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U.S. 13 south
Signs for I-495 south at Claymont feature three destinations, instead of two as found elsewhere in the state. Photo taken 12/16/05.
A recycled outline shield for U.S. 13 was posted on 4th Street east at Church Street (U.S. 13 north). It was replaced by August 2004. Photo taken 04/10/04.
Turning south onto Heald Street, U.S. 13 & Delaware 9 approach Delaware 9A (Christina Avenue). This shield assembly was replaced by August 2004. Photo taken 04/10/04.
U.S. 13 & Delaware 9 split into the couplet of Heald Street south and New Castle Avenue north at Lobdell Street. The first in a series of old style mast arm assemblies with 36 inch Eagle flatback signals appeared here until August 2004. All intersections leading south were were replaced with new span wire assemblies and Eagle Mark IV signals. Photo taken 04/10/04.
Old style mast arm signals formerly in use on U.S. 13 & Delaware (Heald Street) south at A Street in Wilmington. Photo taken 04/10/04.
Replaced signal assemblies on U.S. 13 & Delaware 9 south at B Street in Southbridge, Wilmington. Photo taken 04/10/04.
Only one Eagle flatback signal was used for each direction of C Street at Heald Street. Photo taken 04/10/04.
Entering the Farnhurst Interchange with I-295 and U.S. 40 east along U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) south. Adjustments made by August 2004 to these overheads added during the 2001-03 revamp of the interchange overheads included adding an exit only placard on the right-hand sign and shifting the left-hand sign to the right. Photo taken 03/22/04.
DRBA signage installed during the 2001-03 interchange improvement project on U.S. 13 southbound. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Pictured here was the original on-ramp from U.S. 13 south to I-295 east & U.S. 40 east. This location was also the southern terminus of U.S. 202 until 1970 and northern terminus of U.S. 301 until 1993. Photo taken 02/28/95.
A look at the former direct ramp from U.S. 13 south to I-295 north. An older U.S. 40 shield remained in service here through to the dismantling of the ramp. Traveling above was the northbound mainline for U.S. 13. Photo taken 06/00. Photo taken 05/31/00.
Traveling through the Wilmington Manor area, U.S. 13 & 40 approached Delaware 141 (Basin Road) and the southern terminus of U.S. 202. This set of signs was replaced by fall 2004, with he U.S. 13 control point of Shore Points replaced with Beaches. Photo taken 03/27/04.
This overhead for the c/d roadway to U.S. 202 north and SR 141 was carbon copied in fall 2004. U.S. 202 is vastly unsigned along Basin Road north to I-95. Photo taken 03/27/04.
Early 1990s sign installations for SR 141 on U.S. 13 & 40 added U.S. 202. Photo taken 03/27/04.
Replaced overheads that were posted at the loop ramp for Delaware 141 south to New Castle on Dupont Parkway south. A project underway at that time repainted the Basin Road overpass. Photo taken 03/27/04.
This U.S. 13 shield was posted after the Dupont Highway intersection with Delaware 273 at Hares Corner. It was removed by 2007. Photo taken 04/04/04.
This set of signs was installed by 1993 but continued to reflect the former overlap of U.S. 301 with Dupont Highway south and U.S. 301 Truck on Pulaski Highway (U.S. 40) west. Sign changes made by fall 2004 amended the overheads to display TO SR 1 and U.S. 301 for U.S. 13 south. Photo taken 05/01/04.
Previous signs posted at State Road referenced Norfolk as the second control city for U.S. 13 south and Annapolis as the second entry for U.S. 40 west. DelDOT replaced those with Shore Points for Delaware 1 south of Dover and Glasgow for the U.S. 40 junction with Delaware 896. Photo taken 05/01/04.
Truck U.S. 301 ran west along U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) to Delaware 896 south and the U.S. 301 beginning in Glasgow. The State Road wye intersection was historically also the south end of U.S. 202. Photo taken 05/01/04.
Northbound Delaware 1 trailblazer posted along U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) south at Bear Road for the adjacent on-ramp. Photo taken 04/17/04.
Delaware 71 (Red Lion Road) stems southwest from U.S. 13 within the Delaware 1 interchange outside Bear. Traffic lights were added to the intersection on October 25, 2007. Photo taken 04/17/04.
Traveling above SR 1 on U.S. 13 & SR 72 (Wrangle Hill Road) south ahead of the northbound on-ramp to Wilmington. Construction in 2015 reconfigured the junction here into a diverging diamond interchange (DDI). Photos taken 04/17/04.
Approaching the turn of U.S. 13 south onto Dupont Parkway from Delaware 72 (Wrangle Hill Road) east at Delaware 7. Photo taken 08/05/07.
U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) southbound approaching the St. Georges Bridge over the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Photo taken 04/17/04.
Trailblazer for U.S. 13 south formerly posted after the Lorewood Grove Road ramps at South St. Georges. This assembly was removed by 2007. Photo taken 04/04/04.
An Alternate SR 896 shield appeard as U.S. 13 intersected Port Penn Road east to Thorntown and SR 9 at Port Penn. The bannered route is no longer designated. Photo taken 06/17/12.
Replaced guide sign posted for the Delaware 896 connection from U.S. 13 at Boyds Corner to U.S. 301 at Mount Pleasant. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Approaching the former split of U.S. 13 and 113 southbound on Dupont Highway ahead of Delaware 8 (Division Street). This set of signs was replaced, with Norfolk dropped for U.S. 13 south and the U.S. 113 panel reflecting the connection to Delaware 1 and simply Beaches. Photo taken 04/13/04.
A historic look at the southbound beginning of U.S. 113 from U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway). U.S. 113 followed Bay Road south to Dover Air Force Base through to the Milford bypass of Delaware 1. The route was truncated from Dover south to Milford in February 2004. Photo taken 04/13/04.
Another view of the former partition of U.S. 13 and 113 south in Dover. Signs for U.S. 113 were taken down throughout 2004. Photo taken 12/31/99.
U.S. 13 south & Delaware 404 east split at the return of U.S. 13 Business & Delaware 404 Business from Main Street and Bridgeville. This intersection was changed in 2008 to improve safety by eliminating the acute angle in which SR 404 and SR 404 Business crossed Sussex Highway. Photo taken 09/04/01.
Referencing the U.S. 13 south connection from Bridgeville to SR 20 at Seaford, this sign posted south of SR 404 was carbon copied to use Clearview sign. Photo taken 04/13/04.
Southbound U.S. 13 at the terminus of U.S. 9. Photo taken 09/04/01.
This was the first shield for U.S. 13 posted beyond the Delaware state line. A placard pictured here referenced U.S. 13 as the Ocean Highway, an original touring route name for U.S. 13 south from Wilmington to Norfolk and U.S. 17 from Hampton Roads to the Southeastern States. Photo taken 09/04/01.

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