana 1. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Southbound drivers along Illinois 1 exit Wabash County for Edwards County. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Illinois 1 shield posted after the Wabash County line. The state route remains rural on the approach to Grayville. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Entering Grayville, Illinois follows Court Street through to the southern terminus of Illinois 130 (Hagedorn Road). Photo taken 05/27/11.
An eight-mile drive leads motorists northward from Grayville to the Edwards County seat of Albion via Illinois 130. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Illinois 1 (Court Street) south at Illinois 130 (Hagedorn Road) north. IL-130 tallies 136 miles from Grayville to Urbana. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Continuing south, Illinois 1 (Court Street) sees an Interstate 64 trailblazer for travelers entering Grayville from either IL-1 or IL-130. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Entering White County at the Court Street intersection with South Street in Grayville. Photo taken 05/27/11.
North Street and Illinois 1 meet at a four-way stop in downtown Grayville. North Street (County Road 20) leads west to the Edwards County line en route to Burnt Prairie. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Illinois 1 passes by Grayville city hall by this set of shields. Photo taken 05/27/11.
Still within the municipal boundaries of Grayville, Illinois 1 meets Interstate 64 at the Exit 130 diamond interchange. Photo taken 05/27/11.
A grassy median separates one lane of traffic in each direction as Illinois 1 reaches the westbound on-ramp to Mt. Vernon and St. Louis. Photo taken 05/27/11.

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