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U.S. 13 north
Older shield assembly posted at the junction of U.S. 13 (Sussex Highway) north with U.S. 9 (County Seat Highway) east. Photo taken 12/31/01.
Approaching the original intersection joining U.S. 13 (Sussex Highway) north with SR 404 (Seashore Highway) east and U.S. 13 Business & SR 404 Business (Main Street) north into Bridgeville.
This sign, which erroneously referenced U.S. 13 Alternate instead of Business, was eventually removed during construction to realign SR 404 and SR 404 Business at U.S. 13. Replacement signs only reference SR 404 Business now. Photo taken 04/13/04.
An intersection with an acute angle brought Delaware 404 west onto U.S. 13 (Sussex Highway) north for its bypass of Bridgeville. Realignments of both SR 404 to the east and U.S. 13 Business to the west were made in 2008 to bring both roads to U.S. 13 at a 90 degree angle. Photo taken 04/13/04.
Another sign incorrectly referenced U.S. 13 Business as an Alternate route. Prior to 1970 it was U.S. 13 Alt. The bannered route otherwise combines with SR 404 Business for 1.6 miles along Main Street. Photo taken 04/13/04.
Removed mileage sign that was posted north of the SR 404 west merge with U.S. 13 north outside Bridgeville. A reassurance shield assembly for both routes stands along the rebuilt Sussex Highway here now. Photo taken 04/13/04.
Replaced shield assembly along U.S. 13 (Dupont Parkway) north at Delaware 299 (Main Street) in Odessa. Photo taken 05/15/05.
All but one of the older Eagle signals in use at U.S. 13 and SR 299 in Odessa were replaced by 2012. Mast arm supported signals were installed here in 2013. Photo taken 05/15/05.
This U.S. 13 was posted after Delaware 299 until 2008, when it was replaced by an evacuation route trailblazer. That too was taken down by 2014. Photo taken 05/15/05.
U.S. 13 (Dupont Parkway) north at Port Penn Road east. Departing ahead is the left-hand turn lane for the SR 1 bridge across the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. This guide sign was replaced with a Clearview Font based panel by 2012. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Signs still reflected the temporary routing of U.S. 13 across the Delaware 1 Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Bridge in 2004. Photo taken 08/10/04.
Greenouts were applied to Delaware 1 north signs at South St. Georges by 2005 to reference I-95 in place of U.S. 13. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Delaware 1 used U.S. 13 north from Boyds Corner to the South St. Georges on-ramp until 1999. Photo taken 08/10/04.
This sign for SR 1 north was also replaced by 2012. St. Georges Bridge appears in the distance. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Rising onto St. Georges Bridge along U.S. 13 north when the span still carried four lanes of vehicular traffic. The outside lanes were repurposed into bike lanes. Photo taken 05/15/05.
U.S. 13 turns west from Dupont Parkway to join Delaware 1 via Delaware 72 at Wrangle Hill while Delaware 7 north travels along a portion of the original Dupont Parkway to Bear Corbitt Road. This shield assembly was removed by 2012. Photo taken 05/15/05.
A replacement of this shield assembly at Wrangle Hill only referenced Delaware 72 north and south (Delaware 7 was later re-added). The state route forms an arc between the Delaware City area and the Upper Pike Creek Valley north of Newark. Photo taken 05/15/05.
This Expressway Ends sign was posted within the trumpet interchange between U.S. 13 and Delaware 1. It was removed when the adjacent intersection with Delaware 71 was signalized on October 25, 2007. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Advancing north from Tybouts Corner, motorists along U.S. 13 (Dupont Parkway) saw this mileage sign posted ten miles south of Wilmington. It was removed sometime after 2008. Photo taken 05/15/05.
U.S. 13 north & 40 east
What was the first set of U.S. 13 & 40 reassurance markers posted after their merge at State Road. Delawareans generally refer to Dupont Highway as simply "13" and omit U.S. 40. Photo taken 04/30/00.
The same U.S. 13 & 40 shield assembly posted at the first signalized J turn. Both signs were taken down by 2008. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Until 1993, U.S. 301 ran along side U.S. 13 north from Boyds Corner to Farnhurst. This incorporated a three-way overlap with U.S. 40 between State Road and Interstate 295. The location of this shield assembly appears to be either at State Road, or to the north at Hares Corner. Photo taken 11/30/68.
A portion of the 2000 overlay made on the initial guide sign for U.S. 202 and Delaware 141 (Basin Road) fell off by 2004. A new overhead replaced the assembly by 2006. Photo taken 12/18/04.
This U.S. 13 shield was formerly posted north of the signalized intersection with School Lane, the New Castle County Airport and Pencader Shopping Center. Photo taken 12/18/04.
U.S. 13 north & 40 east at the c/d roadway for the northbound beginning of U.S. 202 and Delaware 141 (Basin Road). This overhead was carbon copied by 2006. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Taking the c/d roadway to Delaware 141 south on Dupont Highway north. Sign replacements made here in 2005 omitted a down arrow for the U.S. 202 & Delaware 141 north overhead. Photo taken 03/27/04.
A ground level sign replaced the overheads at the southbound off-ramp for SR 141 (Basin Road) by 2016. Photo taken 06/02/12.
Passing under U.S. 202 and Delaware 141, U.S. 13 north & 40 (Dupont Highway) east reached the loop ramp for Basin Road north. Dupont Highway continued one mile north to the Farnhurst Interchange. Photo taken 03/27/04.
Prior to 1971, SR 41 traveled along side SR 141 north from New Castle to Newport. The state route was shortened to the SR 2 and 141 interchange at Prices Corner then, and again west to the intersection of SR 2 and Newport Gap Pike in 2015. SR 41 forms a multi state route with PA 41 leading northwest to U.S. 30 at Gap. Photo taken 06/02/12.
One of the last two original shields posted in Delaware for Interstate 295 stood along side U.S. 13 & 40 at Lincoln Drive. The trailblazer was replaced in 2001. Photo taken 12/09/99.
The 2001-erected trailblazer for I-295 at Lincoln Avenue and Wilmington Manor was removed by 2008. Photo taken 08/31/04.
Approaching the Farnhurst Interchange, where U.S. 40 east splits with U.S. 13 north for I-295 north, on U.S. 13 north after Boulden Boulevard. The pull through panel for U.S. 13 north to I-495 and Wilmington was removed by 2012. Photo taken 06/26/12.
DRBA Interchange Improvements sign posted ahead of the former railroad underpasses on the south side of the Farnhurst Interchange. Work here between 2001-03 revamped the exchange between U.S. 13-40 and I-295 to eliminate left-hand ramps.
This sign was still posted in 2013. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Departing from U.S. 13 north, motorists taking the ramp for I-295 quickly split with a horse shoe shaped ramp to southbound on the right. Photo taken 06/02/12.
An older set of signs remained in use through to the closing of the southbound ramp for I-295 from U.S. 13 north & 40 east. Signs simply referenced I-295 as I-95, which was also the case for the southbound U.S. 13 ramp to I-495 south. Photo taken 06/02/12.
A look at the original sign assembly posted at the split of U.S. 40 east from U.S. 13 north at Farnhurst. This location marked the southern terminus of U.S. 202 until 1970.
Note the space allocation on the left-hand panel left over from a removed U.S. 202 shield. The panel on the right was used until 1992. Photo taken 11/30/72.
U.S. 13 north
U.S. 13 (Dupont Parkway) enters the Minquadale community on the 0.75-mile approach to Interstate 495 north. This overhead was replaced by 2007. Lighting fixtures were also removed. Photo taken 05/15/05.
U.S. 13 north reaches the northbound on-ramp to I-495 beyond the intersection with Hessler Boulevard. Sign replacements made here by 2007 carbon copied both panels, including the non MUTCD standard of "Must Exit" for I-495. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Traffic to Interstate 495 north departed U.S. 13 northbound. I-495 provides a six-lane bypass for the city of Wilmington. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Former guide signs posted ahead of the U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) northbound split with U.S. 13 Business (Market Street). U.S. 13 and 13 Business take separate routes through Wilmington and reconvene in ten miles at Claymont. Photo taken 03/19/04.
Attached to the southbound off-ramp overpass linking I-495 with U.S. 13 were these overheads for the U.S. 13 and 13 Business separation. Guide signs here predated the 1989 opening of the I-495 interchange (Exit 4) with Delaware 3 at Edgemoor. Photo taken 03/19/04.
Immediately after split with U.S. 13 Business, U.S. 13 (Heald Street) intersects Rogers Road. Rogers Road travels southeast from adjacent U.S. 13 Business (Market Street) over Interstate 495 to Delaware 9 (New Castle Avenue).
This set of Eagle flatback signals were replaced by 2012. Left-hand turns are not protected in all directions here. Photo taken 05/15/05.
U.S. 13 & Delaware 9 north
D Street carries U.S. 13 north from Heald Street one block east onto Delaware 9 north (New Castle Avenue) in the Southbridge neighborhood of Wilmington. The two routes overlap for five blocks on the one-way street couplet of New Castle Avenue (northbound) and Heald Street (southbound). Pictured here are replaced signals at C Street. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Many older mast arm signal assemblies remained in use along U.S. 13 & SR 9 north through Southbridge, Wilmington through to 2014. Older Eagle flatback signals were replaced after 2005. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Newer signals were fitted onto the mast arms for A Street at the intersection with New Castle Avenue by 2004. The mast arm over U.S. 13 & SR 9 was later replaced by 2005. Photo taken 04/04/04.
Span wire supported traffic lights replaced the original mast-arms on U.S. 13 & SR 9 at Lobdell Street by 2005. Photo taken 04/04/04.
Missing shields for U.S. 13 & SR 9 north at SR 9 (Christina Avenue) south. The mast-arm signal assemblies here were replaced with a single span wire by 2005. Shields were re-added as well. Photo taken 04/04/04.
U.S. 13 north
Three blocks north of the split with Delaware 9, U.S. 13 (Church Street) intersected 7th Street with a set of older mast-arm traffic lights. Photo taken 05/15/05.
This set of Eagle flatback signals at the intersection of Northeast Boulevard and 30th Street were replaced by 2005. The newer signals were also replaced again by 2013. Photo taken 06/30/00.
U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard) and Delaware 3 (Edgemoor Road) come together by Interstate 495 at Edgemoor. This set of shields for the adjacent I-495 on-ramps was replaced by 2013. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Philadelphia Pike, originally named Wilmington Post Road, comprised a five-lane arterial from the city of Wilmington through to Claymont. 2015 reconstruction reduced the roadway to three lanes leading to U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard), with new mast arm signals added at forthcoming Wiltshire Road. Photo taken 05/15/05.
The housing community along the west side of Philadelphia Pike at Manor Avenue was demolished after 2007 to make way for the Darley Green development. Photo taken 04/04/04.
U.S. 13 and Interstate 495 come together near the I-495 merge with I-95 north at Claymont. All signs for the Wilmington Bypass were carbon copied after 2007. Photos taken 04/10/04.
Delaware 92 (Naamans Road) arcs west from U.S. 13 (Philadelphia Pike) to Tri-State Mall shopping center and a diamond interchange with Interstate 95. A small guide sign references the state route on the approach, while two succeeding shields were removed. Photos taken 10/10/01.

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