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Maryland 274 links the town of Rising Sun with Maryland 272, Interstate 95 and U.S. 40 near North East. The state route ends in Downtown Rising Sun, south of the U.S. 1 corridor. MD 274 Truck overlaps with MD 272 (North East Road) from D 274 (Joseph Biggs Memorial Highway) northward to MD 273. The truck route continues westward along MD 273 (Telegraph Road) to Queen Street in Rising Sun.

Western Terminus Eastern Terminus Road Names Mileage
Maryland 272 at Bay View Maryland 273 in Rising Sun Joseph Biggs Memorial Highway, Queen Street 7.35

Western Terminus - Maryland 273 at Rising Sun
Maryland 274 enters Rising Sun as Queen Street and quickly intersects Maryland 273 (Main Street), one block west of Walnut Street. A U.S. 1 trailblazer directs motorists onto Maryland 273 west to Maryland 276 (Jacob Tome Memorial Highway) and Conowingo Road. Walnut Street however travels to U.S. 1 north of Rising Sun for Pennsylvania bound drivers. Walnut Street and Main Street represent the original U.S. 1 alignment through town. Photo taken 07/25/04.
Downtown Rising Sun and the western terminus of Maryland 274 (Queen Street). Maryland 274 departs Rising Sun southeastward toward Maryland 272 (North East Road) and Interstate 95 (Exit 100) via the Joseph Biggs Highway. The leg of Maryland 273 from U.S. 1 to Queen Street and Queen and Walnut Streets northward represent the original U.S. 1 alignment through Rising Sun. Photo taken 04/30/04.
Eastern Terminus - Maryland 272 - Bay View
The eastern terminus of Maryland 274 (Joseph Biggs Memorial Highway) occurs just north of Interstate 95 (Exit 100) adjacent to Cecil College. Maryland 274 stems northwest from Maryland 272 to Rising Sun and junction Maryland 273. Photo taken 04/24/04.
Maryland 272 (North East Road) at the westbound beginning of Maryland 274 (Joseph Biggs Memorial Highway) and Seahawk Drive for Cecil County Community College. Maryland 274 migrates five miles northwest to Farmington and 7.35 miles to its conclusion in downtown Rising Sun. Photo taken 04/24/04.
Maryland 272 (North East Road) southbound at the eastern terminus of Maryland 274 (Joseph Biggs Memorial Highway). Maryland 274 carries U.S. 1 & 222 drivers southeast from Rising Sun to the Interstate 95 and U.S. 40 corridors at North East. Cecil County Community College's main campus resides to the left. Photo taken 07/25/04.

Maryland 274 2003 Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 5,075 - 0.20 miles east of Maryland 273
  • 9,475 - 0.30 miles west of Maryland 272

Source: 2003 Highway Location Reference file for Cecil County (MDSHA)

Maryland 274 Guide

Maryland 274 East
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Maryland 274 West
Maryland 274 westbound reassurance shield posted after the highway begins. Known as the Joseph Biggs Memorial Highway, Maryland 274 travels 0.4 miles through the Bay View community to the intersection with Theodore Road. Theodore Road in turn migrates six miles west to Theodore and Woodlawn (junction Maryland 276). Photo taken 07/25/04.
Pressing westbound on Maryland 274 (Joseph Biggs Memorial Highway) after the intersection with Theodore Road. Maryland 274 passes through Farmington at the crossroads of Smith and Barnes Corner Road in 4.5 miles. Photo taken 07/25/04.
Approaching Maryland 273 (Main Street) in downtown Rising Sun. With origins dating back to 1720, Rising Sun derived its name from a local tavern that sported a sign depicting a rising sun and the phrase "The Rising Sun." The business was popular among locals and the name Rising Sun became synonymous with the area and thus stuck. Photo taken 07/25/04.

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